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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/28/11 - Write A Comment!


Oh, for the love of camel toe. Tiffany and Sara are two kinky 18 year olds with a problem. They can’t stop getting into trouble! Normally getting punished is deterrent enough to set girls onto the right path, but what if that punishment is so fuck-tabulous that they crave it so much they keep on reoffending?

That, my friends, is a dynamic duo of a problem I think we would all enjoy!

For their principal Mr. Harrison dolling out the punishment has never been this fun. Two hot babes with two sets of young small tits to cup and man-handle. Two hot mouths with wet lips and warm tongues working on his glands. A pair of hot snatches, one to eat and one to cram that cock home. What’s not to love?

Pure 18 takes all of your sickest fantasies and turns them into some piping hot video. Watch girls get down on each other, masturbate and work their way to an A+ as the updates roll in each and every week. While you wait between updates enjoy the rest of the Reality Kings network!

Updates include sites like Mikes Apartment, Money Talks, 8th Street Latinas, Street Blowjobs, Cum Fiesta and more. With so many sites you get three updates every day of the week.

As an added bonus they throw in sites from their Muffia network the longer you stay a member. Your first month? Its Real, a site devoted to sexual oddities!

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You undoubtedly know what a shake weight is, but I am pretty sure you haven’t seen them with dildos attached. Only Money Talks can morph something so innocent into a coochie stuffing jack hammer!

And they don’t stop there.

The guys and gals at Money Talks take things a step further and pay these girls to take their newfound techniques to the big leagues and stroke some random guys off in an alleyway!

At Money Talks they get everyday women to do some truly amazing porn and capture it all on video. It is insane what the average girl will do for cash, especially if you start slow and ramp things up with even more cash!

Learn a thing or two about how to get coeds to have public sex or just jackoff to all of the hot porn. Either way, it’s another win-win situation brought to you by Rhino’s Girls!

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Marry from Mikes Apartment is one of those crazy bitches you hope to meat. oops. meet at some point in your lifetime. She has great tits that aren’t too big and certainly around small either. She also likes to tease!

Seeing Marry in her gray panties would have been plenty. But then she pulls them down to reveal a caged feline pussy that is hungry for some thick, juicy cock meat! Damn this bitch is kinky!

The premise behind Mikes Apartment is that the guy trades extra rooms in his house to chicks who will blow him. Sometimes that means couples have to give up their vows of commitment if they are short on cash and this month Marry is short on cash, while overflowing with lust!

The Reality Kings have cooked up some amazing reality sites like Pure 18, Money Talks and more. With 28 sites in the network you get multiple daily updates in crystal clear HD. They have trial options so you can get in and get out for less money. The downloadable videos are digital rights management free, which means you can watch them even if you cancel!

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I’ve unwrapped many different kinds of birthday gifts in my time, but none of them can hold a candle to this little cutie. Her name is Rachel Sexton and you proves that receiving naked girls for your birthday is even better than a trip to the Super Bowl!

Well. anyway.

In this gallery our small tits teenager is dressed up as Rainbow Bright. You might remember her from back in the day. Nickelodeon probably still has her in reruns if you care to delve deeper.

When it comes to food I am kind of one of those fuddy-duddies. When it comes to covering Rachel Sexton with that pie, however, I can honestly say I’d enjoy eating it out of her!

Rachel is spunky and really open minded. She has web cam shows where you can direct all of the action. Members get access to her regular updates and a recording of each web cam show! This is a once in a lifetime chance to get close to a truly amazing American sweetheart!

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Back when I was in high school I dated two girls that, as it turns out, were bisexual. Neither of them said anything about it back then, in fact, when I tried calling one of them out about it she flat out denied it over and over again. Only later when she was in college did she finally build up the courage to invite a friend over for a three way!

Since then attitudes have changed a lot. More and more often girls are sharing their bisexuality with the world. If I had a nickel for ever high school girl with an "I eat pussy, tongue though the V" gesture in her photos on Facebook I’d have enough money to buy both Google and Microsoft!

It isn’t hard to see why girls go goo-goo gaa-gaa over each other. Girls are naturally more curious than boys and compare bodies during their sleepovers. Imagine two naked girls seeing who’s boobies are bigger. Seeing who’s pussy is puffier, wetter. tighter!

Now you know why girls are so much better at kissing. They spend many nights practicing with their girlfriends before giving you a kiss. How long did it take for her to orgasm when you first ate her out? Twenty minutes or more? That is because her girlfriends all know exactly how SHE likes it!

