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I remember hanging out with chicks like Andi Pink. I’d soak of up the sights of their pretty little bodies during gym class or out on the track all throughout high school and college. It’s funny actually. When a guy leaves his mouth open he looks like a goomba, but when a girl does it, like Andi is doing above, we all wish we could stick our cock inside that pretty little mouth of hers!


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Ariel Rebel has small tits, a petite frame, a youthful appearance, the list goes on. but how does she set herself away from the solo model crowd? Easy, silly, with her spunk!


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I wish I could post exclusively about solo models and softcore sites, but sometimes even I have a hankering for something different. Of course that doesn’t mean I need to go outside of the small tits niche!


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I scour the Internet endlessly.  I am looking for naked girls with small tits and occasionally I find a true gem. Today I have for you a girl who’s beauty is undeniable. Her name is Tatjana and her small boobs are upstaged only by her cute tan lines!


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Looking at these pictures of Little Lupe will give you naughty thoughts. It’s OK to have them about her. It is a natural part of life. Guys like girls in their prime and with Lupe being barely legal in these photos, she is certainly in her prime!

Little Lupe got her start in porn in Spain. Having made it into stardom there she decided to come to America and try her hand at getting guys in the U.S. to jackoff to her. I think she is doing a smash-bang job!


With her small tits and her firm body Little Lupe has been mistaken for jailbait on more than one occasion. During one instance a man passing through Puerto Rico was actually detained and tried for possessing her videos. Lupe cares about her members so much that she flew in to testify at his trial. While she might be as barely legal looking as they come, she is completely legal to do porn! updates weekly and is the only place you can legally find her work as a small tits solo model.


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The name pretty much says it all. No, not Priscilla, I mean the Sweet and Natural part. No fillers. No preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. Just a Sweet Natural Girl!

Hey! Wait a minute.

If this is a site about a Sweet Natural Girl, who is Jillian? And who in the heck is Jaimy?

Well, everything started with Jaimy. Her small tits and petite body made this site an instant hit. Then she graduated school and wanted to do less shoots and more career work. So she brought in Jillian. And things went good for years with both girls doing updates!

But then Jillian wanted to semi-retire too. So the girls brought in another friend, Priscilla! Three girls, one hot site and hours of videos! The images are shot in ultra-HD so they are very crisp. You wouldn’t want to waste these teen bodies on tiny pics!

Jaimy also runs a teen forum where members can get together and share their passion for these teen beauties. Plus, by joining you get guest sets and videos from her other friend’s sites as well!

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I like solo models that name themselves like this girl did. She goes by Craving Carmen and I feel her name works well. With small tits and a nice bald beaver, Carmen has a lot to crave!

In this video she masturbates with a vibrator while mashing her clit until she orgasms. Then to really help you on your own orgasm she starts sucking the girl-goo off of her fingers porn-star-blowjob style. Craving Carmen really goes to town on herself and I don’t blame her. If I had her body I’d masturbate several times a day too!

That video didn’t do her pussy justice so I included a photo. You can click it and see some more of her delightfully smooth pussy!


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The girl’s name is Destiny Garnet. She has small tits and one heck of a camel toe. The site’s name is Cum Fiesta and it has one heck of a porn archive!

Almost 10 years ago Cum Fiesta opened its doors. They featured hot amateur girls craving cock. Just about the only thing that has changed since then is that those amateur girls are now bonafide porn stars and the quality is getting better and better as technology advances.

With the advent of HD and an ever growing stable of naked girls willing to smoke cock for cash, Cum Fiesta has really blown the fuck up. As part of the Reality Kings network they also give you access to sites like Pure 18 and Mikes Apartment. With over 28 sites in the network it breaks down into three daily updates and a dozen different niches to choose from.

Take the Cum Fiesta tour and say hello to the hotties for me!

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This world can use a lot more people like Fuckable Lola. Not because she is kinky and horny and will try anything once. No, we need more girls like her because she is honest. Most everybody in the world thinks of men when it comes to the word pervert. They might even conjure up the likeness of a male pervert in their lives.

The truth of the matter is, girls get just as perverted as guys do! In fact, they often get even more perverted!

When I saw this video of small tits hottie Fuckable Lola masturbating with oil and a shower curtain on the bed it reminded me of a past girlfriend. She surprised me with. wait for it. wait. a shower curtain on her bed, warm massage oil on the night stand and her naked body!

The strange thing was. The bed/shower curtain already had oil all over them and you could see a bunched up snow angel in the middle that looked like a silhouette of her backside! I also noticed her fishnet pantyhose were soaking wet!

After seeing that, I threw her down on the bed and checked out her pussy. It was a puffy, swollen and red already! Next it was time for some tickle torture until she fessed up and told me the truth. The idea of having sex with my on that shower curtain with hot oil turned her on so much she couldn’t wait for me to get off of work!

