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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/31/11 - Write A Comment!


Lots of girls play dress up. Francesca Dani turned it into a career! She is quite possibly the most well known Cosplay model outside of Japan. Inside Japan she is considered to be a highly regarded foreign Cosplay model! Getting honors from the Japanese ain’t easy!

Francesca Dani has been modeling since 1998 and began turning it into a career in 2002. Her site is filled with her photos and and they span all the way back to the beginning! It’s strange, but, you can’t even tell this girl is aging as you move through the years!

Along with the Cosplay, Francesca also poses in bikinis, bra and panty sets, lingerie and more! She is always adorable no matter what she is dressed in and she is often dressed in something that leaves little to the imagination!

See more pics!


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Nobody likes a cock tease and perhaps that is why Liz Vicious has so many fans. This young hottie definitely goes all the way and she has the pics and videos to prove it!

You too can have her barely legal videos with just a few clicks and some keyboard action. Liz Vicious updates her site several times a week and chats with her members via her private messaging system. Fans can also keep track of her dancing schedule as Liz tours the US and Canada dancing in erotic establishments near you!

Liz is also an aspiring artist and enjoys posting her fans artwork as well. Don’t join another site when you can hangout with a really cool, barely legal hottie that is definitely not. a cock tease!

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I can’t think of a better way to spend Halloween than stuck inside this little vixen’s web! Liz Vicious is the freaky girl even the most conservative pervert wouldn’t mind sticking his cock into!

As a member you get to watch this dirty little cock sucker. well. suck cock! She is nasty is such an innocent nubile way. It’s like she is playing dress up as a prostitute and you are the John. Since it’s all legal you have nothing to worry about. That is my kind of walking on the wild side. Yeah. I am a bit conservative!

Liz Vicious has been known to meat. oops. Meet her members. Liz goes to clubs around the US and Canada stripping for guys that want more than to only see her through their monitor.

Like most of my solo models Liz Vicious has small tits and a petite figure. She looks insanely hot in a clingy pair of panties. which many of her photo sets feature her in. If you have ever had a thing for Avril Lavigne, this is the closest you are ever going to cum to seeing her naked!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/28/08 - Write A Comment!
Big Tits Office Sex

One day I woke up. I went to the computer and I typed in an address I had typed in on many other occasions. On this fateful day I was stunned to receive an error instead of the web site I had previously enjoyed. My favorite web site had closed. I was so bummed.

That web sites name was Crush Photo. It was a web site not like any other site on the internet. These people really knew how to tease a guy. First they started with hot models. Then they backed that up with hot clothing to put the models in. And finally they backed that up with style. Throw in some awesome photography and you have a web site no one else can match.

But… Like I said, that web site died one fateful day. Until now! is open for business and waiting for you. All of your favorite models and some soon to be favorites in one place. If you have never experienced Crush Photo you need to check out Crush Empire. Lofty words like amazing can’t even come close to doing this web site justice.

Originally started as a non-nude concept it morphed into a semi-nude and eventually completely nude masterpiece. This was the first website to dare to show pictures of girls with shaved vaginas. No shit. Think back four to five years ago. Sure some girls had landing strips but no one shaved their entire pussy out of fear. Fear? Yes…. FEAR…

Back then Internet porn was just catching on. Big brother was watching like a hawk and using obsenity laws like a golfer uses golf clubs. Everyone was affraid of the barely legal niche. But not Crush Photo. They pioneered the bare pussy look. They weren’t affraid. They had all of the proper documentation in place and said, "Bring it on!"

Crush Photo lacked one thing though… A marketing brain. They still are not up to speed with Crush Empire, but one thing is for sure, they are here to stay. Though they lack galleries for me to show you, they have a pretty good tour. You get the picture.

Speaking of pictures. The photos at are shot in high resolution to the max. I am talking even a 30 inch monitor would have a hard time showing them full screen. They come in different formats so people with 17" to 20" monitors will have an easy time viewing them. And if you want to zoom in… boy oh boy can you ever zoooom in!

Updates come every other day and at $19.95 this site is going to be a keeper. I am sure you will find plenty of barely legal models to enjoy and each model has many photo sets to explore her with.

Editors Note: Crush Empire is once again Crush Photo!

Find More

Crush Empire

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/09/08 - Write A Comment!
Nubile Teen

How, where and who comes up with these solo model names is beyond me. It is also beyond the scope of my blog. But I have to say, I don’t give a fuck what they name them… so long as they look as good as Misty Gates above!

The guys over at Foxy Flow scored again on this one. Misty is a prefect nubile teen with a dark side. Watching her trailer video on the tour page you can really get a sense of what this girl is all about. And that is, Fun! Yes, Fun with a capital F. The F also stands for Frisky and Flirty.

Rather then doing the usual masturbation this girls spices things up. Like riding a blow up whale to orgasm. I used to have a girlfriend that loved to ride pillows to orgasms. How I wish I had seen while I was dating her so I could introduce the whale with lots and lots of oil. Oh… and don’t forget a video camera!

