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Having a pussy for your dick to call home can be nice, but sometimes you don’t want to fuck a pussy. For those nights there is Emma Stoned and a ton more amateur porn models who will treat you to the things your daily (or nightly) pussy-host just won’t do. ATK Girlfriends has been around now for about seven years and during that time they have managed to amass over 3,700 videos of teens and coeds working their magic to make you feel like royalty. There are over 400 models, which means you get multiple videos from most of them. The nice thing is that the girls come from all different backgrounds and they are in all different shapes, sizes and colors.

Right there is enough of a reason to join this site, but it doesn’t really “touch” on what the girls here do. They do POV movies where they treat you like you want to be treated. If you have never had a girl make you the center of attention then you are in for a real treat. And if you have had this kind of action from a young hottie with small tits, you get to relive it night after night.

Okay, so now for the crappy part. You have to pay for it. But I have found a 34% off ATK Girlfriends discount that you can use to enter the site for $10 less per month. updates their content on a daily basis. Honestly I don’t know how they managed to find so many girls willing to take a facial! But sometimes it is better not to know how the magic works and just sit back and enjoy the show.

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While isn’t well known for its small tits girls, you will find that out of their 120+ models there are plenty of flat chested babes to be found. All of them put out, but that was not always the case with these girls. As the site’s name would suggest these little ladies had to be tamed… and tamed they were!

We all have a little bit of kink inside of us and it wants to get out. Using the Tamed Teens discount on Well Heeled Blog is a perfect way to explore your inner-naughtiness without anybody getting hurt.

The site boasts a good selection of girls and super crisp HD videos. But you also are getting network access to the entire Perfect Gonzo collection. And you are getting all of this for a deal that is too good to pass up. Monthly access is $10 off per month and never increases on you. Yearly is up to 74% off the normal monthly rates.

All in all this is a great way for you to explore the nutty things that go through your head and perhaps learn a thing or two about taming your own teen girls!

Be sure to check out and bookmark Well Heeled Blog. They have a ton of porn discounts that will leave you wondering why you ever paid full price for porn.

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I’ve always been the type of guy that likes a challenge, I also like a girl that’s not just going to lay down and take it. I guess you could say I like a fighter, maybe even a dominatrix! I felt at ease when I was checking out some of the fetish videos of Mandy Flores I just felt so in touch with this rather kinky looking stunner.

I must have spent a few hours looking at Mandy Flores and honestly it was hard to tear myself away from her. I knew I had loads of other top fetish video girls to spend time with so I wasn’t worried as I knew I could go back and admire her whenever the moment warrants it.

It’s a good thing my buddy told me about IWantClips, I’ve already wasted so much time at other sites, here I can search for exactly what I want and I know exactly what I am paying for. The whole site layout is very easy to use, there’s a bunch of nifty features such as the filter to search a particular category on the girl your viewing. I like things to be easy as such I know I can’t go wrong when I want clips like this!

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For the most part I haven’t the slightest clue who this girl is other than the fact that she keeps saying stupid shit in public like, she hates America and Americans. I guess she also licks donuts that have been left on the counter at donut joints across America. So I pretty much wrote this bitch off as a fucking moron, but then somebody searched here for her feet.

I got to investigating the matter and low and behold, she does have some pretty sexy little feel. Her plump little toes would feel so nice rubbing on your hard cock!


The real beauty of it all is that she knows she has a good number of devout fans who love jerking it to her feet, and she obliges them photo after photo of her sexy feet!


You can find more of Ariana Grande’s footjob and feet photos at Dirty Teen Celebrities. Not only do they have her feet, they have pics of her small perky tits and pussy too!

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Back in high school Abby caught a lot of flack for various things kids in school make fun of including her tiny tits, her homely looks and her squirting orgasms. All of the negativity used to upset her, but now she thinks the whole thing was a bit of a joke – on her old tormentors. Now that she is a barely legal 18yo she has a large fan base of men and girls from all over the world. They enjoy watching her play with her small boobs that are so perky and hard. Of course they also enjoy watching her pussy squirt juices all over her bed as she cums!

Chat live with AbbySquirtt now!

Screenshot_1If Abby is not available for chat at the moment you can chat live for free with hundreds of her friends. Just click the Cams or the Girl Alone link in the breadcrumbs links at the top of the page, above her profile pic to find them all.

