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Small tits girl Kimmy Teen in orange panties and freckles

I had freckles when I was in grade school, but not a lot of them. Just enough to have the girls tell me they looked cute. But I always had a thing for girls with freckles. If a girl had freckles and red hair I was like a deer in headlights. She could ask me to do anything and I would do it without hesitation.

One girl I spent a lot of time with looked like Kimmy Teen above. She had perky small tits with pink nipples. A lot pinker than any other girl I had ever been with. She also had very little pussy hair. She didn’t even need to shave it or trim it. Her pussy only grew short wisps of hair just above her slit and that was all.

While I was at her house and her parents were working (thank God for latchkey kids!) she asked me to pee for her right out of the blue. Normally I did whatever she asked without much hesitation, but this seemed odd. Was she asking me to pee because she wanted to see it in a scientific way, a sexual way, or both?

Kimmy teen sitting on the toilet with her legs spread

Any who, on this occasion I didn’t move fast enough for her liking so she grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bathroom. Once in there she dropped her skirt to the floor and got up on the toilet. She sat on the tank with her feet resting on either side of the bowl. She really wanted to see me pee!

By this time I was getting a bit of a hardon. It kind of made me embarrassed because, if this wasn’t sexual to her, then why am I getting hard? Would she think I was some kind of pervert?

Kimmy reached for me, pulling me up to the plate. It was time to pee or get off the pot, or so they say. She yanked both my pants and my underwear down without one motion. My cock bobbed around with some precum flinging off the tip into the toilet.

"You can watch me pee when you are done," Kimmy offered. "Now pee! I want to see it!"

Luckily I actually did need to pee. I had just chugged an entire Dr. Pepper. As I stood there concentrating on peeing the thought occurred to me that Kimmy might have given me that ice cold Dr. Pepper in preparation for watching me pee it out. Again, was this just curiosity or was she seeing pee in a sexual way?

Finally my pee stream began to run. With my cock so hard it came out as almost a spray. Keeping it inside the confines of the toilet bowl took every bit of concentration that I could muster. Half way through my display Kimmy lifted one of her feet up and put it into my pee stream. Once the hot liquid hit her toes she moved them around as if trying to drench them completely with my piss. While I was wondering what she was doing I also thought it looked dreamy.

"Wow your pee it hot!" She yelled out. Good thing her parents weren’t home because she was one of those girls with no filter and no volume control.

Once I was done she stood up on the toilet seat and squatted over the hole. It didn’t take long for her Dr. Pepper to find its way to her urethra. Only… she didn’t pull her panties to the side. As I watched Kimmy peed her panties and seemed to really enjoy it. The look on her face was as if a dozen hands were giving her a full body massage all at the same time.

After about 3 or 4 seconds she commanded me to put my cock into her pee stream. I did as I was told and it felt good to have the warm liquid streaming over my cock. Especially on the head. I wanted so bad to beat myself off right then and there.

Kimmy teen peeing in the toilet through her panties

Kimmy Teen got back up on the tank of the toilet again and put her hand into her panties. I could tell she was tracing her pussy lips. Actually, I could practically see right through her pee soaked panties.

I stood there watching Kimmy for about 30 seconds before she told me to hold my cock in my hand and tug on it. I wondered if she knew I jerked off. The way she worded her command it seemed as if she didn’t know and was starting with the basics incase I wouldn’t know how to beat my meat. I just played along.

Her fingers picked up their pace in her panties once I started tugging on my hardon. Precum began to build into a thick drop. I wiped it all over the head and shaft so I could quicken my own pace as well. Before long we were both breathing heavy. Now my friend with benefits was going to get to see me shoot cum without having shown me her pussy yet!

My cock shot hot white streams of goo into the toilet bowl water. It was yellow with our pee. The white globs slowly floated down to the bottom. While I was firing off shots of sperm Kimmy was convulsing on top of the tank. Twice I thought she was going to slide off onto the floor and hurt herself.

Once she calmed down a bit she opened her eyes and we both laughed. Then she brought her finger to her mouth and began sucking her juices out from under her fingernail. I stood there slack jawed looking at her as she did it. Then she put her finger in front of me and I sucked on it. Her pussy tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before… except that it also tasted a bit like pee.