You have a lot of choices on where to find naked girls, but I have to say, Selina 18 and Paulina 18 are twenty-two great choices on where to find hot naked girls!

Twenty-what? Yeah, you get 22 sites for the price of one with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

Get everything from Chloe 18 to piping hot anal with olden men banging barely legal girls!

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Naked girls are a wonderful thing. Take Emily 18 for example, she has young breasts with puffy nipples and a little bubble butt devoid of imperfections. Emily’s cute face reminds us that no matter how old she gets, she is still young at heart. She still wants to be our little cutie.

Emily 18 gets completely nude and she updates her site several times a week. Over the years she has been amassing a large collection of her picture galleries and videos. If you’ve never been a member do yourself a favor and become one now. If you have been a member in the past there has never been a better time to refresh your personal Emily 18 collection!

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I have been getting a lot of requests for hardcore teen sex videos lately so I figured I’d throw one into today’s update.

For a split second I looked at the girl riding that cock and she reminded me of the younger daughter on One Day At A Time. God, I always wanted to bang that chick!

Anyway. Cassie from My 18 Teens is a great example of the naked girls you should be getting used to seeing. Why should you be "getting" used to seeing them you ask? Because at they update on a daily basis with both videos and pics! They also add new models monthly so you never get the same old dry dog food!

About 99% of the naked girls at My 18 Teens have small tits. The site delves into your sickest teen fantasies from banging the babysitter in the ass to reliving those fun times when you and a buddy tag teamed the same girl!

The videos are encoded for easy playback on iPhones, iPods, PSPs, Android phones, regular cell phones from the 90’s, your laptop and more! They don’t use any screwy codecs or digital rights management bullshit so you can keep watching your downloaded videos even if you cancel!

With several servers located in various locations throughout the world the speeds are fucking amazing. If you live in Romania you get the same fast downloads as Hong Kong, New York or Seattle. God I love the Internet!

Got some sick fantasies you’d like to explore? My 18 Teens is your personal roadmap to enjoying them!

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The porn world isn’t a whole lot different than it’s mainstream counterpart when it comes to drama. There are power struggles, ego issues and I’d have to say that in the porn world the problems all get magnified!

Today’s drama includes Lil Candy. This young cutie and her managers got into a tiff and guess what? Candy won!

It is very rare that a model wins in these situations because, let’s face it, the model is often just a paid employee. In this case, however, Lil Candy has a lot of say about her site and it appears she also had the last word. So three paragraphs in and we still don’t know what happened? Yeah, I am a drama llama!

Lil Candy is now the sole owner of her site! She has followed in the footsteps of other solo models like Ariel Rebel and has finally taken complete control of her destiny!

What does that mean for all of us? Well, if this plays out anything like how went it means we get more updates, more chick flare added to everything and we really get to see who Lil Candy is!

So give this girl some love. Sorry I don’t have any galleries to show you yet, she literally just took control today. Take her tour and she has put up some awesome free pics and videos for you to enjoy before you enter her.. uh. members area.

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I am a sucker for cute girls with perky small tits, shimmering wet, tan skin and a booty that just won’t quit! Isabella 18 fits the bill on all of that and more!

Isabella 18 went online years ago and she is still cuter than ever. Her site is part of an Adult Verification System (AVS). Don’t know what that is? You must be a newbie. An AVS gives you dozens to hundreds (hundreds in this case) of sites in a variety of niches for one low price. So you don’t get just one solo model, you get several. Plus, you also get anime, Asians, big tits, double penetration, deep throating, lesbians, booty, voyeur, candid beach pics, self shot ex-girlfriend videos and much more!

Honestly though. This whole thing is worth it just for the photo sets and videos of Isabella 18. I will mention some of the notables: Bikini Ass, a site filled with hot chicks in bikinis and a camera pointed at their asses! Beauty Skinny, nothing but skinny chicks and small tits! Nudist Beach, the name says it all! Nude Asian Teens, need I say more?

So get Isabella 18 and a mother-load of porn all in one package!

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Why have one set of small tits when you can have two? And for that matter, why have two when you can have dozens. if not hundreds?

When you get a membership to Gigi Spice you get unlimited access to all of her friends and family members like Pamela Spice, Bella Spice, Cierra Spice, plus you get multi-model sites where all of the girls got their start!

So again. Why have one set of small tits when you can have teen sleepovers, different girls every day and watch two teen girls kiss and rub those little nubbins on each other?