ImLive has all of your favorite cam girls in one place!

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This is a story about how I came to enjoy rape phone sex fantasies so much. My favorite phone sex network is because their girls really don’t have any limits on what you can talk about!

Anyway, here is the story:

I recently had a girl I grew up with come to me and tell me she was sorry for raping me. I was kind of puzzled by this. She was crying and telling me she was sorry for everything. What everything? The only thing I could think of that she would be talking about is when she took my virginity while she was in college and I was still in high school. But like they say, you cannot rape the willing. I tried to reassure her that I was an equally consenting party to everything we had done. And that I enjoyed it. So much so that I have been fantasizing about it ever since.

My first real crush looked up at me and I kissed her on the lips softly. I did this several times buttering her up for what was going to happen next.

After I knew I had her how I wanted her I thrust my tongue deep into Georgia’s mouth. She eagerly sucked on my tongue as if it were the head of my cock. Of which, by the way, I quickly brought her hand to. She began to knead it through my pants as I slid my hand up her thigh underneath her skirt. As she unbuttoned my pants I worked my hand into her panties. We both touched each other at the same time. She gripped my cock hard and began yanking it like she was trying to milk the cum out of me. When my hand hit her pussy I noticed something odd. There was something stuck to her clit!

I quickly pushed Georgia off of me and positioned her so I could see between her legs. She got a little scared at how forcefully I was manhandling her and tensed up gripping the sides of her panties. Without a care for her safety I gripped her panties by the crotch and pulled them off of her with such force they ripped in several places. She was left holding the tattered remains of a pair of panties that no longer protected her special place.

Just the sight of her hairless pussy crack would have been enough for me to want to fuck this girl hard whether or not she wanted it or not, but seeing her pierced clit left no doubt of what I was about to do… right after I had a little fun with her.

“Stop it!” She cried.

Without a conscious thought I replied, “Why? You know you want it!”

As she struggled to get out from under me I grabbed on to the piercing inside her clit. She instantly stopped fighting me and looked at me with a look of sheer terror. Looking back I know I should have stopped then and there, but I couldn’t. My cock wanted to cum inside her wet, soft pussy way to much to stop.

I positioned my cock in front of her pussy and rubbed it up and down her slit. It was amazingly soft. My balls twitched so hard I thought I was going to fire my cum off into her slit. With one hand holding her piercing and the other holding her wrists above her head I thrust into her. She yelped as my cock went half of the way in and then ground to a halt. That initial wetness was from our kiss. Since then she had dried up a bit. “Maybe she really didn’t want to do this?”, I thought. But then quickly whisked that thought away as I pulled out and thrust in again. This time to the hilt.

After about two minutes of fucking her, Georgia’s pussy began to get wet again. Super wet. Like she enjoyed the rough sex I was giving her. I began to tell myself she was liking it. Maybe a little too much!

While hammering my cock into her pussy I brought my hands down to explore her tits. I pulled down the straps on her top and pulled the top down around her elbows locking her arms in place by her sides. Her boobs had pierced nipples!

Again without any care for her safety I began to bite on her nipples. I knew it was painful for her but I didn’t care. As I bit down and pulled on her piercings until her nipples stretched out several inches I could feel her pussy tense up and get excruciatingly tight, and very wet.

When it was time to cum I couldn’t hide my intentions. She could feel my cock stiffening up inside her tight pussy. She tried to push me away telling me she wasn’t on the pill. I didn’t care. I was going to cum in her belly come hell or high water!

My cock began to shoot hot globs of cum deep into her womb. If there was an egg in there she was most certainly going to get pregnant. I could feel the globs of cum sloshing around the head of my cock as more and more entered her secret chamber. When I was finished I came back to reality. I had just raped the girl who had raped me. At least that was how I was going to sell it if anybody asked about it. That is, if she told anybody.

Have the dirty teen phone sex you used to have with girls right now. These are real coeds who share in your desire to get nasty. You cannot possibly share anything too wild for these sluts. They need it as badly as you!

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Now this girl certainly is a sight for sore eyes!