Kimmy looked down and saw there was a bead of cum resting on the eye of my penis. She slid down off of the tank to rest on the seat with her mouth right in front of my cock. Like a frog or a lizard she flipped her tongue out catching my sperm on the tip. She hummed a yummy sound at the taste.

After that encounter we made getting together to explore our sexuality an everyday occurrence. Sometimes we invited others over to do some nasty things with us. That was a long time ago. But it still feels like yesterday on account of the fact that I can relive those wonderful memories with Kimmy Teen and her barely legal friends.

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Certain things I never get tired of watching. In particular I enjoy watching girls pleasure themselves before they go to bed. The first girl I ever saw doing this was the girl next door. I was actually over at the neighbor’s house on the other side of her house from mine. Their fence had a lot of slats missing so when she got out of the shower and paraded naked around her room I could see everything. The room I was in didn’t have a light on so I think she assumed nobody was watching.

As I watched her she got into her bed and began to rub her clit. Occasionally she played with her nipples. They sat high on some very perky small tits. I wondered if her boobies felt hard or soft. No matter what they felt like, they looked amazing as she teased them. When it was time for her to cum she stuck two fingers deep into her vagina. By then I had gotten my cock out and I was pumping it furiously. When she came I wanted to as well, but I didn’t want to cum all over my neighbors wall so I held off, tucked it and headed for the restroom.

While in the bathroom I found a pair of their daughter’s panties in the clothes hamper. Her panties were orange with little white flowers. They were pretty new and the cotton was very soft. I shot them full of cream. So much so that it was oozing out onto the other clothes in the hamper. I put them back in the hamper and washed up. When I got back to the dark room my other neighbor was sound asleep. I wondered if she masturbated before bed all of the time like I did. Back then I didn’t know just about everybody masturbated. I literally thought I was the only one. Well, me and the girl next door.

Watch girls being girls at The site updates several times a week and gives you access to more teen themed sites. It is one of the first barely legal teen sites that didn’t mind showing some truly barely legal girls. Check it out!

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Just in case my last post gave you the impression that Cosmid only had big tits girls, let me assure you, they also have plenty of perky small tits teens too.

Cosmid is open to teen girls of all shapes and sizes. They have to be. With daily updates they need a steady stream of hot bodies to fill those electronic pages. They often get the girl next door teens, but sometimes they also get the girls that were on the cheerleading squad. Either way they do them some straight justice no matter what their upbringing may be.

You can join Cosmid for only $20 per month. That is an unheard of low rate when you consider you get daily updates. Even better, pop for a half year membership and get it for just $10 a month.

Isn’t it about time you do yourself a solid?

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I write extensively on girls with small tits. Today I am going to switch things up for a bit by writing a little post about a naturally busty teen named Samantha Jay from While I am a sucker for a girl with perky small tits, I am an even bigger sucker for girls with huge natural boobs and a nerdy overall appearance.

While growing up I dated quite a few of these girls. Guys overlook them in school because they were clothes that don’t show off just how top heavy they are. Cheerleaders drool over having such large breasts. These girls actually consider it a curse to have them. If you can believe that.


One thing that is common with most of these girls is that they will do anything for love. My first anal sex was with a big breasted girl. My first phone sex was with a double-D girl at age seventeen. Glasses? They only add to the expectation of getting some groovy sexy time out of the girl.

You can find smoking hot babes and busty teen nerds by the dozens on Their site is dedicated to girls with a well endowed top side. You might even find a few girls that look like a girl you once banged. Or wanted to bang!

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Looking at this gallery from of Issy Mai and her small tits is like going back in time. I remember the first time I was able to get a girl to get completely naked for me. Just like Issy she was very nervous looking about doing it. While she knew her parents wouldn’t be home for hours there is something about getting naked that tends to make a girl get extremely paranoid. Of course the added adrenalin also works to heighten the sexual excitement of the whole thing. is a new school site with old school values. The site is mostly non nude, but the memories of past situations it conjures up are so much more exhilarating than going to a cookie-cutter hardcore site with the same old dry dog food.

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If you think girls don’t do this sort of thing in real life you live underneath a rock. I know I was shocked the first time I went on a play date with the daughter of one of my mom’s friends. Within one minute of us being in the room alone she was stripping her Barbie dolls down and making them fuck each other. Back then I didn’t even understand the concept, but this girl sure as hell did!

