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Don’t worry. Viewing the image above is not going to land you in jail or put you on some list of known perverts. While she looks like jailbait here, Claudia Nichols is actually 20 years old. I know. It is hard to believe!

Another thing that is hard to believe is that you get Claudia Nichols and over 20 of her friends for one insanely low price. I don’t know how they can afford to do this and honestly, we don’t need to know. We just need to enjoy the girls!

All 20+ of them!

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Gracie Glam & Ally Kay

You know. I usually reserve this blog for solo models because I am a homophobe. there. I said it. I am a homophobe and I don’t like seeing another man’s junk in my porn. However, one look at Ally Kay, the blond above, and I was in love with her tits. Cute, little A-cups that look like they would dissolve in your mouth!

18 Years Old takes babes that are barely legal and initiates them into the porn lifestyle. I am not 100% agreeable with that lifestyle. I guess I lack the need to degrade women or to shoot my load in their eyeball to feel like a man. Am I crazy or what?

So anyway, Ally Kay’s small tits made my dick wanna burst bad enough that I looked deeper into the site and found many more girls with similarly flat chests. Enough girls that I decided to plunk down some of my hard earned cash. oops! Don’t tell the misses please!

As it turns out 18 Years Old is part of the Porn Pros network. They have over 20 sites and a few up them were also right up my ally. While I love looking at barely legal cuties like the ones above, I also like girls with some grip in the hips. possibly a Freud thing. 40oz Bounce handles those cravings!

Most of the sites in this network are too freaky. Even for me. But, it is nice to have variety and I am sure you have sub-niches you enjoy that differ from mine. So there you go, 18 Years Old. The Porn Pros. Try em out for less an $1 a day!

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Just the other day I was weeding through some candid pics and came across one of a girl flipping off the camera. I asked a colleague what he thought of her and he instantly quipped, “Flipping me off? Fuck her, shit can it!”

I asked him why he felt so strongly about flip off pics and he said he just didn’t like girls that thought they were all that. I believe this viewpoint stems from having had the cheerleaders in high school tell him to go fuck himself when ever he tried to strike up a conversation with one of them. Sadly, even though he resented them for doing it, he did go fuck himself and he thought about them while he did it!

So let me bring up my own personal viewpoint of flip off pics. I like them! Actually, I love them! Why? Because these two girls probably are on the cheerleading squad and they thought they were being “too cool” by flipping off the viewer. In reality they ended up on a porn site. How fucking classic is that? Now we can all go fuck ourselves and have more than just a mental image to do it with!

Teens Self Shot is loaded with girls in candid bikini pics, topless and bottomless too! These girls thought their photos would used only by their boyfriends (or girlfriends) for jackoff purposes and most likely had no idea just how vindictive boys (and dykes) can be when you break up with them.

Now their neighbors, their cousins, their uncles, their mothers, their grandmothers, old teachers, current professors and you know exactly what they look like naked! Sweet!!!

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Guys, this is Makenzie from FDAU University. She is going to show us her big fluffy tits and rub her little pussy for us. While I am of Scottish decent myself I cannot attest to whether or not Makenzie’s uniform is up to code in the Scottish school system. I can tell you that at Face Down Ass Up University cute, little, schoolgirl uniforms like hers are the norm!

I am also polish and I have to say, Teen Kasia looks 100% amazing in her schoolgirl uniform. Whether or not it is up to code isn’t my first concern. My first concern is whether or not she can cum just by sucking on those puffy nipples of hers!

You can watch chicks like Makenzie and Kasia masturbate, go down on each other and go down on guys with your FDAU University pass. Dozens of hot babes and hundreds of videos. Phil Flash is well known in the adult industry for creating exceptional teen porn. Stuff you can go goo-goo and gaa-gaa for and not feel too dirty!

Posted By Teen Porn on 01/11/10 - Write A Comment!

While growing up I always wished I could plant a camera is some of my friend’s bathrooms so that I could watch their sisters in the shower. Unfortunately my budget for my newspaper route didn’t include a $2000 camera procurement stipend. So I had to improvise!

One day when my buddy had to go to soccer practice early in the morning I was left alone in the house with his sister. She was a year older than we were and her boobs were springing to life. It is safe to say that she made me ultra horny just being in the same room with me.