She is xSweetTreasureX from Its Live. As you can see she loves to play dress up and relive her favorite childhood storybooks. Only now she wants to do them with a sexually deviant twist. Feast your eyes on her perky small tits and let your imagination run wild once you see her extremely smooth pussy. As a true performer she will do anything you ask of her. One of her favorite roleplaying fantasies is age play between a girl and her doting father. Prepare for a lot of down blouse views from this nubile princess.

Even if she isn’t available when you are you can still have a lot of fun with the hundreds of small tits teen cam girls. There are girls from all over the world. Some have very erotic accents. Provided of course that you aren’t from their native country and their accent sounds like regular speech to you.

Be sure to bookmark, or better yet, become a member for free. They will keep you up to date on what is happening with your favorite models and even tell you when they come back online!

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This small tits nubile teen will make you want to eat your own cum!

Can a small tits teen make you eat your own cum right out of her pussy? That was the question that presented itself when I was dating a girl back in high school that was kinkier than any other I had dated before her. She had the sexiest little tits and I would play with them all day, or whenever she’d let me. She also had the cutest little bald pussy. It barely grew any hair before she started shaving it. She was one of those girls that really didn’t grow much body hair at all.

One day she wanted to take a shower with me. It was my first time taking one with a girl. I was afraid my hardon would piss her off since I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to have one when I was “just taking a shower with her”.

She sat on the side of the tub and handed me a razor and some shaving cream. The cream was an all natural formulation that was more like a really thick hand lotion than a foamy shaving cream I was used to using. I rubbed it into her little pussy and brought some to my nose to smell it. The scent was a cross between citrus fruits and sweet ones like apples or mangos. I rubbed some on her small tits and licked it off of her nipples. The taste was much of the same.

After I made her pussy creamy with the lotion I began to shave her pussy. Again another first time for me. My hand shook a little. I made sure to pull her skin tight so the razor wouldn’t bind on her tiny hairs. After shaving it smooth I bent down to taste it. She told me not yet and motioned for me to stand. It was my turn getting shaved.

At first she just shaved the small amount of hair around the base of my shaft. Then she started shaving further and further out until she was shaving my balls. Finally she finished once all of my pubes were gone. I wasn’t very hairy back then anyway, but now I was hairless. She seemed to really enjoy the look and used the left over cream to jerk my cock.

Right when I was getting into the groove she stopped and pulled me down to my knees. My cock was right in front of my tight pussy hole. I moved forward slowly feeling my cock push into her teen flesh. In her sitting position the angle of her pussy was such that it was even tighter than normal. It felt so damn good! Later on I would use this position for other girls, especially MILF, to feel that old feeling all over again.

She could tell I wasn’t going to last long. She grabbed my face and looked into my eyes as she moaned. Between strokes she breathed out that whomever finishes first has to finish the other one. I immediately nodded without actually realizing what she had said.

Then it hit me. If I cum right now I have to lick her pussy until she cums too. Holy shit. What did I just get myself into? My mind was reeling. My cock got extremely hard and thick for some reason. While I was thinking this was supposed to be repulsing my cock was telling her it was turning me on!

I could tell she could feel my cock getting massive inside her. She started kissing me hard on the mouth. Her tongue entered my mouth and I was sucking on it like she did to me. My cock got even thicker. I could tell I was going to explode hard into her. Not only was I going to have to eat my own cum, I was going to have to eat a lot of it!

When I started shooting cum into her she wrapped her legs around my hips and pulled me in tight. She started talking dirty to me about giving her all of my love juice. With every spurt it seemed like minutes would go by where I’d think, “oh shit, I gotta eat that one too!” And yet it just kept spurting out into her tightness.

She arched her back and pulled my mouth down so I was latched onto one of her small tits. I hungrily slurped on that perky boob of hers and even more cum spurted into her. She was trying to empty every last one of sperm from my nut sack!

Finally I had finished. My cock began to shrink a little and normally that would allow my sperm to slip past it. But in this position sitting on the edge of the bathtub my cum seemed to be locked inside her bent vaginal canal. I pulled out of her and she pushed my head down her body as I kissed her smooth teenage skin the whole way down.

Eventually I got to her mons and by then my cock started to get stiff again. I opened my eyes to look at her pussy expecting to see lots of cum sliding down into her ass crack, but that was not the case. When I got to her clit she flexed her pussy reflexively and a drop of my sperm dripped out just far enough to not make it out of her pussy hole. I hesitated for a second and she pushed on the back of my head. She wanted to me lick it up.