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If you were to ask me if I remembered that first awkward time I ever fucked a girl on a table about 10 years ago I’d have told you I remember it like it was yesterday. Probably because I particularly enjoyed that fuck session and burned it into my brain by reliving it before going to sleep several times a month for years.

Over time I replaced that fuck session with others that came after and now, 20 years later, that first awkward table fuck is slipping away! It doesn’t have to slip away though. Young Libertines allows guys like us to keep those memories fresh by watching them played out on video!

Young Libertines uses amateur girls with small tits and petite frames. The same hot chicks you were banging your senior year in high school and  all throughout college.

The site updates with new videos and pics several times a week and makes a point out of hitting on your every fantasy from those tender years. Everything from banging the babysitter to fucking your girlfriend and her best friend are included!

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Back in the day you needed a hot girlfriend to look at candid pictures of a hot girlfriend. Or. you needed a girlfriend that hot had friends and you had to go through her picture box looking for sexy candids of her hot friends. Not anymore!

With the proliferation of the Internet and the advent of cell phone cameras all you need is an Internet connection and a lot of time. Okay. You don’t even need a lot of time anymore!

I Love GFs takes whole lot of time out of the hot candid chicks equation! With one password you get access to a huge, ever growing, collection of candid porn!

Along with the candid pics you get some amazing videos. Girls, couples, distraught boyfriends, candid picture takers, voyeurs, hundreds of people send in new shit on a daily basis so there is always something new to look at!

Take the I Love GFs tour and it becomes obvious why tens of thousands of horny guys and gals just like yourself call this place their home for all things candid!

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Here in Southern California we used to have a guy on an FM talk station named Tom Lykis. His job was to educate guys on how to bang a chick and make her pay for the date. And how not to bang the same bitch over and over. Every guy should have a stable of bitches to bang.

In order to do this he professed that you should fall in love with pussy. all pussy. Not one pussy. Every pussy! And that is where girls like Heidi Harper come in.

Heidi isn’t a 10. She is what Tom used to call a Seattle 7. These kinds of girls are sprinkled all over Seattle and if you live there you can bang a shitload of them. But here in SoCal she would not be a seven since we have so many fucking insanely hot women.

Now, the average guy isn’t going to have a stable of SoCal 7’s. It just ain’t gonna happen. So stop worrying about it, get some Seattle 7’s like Heidi Harper and fall in love with pussy! Bang that pussy. Until it’s raw! Just don’t go doing something stupid like marrying it!

Heidi has small tits, a great body, a cute face and she loves to tease. She gets fully nude in her videos and her photo sets too. But the big draw for Heidi Harper isn’t any of the shit I have talked about thus far. Wait until you see this girls pussy!

Her pussy looks like a peach with a slit down the side and fuck me if it doesn’t have an appetite for panties! Like a fucking panty vacuum, it is!

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I like reality sites just as much as the next guy.  You know the ones. Sites where the girls are supposedly picked up off the street, yet they are obviously porn stars and you have seen them all over the web? Yeah, those ones.

Even more than “those” kinds of reality sites I enjoy GirlsDoPorn! A site where the girls really haven’t done porn before and where their quirkiness, naivety and genuine curiosity all roll into some of the best amateur porn videos ever created!

When you have true amateurs you get whatever walks through the door. Sometimes that means the girl from next door shows up and when she looks like Crystal, that definitely ain’t a bad thing!

This seemingly homely babe ended up being quite a slut! She surprised everyone with her lace thong panties. Then there was her killer rock hard body. Does this chick work out 24/7? Crystal, you need to stop wearing so many damn clothes! Do the world a favor and burn your sweaters!

You can watch free GirlsDoPorn videos and choose from your favorite girls or choose them all!

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Teh Internets. I love the Internet!

Why? Because it is so gosh-darn full of variety. Like sometimes I want a girl with tan lines. They give you a sense of the seasons. Like tan lines mean it is summertime!

But other times I don’t want tan lines. Not that I want a ghost either! In school I primarily dated white chicks. Then I dated a Mexican chick. We had sex. I was in love! In love with what you ask? This bitch was tan all year long!

Her boobs looked like summer, her ass looked like summer, hell, even her pussy looked like it was summertime!

Kayla Louise was put on this Earth to make it summertime even as we are still sitting in the dead of Winter. I love it!

Of course I also love girls with small tits and Kayla Louise has those too!

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