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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/30/06 - Write A Comment!
Adorable Allie 96lbs

Ahh, 96lbs and Acups, how can you go wrong?

You can’t! Well, unless you try and strike up a conversation

Adorable Allie is the newest model on the net weighing in at under 100 pounds. And she is one adorable small tits cutie, just like the name implies.

She just turned 18 and only barely graduated high school 3 months ago.. How does a girl go to college when her pics are all over the net? You know every professor she comes across is gonna be banging her for an A every day of the week!

Currently is all about the topless pics and lots of camel toe action. No pussy pics yet but you never know! I’ll give her a break on not going 100% nude since she DID JUST TURN 18.

Allie updates her photo sets twice and week and kicks in a topless video and a diary entry as an added bonus. That meens you will never be left waiting by this 5’2" brunette hottie.

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Brooke Anderson The Life of Riley

Talk about living the life of Riley! Damn this dude is a lucky son of a bitch. I just met him on the net about an hour ago. He was asking if I could feature him and his wife on Rhino’s Girls. Checked out his wife, Brooke and said… YEAH! Hell yeah! Fuck Yeah!

Turns out he and his wife are swingers. They decided to open a website and eventually the whole thing blossomed into a full blown phenomenon. So how does a fling turn into a Teen Swing? Read on!

Brooke Anderson and her lucky hubby Grant decided to take some photos and videos of their love making exploits and put them on the net. You know the deal, to make some cold hard cash. (Hotel Heiress)

Then some chick asks if she can fuck Grant and Brooke says sure! But, there is one condition, you have to lick me too and we get to put the video on the net. Next thing you know there are all kinds of people asking to fuck and suck this couple… one thing led to another…

You have probably read my entry on Sammy4u and Raven Riley by now, well, turns out Brooke got some Sammy4u for herself too! Check out the tour page and read all about it.

But wait, there is more, she didn’t just get Sammy, she got Rio of too!

Like I said, lucky stud, man!

They archived all of the videos of their swinging ways over at Teen-Swing .com. Videos are all about clarity and these videos aren’t the dark washed out shit from the 70’s and 80’s, these are clear and full of action. Updates happen weekly and include a gratuitous amount of lesbian action too.

Want to know how the real players play? Get your very own pass and take some notes!

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Sweet Peaches Tight Pussy

Now if that isn’t one inviting tight pussy, I don’t know what is. That sweet peach of a pussy belongs to Sweet Peaches. This girl has one hell of a pussy.

Peaches got her start as a softcore and nonnude model. I loved her then. I love her even more now that she went hardcore. Well, semi-hardcore. She now does masturbation and lesbian scenes. Not the bullshit psudo-lesbian scenes you get from glamour models, Peaches gives you the real put the fingers in her pussy and suck on her clit until her stomach has an earth quake and her legs bolt shut like a bear trap kind of stuff.

She also has a lot of masturbation videos on her website at too. Peaches and I have cum together on many occasions. But don’t trip, she’d like to cum with you too!

Don’t forget the photography is second to none. There are plenty of hi-res shots of her moist vulva pressing up against her satin panties. Just the way we like it!

If perfect tits, tight pussy brunettes are your thing, Sweet Peaches is your new girlfriend!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/22/06 - Write A Comment!
Brooke Skye Girls Kissing

OK, time for some sexy teens kissing. Brooke Skye makes me want to get a sex change just so I can kiss her on camera. Luckly for all of us, the people at the clinic turned me down. But hey, there is always next year!

Brooke is All-American. Sure she lives at the beach now, but she grew up in the Mid-West. You can’t get anymore American than that.

This girl looks like the girl nextdoor and that is the point. You have seen this girl waiting tables at the local pub. Working the hotdog-on-a-stick booth at the county fair. She is everywhere and I am not complaning one bit.

I am not comlaning because Brooke Skye likes to kiss girls. I like to watch Brooke kiss girls. I am sure you don’t mind watching her kissing girls either.

In addition to exploring her bisexuality, Brooke likes to masturbate on camera. Who wouldn’t like watching Brooke shove just about every household object known to man inside her vagina.

Brooke has a webcam in her bedroom and regularly invites girls back to her place to tongue fuck them. Sometimes she even breaks out Black-Whilly, her strap-on dildo and drives it home, if you know what I mean.

Brooke takes the time to get to know her members and takes pride in giving them a quality place to get away from their wives and daily lives. If you are looking for one of those places, you found it!

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Exploited Teens Ally

Ally here is 18 years young. I’d say 18 years old but look at Ally and tell me she is old. Well, Ally is "old enough" and that is good enough for me!

When you look for a barely legal girl to fuck yourself about, Ally is the personification of just such a girl. Notice that I didn’t say she is THE GIRL because we all have varying ideas of the perfect barely legal teen.

With her freckles, button nose and tight body, Ally fills many of the requirements I personally have to consider a girl barely legal. Sure, they don’t always need freckles or a button nose for me to enjoy them but when you get a handful of such qualities in one girl, it tips the scale in favor of wanting to fuck her brains out.

This teen also has some hot eyes. Innocent and waiting for you to mold her. She’d make a great woman both in and out of the bed but she needs a good teacher. Got anyone in mind who can mold Ally this way?

Ally’s gallery comes from the site While I enjoy the videos there, I kind of take offense to its name. I mean, I am not exploiting teens, I am molding them after all! Exploited Teens has over 250 girls with accompaning videos.