Up until then I had never tasted sperm. The thought of tasting it had never occurred to me. What I did know is that I didn’t like the smell of it. Mine smelled like bleach to me. The taste was just like people say, salty!

After licking up the drop of my sperm I returned to her clit. This caused her to tense up again and I had to go down to get another drop. Soon we started an assembly line kind of motion where I’d lick up and down her vagina. Flicking her clit and then getting my reward like a mouse drinking water in a cage.

She got close to cumming and I was ready to be done, but then she stopped my up and down assembly line motion with my head in the down position. She told me to tongue fuck her and suck on her pussy while I did it. I locked my lips around her vaginal canal and stuck my tongue up inside her. I could feel it rubbing against her G-Spot. My upper lip rested on her clit. I moved my head in a motion that would rub it on her clit for her while I tongue fucked her.

“Suck!” She yelled out.

I began sucking and I could feel my sperm roll passed my tongue as I fucked it in and out of her tight snatch. Soon my mouth was so full of her juices, my juices and my saliva that I was almost going to choke. I had to either stop or swallow!

Unfortunately I could also tell my girlfriend was close to a monstrous orgasm. Probably the biggest orgasm she was ever going to experience in her life. I didn’t want to ruin it for her or be the one that denied it to her. I was going to have to swallow. Something I had joked about with the  guys when we were talking about the slutty girls being the ones that swallowed your cum. Now I was going to have to swallow my own!

With my mouth sucking on her pussy and my tongue rubbing on her G-Spot I swallowed and continued my rhythm without skipping a beat. That was when she started cumming hard. Her vagina pulsed and clamped down on my tongue so hard it almost slipped out of her pussy. She moaned so loud I was glad we were in a windowless bathroom so her neighbors wouldn’t hear her.

Once she was done moaning she pushed me off of her pussy letting me know it was now ticklish. She cupped her vagina, holding it like she was giving it a soothing hug.

“Oh my GOD! Thank you!” She gasped trying to catch her breath. “That was the biggest orgasm I have ever had!”

With that I smiled and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. Could a small tits teen really make me eat my own cum? She sure could. And after that experience I did it again several times with different girls. Each time they came away telling me it was their biggest orgasm to date.

Now I wonder if they asked others to do it for them trying to repeat my success?

This small tits nubile teen will make you want to eat your own cum!

If you want finger licking good pussy you have to try Nubiles. They update three times a day with three new models a week. Nobody has this much teen pussy in one place. The number of small tits girls there is staggering. You will come away with a smile on your face!

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Carla_XXX rubbing her clit on her free camCam girl fingering her tight slit
Anal wand masturbation

You guys are always sending me Emails or leaving comments on my posts asking about free teen sex cams. How do I find them? How come you cannot find them? Well, I am going to make this super fucking easy for you. All you have to do is go to a nifty new site I created just for this purpose. At the top you will see 10 cam shows and they are all free. I snapped these photos of cam girl Carla_XXX without even logging in.

Each show has its own rules. There are some limitations, but not many. One limitation girls often setup is not allowing users to chat unless they are logged in and have tokens in their account. But that doesn’t mean you can watch for free. As you can see by the screen grabs above Carla puts on quite a show.

There are no boring cams there. Just fresh sex!

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Small tits girl Kimmy Teen in orange panties and freckles

I had freckles when I was in grade school, but not a lot of them. Just enough to have the girls tell me they looked cute. But I always had a thing for girls with freckles. If a girl had freckles and red hair I was like a deer in headlights. She could ask me to do anything and I would do it without hesitation.

One girl I spent a lot of time with looked like Kimmy Teen above. She had perky small tits with pink nipples. A lot pinker than any other girl I had ever been with. She also had very little pussy hair. She didn’t even need to shave it or trim it. Her pussy only grew short wisps of hair just above her slit and that was all.

While I was at her house and her parents were working (thank God for latchkey kids!) she asked me to pee for her right out of the blue. Normally I did whatever she asked without much hesitation, but this seemed odd. Was she asking me to pee because she wanted to see it in a scientific way, a sexual way, or both?