Bringing it back to Fuckable Lola. Her small tits are so small they don’t even fill out a training bra. Believe it or not the girls at school were just as mean to her as they were to Felicity Fey for having large natural boobs! But just like Felicity, Lola will get the last laugh. After all, at her ten year class reunion she will still look like a college coed while all of those mean girls will look like old hags with saggy tits!

When you join Fuckable Lola you get access to all of her itty bitty titty videos. Lola gives  simulated blowjobs to dildos, masturbates in every way imaginable and shoots all of it on high definition video. With tits as small as hers I guess you’d have to!

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Damn Emily 18 is so fucking sweet! Her small tits are capped with puffy nipples in today’s shots and her face is just, oh so cute! These photos are screen caps from a video where Emily tells us about having caught a boy jacking off before. He was spying on her while she was getting ready to go out and didn’t expect her to bounce out of the bathroom so fast. After all, she was only wearing skimpy panties like those above!

She didn’t tell on him and even let him finish while looking at her small tits. Emily bent over so he could see them hang, leaned back to show how perky they were and just posed a lot until he was done. Needless to say it didn’t take him long to finish!

Emily includes a lot of candid stuff from her life in her videos and gets completely nude. She masturbates and shows off all of her old outfits. It is hard to believe, but Emily stopped growing right around fourteen years old so she still fits into quite a few of her old outfits!

The members area at is a treasure trove of her youngest stuff. Take the tour and follow her from her nubile days to now and you will agree, this girl simply doesn’t age!

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If you voted for big tits in the poll to the right, you are going to love this post. If you voted for small tits, you are still going to love this post!

Looking at this picture of Felicity Fey it is hard not to think for a second that she looks like total jailbait. Well, except for her huge natural boob jutting out like it is.

Felicity Fey is one of the Fey sisters. Together they started a brand that grew to include girls like Ariel Rebel and Andi Pink. I just wrote about Kristina Fey and even included a naughty shower video of her. I also wrote about Katie Fey, her big tits sister on my Girls With Big Boobs blog.

curvy_big_boobs_teen (2)

So getting back to Like most girls growing up with huge natural juggs, Felicity Fey caught a lot of flack from smaller chested girls that were a bit jealous of her. These days it is Felicity that is getting the last laugh since every time she walks into a room it is all eyes on her voluptuous bod!

Having come through those tough teenage years Felicity is a much better person. In fact, she isn’t jealous of other girls at all. So much so that she gives you unlimited access to her sister’s sites and her friends sites too!

Grab a membership to Felicity Fey and she will kick in another 84 sites featuring solo models like Bailey Kline and Georgie Potts. Not to mention the hotties I’ve already told you about in the paragraphs above!

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One of the best moments in most guys lives is when a girl sees his cock for the first time and says, “Wow, it’s so big!” At less than five feet tall and weighing in at under 100lbs, to Tiny Tabby every cock is like, “OMFG! That thing is huuuuuuge!” Imagine trying to get your cock to fit in this barely legal girl!

While other girls her age have bigger tits and wider hips, Tiny Tabby is having loads of fun filling the pseudo-jailbait niche. Along with girls like Little Summer and Little Lupe, Tabby is a huge reason for the success of the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass. With one password you can access over 20 solo model sites!

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Every guy wishes he could taste some sweet, nubile pussy like that of Lil Candy. Not even five feet tall, this teen girl next door has tiny A-Cup tits and a super cute smile. So cute, in fact, that most guys think she is sweet and innocent. until they get her home!


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I love a good small tits girl with a Cleft of Venus. That Natalia Forrest is an Asian girl only makes the dream come alive more!

Unlike most Asian girls that are conservative, Natalia gets 100% nude on her site and enjoys digging her fingers deep into her pussy crack. With updates three times a week you have plenty of whack off material coming at you. Plus, since she gives you access to her friends sites like Carol Goldnerova and Busty Ellen you basically get updates on a daily basis!

Posted By Teen Porn on 04/08/11 - Write A Comment!

Daddys Office Francesca Emma

I have a poker buddy named Tom and when Tom sees a sight like this he says something akin to "Ho-Dang!" and right about now I think that is just perfect looking at those mosquito bites!

Those two small tits cuties are Francesca and Emma Mae from X-Art. We are going to focus on Emma because you can find her doing both softcore and hardcore on her blog, and even follow her on her Emma Mae Twitter page!

Emma Mae is only nineteen years old. So packing your hard drive with her videos right now is a big bonus. She ain’t getting any younger if ya’ know what I mean and I am sure you do!

How do you pack a hard drive with this little hotties movies you ask? As I alluded to previously, you go to the Emma Mae blog and see where her videos are available for download. Being young means Emma is enthusiastic and upbeat about her career. She has already appeared in dozens of episodes on dozens of sites!

Don’t forget to follow this cutie on Twitter!

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