This is the real deal folks! No bullshit and 100% explusive. The girls come in and give their sex-life stories before this guy fucks’em point of view style. Of course he does some POV foreplay first.

My favorite is having her blow his finger. The first time I ever received a blowjob, she blew my finger first. She was a good friend of mine’s girlfriend and so I was reluctant to have drunk sex with her. So she blew my finger for about 2 minutes and that was it. Time for my first BJ! Ended up dating her and having some great sex for a few months.

I am sure you can find something interesting to reminisce about at Exploited Teens too!

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Panty Jobs Holly

I bet you didn’t know that boys aren’t the only ones with panty fetishes. Girls have panty fetishes too! Holly here is no exception. She has been into panties ever since she got her first thong… in junior high!

While I was in high school, I dated a girl who was into giving panty jobs. She said she got the idea when she was masturbation herself through her satin panties. She liked to turn the panties around, inside out, and then rub the soft material on her clit and vulva. It was only a matter of time before she made the leap to trying it on her boyfriends.

Like Holly, my girlfriend was an all-american girl. Cute and innocent on the outside but a freak when she had some free time with her panties. What could make a girl go gaa-gah over a clothes item she has unrestricted access to? I mean, it is obvious that guys go hogwild over their girlfriends panty drawer because it is a forbidden place and enjoying them is taboo, but what makes a girl lose control?

Panty Jobs Holly

We will probably never know the answer to that question. But, we can enjoy the pleasurable effects that girls with panty fetishes affords us!

A panty job is more than just a handjob. It is a girl expressing her own deviant desires with us…. wishing to please us with her hospitality. Sharing her undergarments, which she was told were off limits to boys! The pantyjob is a coming together, a goodwill offering…

Time has moved on and I am no longer with that high school girlfriend anymore, but I can still enjoy Holly at and so can you. Around the clock, unrestricted access to countless girls panty drawers and peace offerings in the form of a pantyjob. The pantyjob videos are downloadable and the pictures are high res. The girls are cute and the panties vary, including lace panties, cotton panties and satin panties.

If you ever spent time infront of your girlfriends panty drawer, is definately going to blow your mind while you blow your wad!

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Katie Fey Cherries


Fuck if Katie Fey doesn’t have one of the most slap-happy bubble butts in the solo model niche! You know, some models come and go, they get in at 18 and they leave at 19 some stupid bitch, coke whore slut. But not Katie Fey. She just gets better and better.

I have been a fan of for about 2 years now. I have seen her blossom from a sweet and innocent angel into a sexy sweet young woman. From her regular sized bossoms to her bodaciously large mammories she has now. All the while she managed to keep that innocent feminine look.

Katie started out nonnude but has since decided to go 100% naked for her fans. This is a big step for an Internet model because fans often lose interest in a model once they "score." But Katie Fey has managed to be the exception to the rule. Her fan base has never been bigger… and neither have her tits! updates her sets two times a week.. sometimes more! Katie Fey is my home away from home and I know she has room for you too. Katie is the girl your girlfriend doesn’t need to know about. That boom boom babe you keep on the side and only tell your best friend about. (If you can trust him)


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Total Super Cuties Candice Upskirt Pussy Shot

Ohh, if that isn’t the grandest shot of a pussy I have ever seen, I don’t know what is! This upskirt pussy shot is brought to you by Candice and the folks at Total Super Cuties. is a mega site of amateur teens. Currently there are 32 different girls and more are being added monthly. They have amassed 87,656 teen photos and 274 downloadable movies. All of the girls are 18 to 23 years old and like the name implies, they are all totally super cute!

Candice is no exception. She could rest that totally super cute pussy of hers on my face any day. I guess I am a sucker for teens in short skirts, but aren’t we all? I am sure Candice doesn’t always walk around without panties, but hey, this is our fantasy and in our frantasy she can walk around any way she feels comfortable!

The talent at Total Super Cuties range in size and shapes and colors. It is like a smorgasboard of teens. Petite blondes, big tits blondes, lesbians, shy timid girls, expressive girls, barely legal girls and college coeds. Candice is a sexy brunette and has 10 sets with a total 937 pics at

Another favortie of mine, Lucia, has 29 updates! Over 2944 hand-bra and nipple slip photos. Yes, Lucia is a nonnude model but I like those barely legal girls who tease the cum out of you!

The most viewed girl is Naomi with 6 videos and 9 picture updates. She is a smoking hot blonde with a tight figure and she goes topless. She is worth her weight in gold! Her shower pics with wet hard nipples are to die for. But you don’t have to die, just grab your password to Total Super Cuties!

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Sweet Peaches Hot Babe

Sweet Peaches is one smoking hot brunette with an ass like whoa!

Meet the internets hottest and sexiest bitch (for today, and maybe tomorrow). Peaches has it all. Her face is right out of Playboy and her body is right out of Hustler, along with her attitude. Peaches ass is larger than most island nations and sits a-top some legs that’d make pillars in Greece shutter.

Everything about this girl is thick and juicy and her sweet pink pussy is no exception. Pussy? That’s right fellas, she isn’t a nonnude model, she goes all the way. Watching this hot little number masturbate her fuzzy peach is like watching a dueling piano show, only without the dueling pianos…

Check out Sweet Peaches tour at and download some free hot photos and videos while you are there. Also notice that by joining you also get access to Peaches friends websites too. All of them are solo models with exclusive content and a need to get naked on camera. My kind of ladies!

The DVD Quality videos make feel like your own little home away from home, and the wife…

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