Kimmy teen sitting on the toilet with her legs spread

Any who, on this occasion I didn’t move fast enough for her liking so she grabbed me by the hand and led me to her bathroom. Once in there she dropped her skirt to the floor and got up on the toilet. She sat on the tank with her feet resting on either side of the bowl. She really wanted to see me pee!

By this time I was getting a bit of a hardon. It kind of made me embarrassed because, if this wasn’t sexual to her, then why am I getting hard? Would she think I was some kind of pervert?

Kimmy reached for me, pulling me up to the plate. It was time to pee or get off the pot, or so they say. She yanked both my pants and my underwear down without one motion. My cock bobbed around with some precum flinging off the tip into the toilet.

"You can watch me pee when you are done," Kimmy offered. "Now pee! I want to see it!"

Luckily I actually did need to pee. I had just chugged an entire Dr. Pepper. As I stood there concentrating on peeing the thought occurred to me that Kimmy might have given me that ice cold Dr. Pepper in preparation for watching me pee it out. Again, was this just curiosity or was she seeing pee in a sexual way?

Finally my pee stream began to run. With my cock so hard it came out as almost a spray. Keeping it inside the confines of the toilet bowl took every bit of concentration that I could muster. Half way through my display Kimmy lifted one of her feet up and put it into my pee stream. Once the hot liquid hit her toes she moved them around as if trying to drench them completely with my piss. While I was wondering what she was doing I also thought it looked dreamy.

"Wow your pee it hot!" She yelled out. Good thing her parents weren’t home because she was one of those girls with no filter and no volume control.

Once I was done she stood up on the toilet seat and squatted over the hole. It didn’t take long for her Dr. Pepper to find its way to her urethra. Only… she didn’t pull her panties to the side. As I watched Kimmy peed her panties and seemed to really enjoy it. The look on her face was as if a dozen hands were giving her a full body massage all at the same time.

After about 3 or 4 seconds she commanded me to put my cock into her pee stream. I did as I was told and it felt good to have the warm liquid streaming over my cock. Especially on the head. I wanted so bad to beat myself off right then and there.

Kimmy teen peeing in the toilet through her panties

Kimmy Teen got back up on the tank of the toilet again and put her hand into her panties. I could tell she was tracing her pussy lips. Actually, I could practically see right through her pee soaked panties.

I stood there watching Kimmy for about 30 seconds before she told me to hold my cock in my hand and tug on it. I wondered if she knew I jerked off. The way she worded her command it seemed as if she didn’t know and was starting with the basics incase I wouldn’t know how to beat my meat. I just played along.

Her fingers picked up their pace in her panties once I started tugging on my hardon. Precum began to build into a thick drop. I wiped it all over the head and shaft so I could quicken my own pace as well. Before long we were both breathing heavy. Now my friend with benefits was going to get to see me shoot cum without having shown me her pussy yet!

My cock shot hot white streams of goo into the toilet bowl water. It was yellow with our pee. The white globs slowly floated down to the bottom. While I was firing off shots of sperm Kimmy was convulsing on top of the tank. Twice I thought she was going to slide off onto the floor and hurt herself.

Once she calmed down a bit she opened her eyes and we both laughed. Then she brought her finger to her mouth and began sucking her juices out from under her fingernail. I stood there slack jawed looking at her as she did it. Then she put her finger in front of me and I sucked on it. Her pussy tasted like nothing I had ever tasted before… except that it also tasted a bit like pee.

Kimmy looked down and saw there was a bead of cum resting on the eye of my penis. She slid down off of the tank to rest on the seat with her mouth right in front of my cock. Like a frog or a lizard she flipped her tongue out catching my sperm on the tip. She hummed a yummy sound at the taste.

After that encounter we made getting together to explore our sexuality an everyday occurrence. Sometimes we invited others over to do some nasty things with us. That was a long time ago. But it still feels like yesterday on account of the fact that I can relive those wonderful memories with Kimmy Teen and her barely legal friends.

Find More Kimmy Teen Now!

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If you think girls don’t do this sort of thing in real life you live underneath a rock. I know I was shocked the first time I went on a play date with the daughter of one of my mom’s friends. Within one minute of us being in the room alone she was stripping her Barbie dolls down and making them fuck each other. Back then I didn’t even understand the concept, but this girl sure as hell did!