Not only did this girl introduce me to sex through playing Barbies, she also let it be known to me that she enjoyed humping her stuffed teddy bears. One of which was a huge panda bear her father got for her at a carnival. Suddenly it clicked. That is why the girls eyes light up when they get their hands on the prize.

With a WTF Pass you can ask yourself what the fuck all day long. Their sites have some pretty creepy themes. It is all in good fun though. Plus, it isn’t like girls don’t do these things in private.

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How would you react if your girlfriend wanted you to be the test subject for some experimental sex as she gives her sister teen sex lessons? I know I would probably have to see the sister first. If she looked like Jenny Lopes I would have to give her a definite yes!

Jenny is the newest solo model to hit the net. She has a very youthful appearance with her small tits and her petite body. She has some nice dick sucking lips and she is exceptionally horny. A good all around mix for a solo model if you were to ask me.

When you want hardcore teen sex there is no better avenue to obtain it than!

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Here is a little story about Little Summer and Little Lexie. Both girls are Los Angeles based teens that love to sex it up in sunny Southern California. Summer has some perky tits, a fleshy booty and cute braces. She is the wild one. Lexie is a bit more subdued, but still ready for anything. She has even smaller tits with a very tight, petite butt. Both of them are great by themselves. Put together their beauty multiplies exponentially.

In the story above they tell you about how they practice kissing and playing with each others private parts. Lexie’s brother walks in on them and makes them a deal. He’ll stay quiet about what they do behind closed doors if they will continue to do it in front of him. As his cock gets hard he pulls it out and spanks his meat until he shoots cum all over his kid sister’s butt cheeks!

You can access both girls solo model websites with a Tiny Teen Pass. It gives you unlimited access to over 40 teen solo model sites and multi-model sites. Some deal with anal and gramps on teens porn genres. Most are either hardcore or softcore solo model sites. With all of those sites you can expect daily updates!

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I would love to play those piano keys from her feet up her legs to her precious pussy lips. Ariel Rebel is a solo model goddess. She is way more than just some porn star. Ariel enjoys making her web site more of a work of art. This includes her self shot photos like this one.

When I first started writing about Ariel Rebel eight years ago she was the walking definition of a nubile solo model. She looked way too young to be doing porn. She still does. It is hard to believe it has been eight years. Her small tits are still very perky. Her entire body is still very perky. It is as if time has stopped for her. is not only a work of art, it is also a living web site. By that I mean she still updates it with new content weekly. Her site is included in an 80 site network that you get instant access to.

The entire collection of teen porn is amazing. So many girls with cute feet, cute panties and small tits to choose from. But you don’t even have to choose because Ariel is giving you unlimited access to them all.

Too cute!

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Just thought I’d post this prime example of what a techno-crazy-mofos wife should look like. She should have outrageously sexy floppy tits. She should be a little on the thick side. A good thick side. Her pussy she is shaved smooth as a baby’s bottom. Oh, and glasses? Those are not optional. Do you know who this nerdy girl is?

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What do we want?

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Well, guys, the time has finally arrived. You can now enjoy live teen webcams right on your mobile phone. This day was a long time coming. Now it is time to enjoy yourself no matter where you are, so long as you have an internet connection.

Free mobile cams often have at least some nudity. If not, try another cam. Members can watch prerecorded shows and view picture galleries of the models. Plus, members can often get the girls to get naked just because they think you might tip them.

The next time you are horny don’t worry about being away from the computer. Just use your smart phone and watch mobile teen webcams live!

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Holly shit this girl is a beauty isn’t she? So fucking naturally beautiful that it should be illegal. Thank God it is not illegal to be a sexy teen and pose in a bikini. Not yet anyway. Those folks at the Westboro Baptist Church are doing their best to make it a crime.

Not only does this little hottie have naturally blonde hair, she has some beautifully tanned skin. She has hips! Wonderful hips. I wish more girls had them. You know why? Because she has boobs too!

No hips, no boobs!

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Oh, hey! Guess what else you can get. They give you network access to their insane candid, self shot, nonnude, semi-nude, and 100% nude sites.

Each site tackles a particular niche like big tits or Asians. Oh, we aren’t supposed to talk about Asian girls… apparently!

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