Misty Gates runs a blog where her members can chat with her and she does webcam shows where members can also chat with her…. while looking at her naked body! updates weekly with fresh videos and photos to fulfill your cravings for this nasty nubile teen.

If you are looking for someone different in 2008, you found her!

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Misty Gates

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/21/07 - Write A Comment!
Teenage Queen

The next time you have a conversation with God can you thank him for me? What better creation is there than teenage angst? None, I tell you and Sexy Lette is the living definition of teenage angst!

Forget, if you will, that the webmaster running her website has no design sense what so ever. When it comes to making free hosted galleries (the page you go to when you click her picture above… yeah… those are called FHG’s)… I think my dog could have thrown something together with more pizzazz!

Lucky for Lette and us as well, the webmaster didn’t design her actual website. And because he didn’t design it, rocks! Make sure you turn down your speakers because the movie trailer starts on its own. Right away you get the sense that this girl is going to be big. No… not fat big. Pornstar big. She is one of those girls that labeled herself a slut. You gotta love those kinds of girls!

Sexy Lette just opened up in July so a few kinks are being worked out. But the main portions of the website are up and running. In particular the pictures and videos are working just fine but the tour isn’t updating properly to show you the new stuff in the previews.

Lette isn’t for the timid. She does everything in high definition and she likes to abuse herself for your amusement. A softcore model she is not and that is exactly why you are going to love her!

Find More Sexy Lette

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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/25/07 - Write A Comment!
Angel Button

I don’t know what they are putting in the water over there in Brazil, but I have to say, I wish they’d put it in the water here in the U.S. of A.!

Angel is one of those girls lucky enough to have been made of pure beauty. She could wear a potato sack and make it look hot! She has the hottest, softest and sexiest color of skin I have ever seen. Matched up with clean, well lit, professional photography and it is like having your cake and eating it too!

Everything at Angel Button is done in gothic style. Everything including Angel herself. For those of you who are wondering, the websites name is a play on a book title. Probably Angel’s favorite book, "Victoria Decides to Die."

You get two gothic teen updates weekly. The photos come in both 900×600 and 1600×1150. Large enough to fill a 20 inch monitor. And if you have a 24 or a 30 inch, the zoom looks just as good. It is like having a life sized Angel in your room! Videos are in 640×480 and also look good zoomed.

My favorite part is that she teases a lot. Most gothic girls do but they rarely look as sexy as Angel does. She also looks good in bright colors. They contrast well with her mocha colors skin. For some reason a pair of pink satin panties looks ten times as good on her then they would on any other model. She also likes to wear tight clothing. As in, tight in the crotch.

Over all I would have to say definately deserves a place in your cache of porn.

Find More Angel Button!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/09/07 - Write A Comment!
Liz Vicious

I am not a complete sleezball. Emphasis on complete. I am like any other warm blooded male and even a few females out there. It saddens me when a good girl goes bad. But it also chums the water and like any other predatory animal I heed the call.

Liz Vicious isn’t just any good girl gone bad. She is a hot good girl gone bad and they makes this call double hard not to heed!

There is no mistake about it, this girl looks young. Barely legal young. She has small tits and the sweetest face… anyone would fall victim to her charms.

Liz is more than just a solo model. She is an addiction. An addiction that is fed by her desire to please… and not just me, she wants to please us all. Can I share? Do I have a choice? No… and sometimes the mental bondage feels so damn seductive! is her home away from home. She basically lives her life on the net and this is her address. Like most goth girls, Liz is hardcore to the bone… unlike most solo models out there, Liz is hardcore to the bone! She harbors no inhibitions when it comes to sex, especially taboo sex acts. And that is the fuel for the addiction that is Liz Vicious.

Her website updates two times a week with this 19 year old teens nude pics and videos. She also does webcam shows and live appearances. Look for her at a nudie theater near you!

Find More Liz Vicious!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/08/06 - Write A Comment!
Candi Crush

I am not sure why but a picture of a girl telling me to go fuck myself, not just once, but twice, is a big turn on!

This rebel without a cause is Candi Crush and what a little shedevil she is. I am not sure why, but gothic girls always name themselves [insert name here] Crush. Perhaps there is something to be said about the power of suggestion because I have a crush on all of them!

Candi is bisexual, so if you enjoy watching girls kissing, you will have an instant hardon.

This girl is not like any other model on the net. She really loves to get upclose and personal with her members. She regularly does custom shoots where you are her guide. I have quite a few things in mind that I wouldn’t mind seeing this 5’3″, 110lbs hottie doing. Both to herself and to her friends. photography is exceptional. It seems most all of the gothic sites are light years ahead of the mainstream adult market when it comes to getting crystal clear video down. The pics are like artwork and the videos are pure gravy.

If a walk on the wild side floats your boat, you are in luck! Join now and you get access to the other shedevils in the network.

Find More Candi Crush!

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