Not only did this girl introduce me to sex through playing Barbies, she also let it be known to me that she enjoyed humping her stuffed teddy bears. One of which was a huge panda bear her father got for her at a carnival. Suddenly it clicked. That is why the girls eyes light up when they get their hands on the prize.

With a WTF Pass you can ask yourself what the fuck all day long. Their sites have some pretty creepy themes. It is all in good fun though. Plus, it isn’t like girls don’t do these things in private.

Get your own WTF Pass now!

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One of my favorite niches has to do with panty jobs. I enjoy receiving them and a girls willingness to give them to me is kind of a make it or break it relationship trait that must be fulfilled. My first panty job was giving to me by a girl during a sleepover at a friends house. I had stolen her panties from her night bag and she caught me playing with them. Ever since I have been hooked on all things panty related.

I normally focus on girls with small tits here at Rhino’s Girls. This gallery of Lisa Lexington closely resembled a girl I once dated that had panty jobs down to a science. I enjoyed sucking on her tits while she stroked me off into her panties. We never ever fucked, but I felt as if we had since she liked to get on top of me and put my cock inside her panties for some grinding action. My cock occasionally slipped an inch or two into her pussy, but she never once tried to ride it. I shot a lot of cum into her panties. I am surprised she never got knocked up during those wet hump sessions.

There weren’t any videos of Lisa I could used here so I grabbed two of Nichole Heiress instead. She is a hot blonde with puffy nipples. She also reminds me of a girl I once received a pantyjob from. She had puffy nipples and she was grinding on me while I sucked on them. We both came at the same time. Boy was she a fun ride!

Watch hundreds of pov panty job videos and take a gander at their pics. You will be amazed at the quality of these videos. Crystal clear and the girls are gorgeous. They have girls with petite bodies and flat chests, girls with B-cups and a fleshy ass, and more girls with thick hips and juggy tits. The variety of girls and panty styles makes a winner for anyone with a fetish for panties.

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When VioletU was in high school all of the boys complimented her on her eyes. She didn’t think she was that beautiful though. In fact, she thought she was just a plain-Jane kind of girl. What she didn’t know is that the boys were all too nervous to ask her out. They figured she would just turn them down. Violet ended up being alone most nights believe it or not!

Violet thought it was something to do with her. She figured something was wrong with her. To try and make herself stand out she got a tattoo. Sure it made her stand out, but not nearly as much as she thought it would. Guys still didn’t hit on her.

Then VioletU got a laptop with a webcam and she went online. Guys couldn’t get enough of her on her free teen cams. They often tipped her for getting naked and she really began to enjoy all of the attention. She thought it was exciting to feel like a Playboy Playmate for a change.

Now you can enjoy Violet’s webcam shows for free on the largest cam site in the world. Along with the teen cams they have lots of porn stars. Real porn stars! Who is going to direct them all? Hmm?

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South Africa is back in the news with miners striking and getting killed. White people there have had a long history of keeping the brothas down. We all know the real reason why; they don’t want their white women experiencing the black cock. They fear they will never come back!

Since the fall of Apartheid a lot of blacks in teens sites have sprung up. I haven’t talked much about them here. Not that I am a hater. I just don’t get a lot of searches on the subject. Today I got a flurry of them so I decided it was about time I put a post up about it. Are you a black guy looking for white girls hungry for dark meat? Click the pic!

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What would you do if you happened upon a small tits teen that was tied up with a body as nubile as this one? Natasha Shy dares you to explore some of your deepest sexual desires while she explores her own!

I have joined 100’s of solo model sites with barely legal teens like Natasha and I am often let down by the quality of their content. That was not the case here. delivers on all levels as far as the quality goes. Her pictures and her videos are so crystal clear and well staged that they border on being nude art. On top of that the fantasies she delves into are out of this world and completely over the top.

My girlfriend is bisexual and I often bring her along for the ride when i review sites in which the main model is also bisexual. She could not stop gushing about how great Natasha is. She enjoyed her beauty and she also enjoyed a ride she described as going back in time!

Natasha Shy has a cheerleader hazing video that really got my GFs rocks off, as well as my own! For the panty lover she often wears girlie stuff and/or flimsy stuff that will really turn you on.

Unlike many of the solo models I review Natasha does have sex with boys, though she doesn’t have nearly as many boy/girl videos as she does lesbian and masturbation videos.

Let your mind wander at!

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