I heard her enter the bathroom, lock the door and turn the shower on. Being the curious type I tiptoed over to her room and took a look around. She had the typical girls room, pink and colorful with girly stuff here and there. On her bed were a pair of cotton panties with a red cherry print and a matching bra. She must have laid them out for when she was done with her shower.

My pulse started pounding. Part of me said, you got to look and you saw some fresh, soft panties, time to go now! Another part of me said, there are more where those came from. Stay a while, look around!

I went to her dresser and opened the top drawer. It was loaded with panties and bras. A goldmine for a teenage boy. Everything in there was so soft. I listened for her and still heard the shower running. Time to get comfortable.

Some soft pink panties made out of satin caught my eye and I released my hardon from its confinement in my pants. I wrapped her panties around my cock and slowly began stroking the soft material over the shaft. Instantly precum began to soak into her undies.

Then I heard the bathroom door open!

I looked left, looked right, saw the semi open closet and dashed into it. My buddies sister came into the room wearing a pink robe. She grabbed her under things from the bed and glanced around the room. Her panty drawer was open. She must have thought she had left it that way (which was a good thing!) and closed it before going back to the bathroom to begin her shower. My heart was really pounding and I stayed in the closet for an extra thirty seconds just to make sure she was not coming back.

Once I could hear the pitter-patter of the water being broken up by her body I knew I was OK. I got comfortable again. While her panties felt amazing on my cock, I wondered what she looked like naked. I thought about popping the lock on the door. What was I thinking? This was too exciting and sending me over the edge!

When I walked back to her dresser I noticed a makeup kit lying on top of it. I wondered if I could see underneath the door with the little mirror in the kit. It was worth a shot. I tucked her panties into my pocket and headed for bathroom.

There was a decently large gap between the bathroom door and the hallway carpet. I got excited. This just might work!

After some trial and error I was able to get the mirror into position and see her naked body behind the shower curtain. The view was way too obscured to get any detail. This was worse then pressing the channel button up and down to see wavy porn on blocked cable channels!

The shower cut out and I pulled the mirror back. Should I bolt back to my buddies room? Should I stay here and try to catch a glimpse of her naked body? Of course I decided to stay and get what I came for!

I could hear her pumping a lotion bottle and decided this might be a good time to get a look at her. After placing the mirror back into position I got a very close view of her naked body.

She was more beautiful then I could have ever imagined. Her skin was golden and soft. Her boobs were pert and springy. She had trimmed her pussy to just a few wisps of hair on top. It looked so soft and pink! Like her panties!

My buddies sister was standing only a few feet from the door. She rubbed lotion into her skin and I savored every second of it. Storing the memory into my mind’s hard drive for later retrieval.

Once she had applied her lotion she put on her bra and panties. After she had them on she spun this way and that getting a look at herself in the mirror. This also meant I got a good look at every inch of her too. I couldn’t have asked for a better subject to my peeping!

As she started putting the towels in the hamper I sprinted back to her room to drop off the makeup kit and then back to my buddies room to go over what I had just seen in my head.

I closed his door and then laid down on the floor where my blankets and pillow were. Removing her panties from my pocket, I once again wrapped them around my hard cock. This time I imagine there were her soft pussy. It didn’t take me long to make a mess in them!

After the excited died down a bit I realized I had just cummed in her panties! Holy shit, what was I thinking? What do I do now? My heart was racing again. Then I remembered that the mom did all of the laundry. If the hamper was low I could wash them, wring them and they’d be dry by laundry day!

You have plenty of choices on where to view porn. There are lots of free places, but the quality SUCKS! One of my favorite places to watch porn is Skin Video. They have tons of girls in the shower and bath masturbating or just soaping up, drying off and applying lotion.

Skin Video also has voyeur videos of teens having sex, girls kissing for the first time and more barely legal content. You can also branch out into just about every niche on the Internet. Big tits, MILF, Blowjobs, Facials, Anal, Double Penetration. But the biggest selling point at Skin Video is the price!

One month is only $14.95. There are thousands of DVD qaulity videos, voyeur quality videos, photo sets and more. You can download it all and watch it anywhere. They even have iPod versions for phones and other video capable devices.

Take the three day trial at $2.95. If you don’t like it, cancel online with immediate confirmation. If you do like it, do nothing and it rebills at $14.95 a month. Cancel everything else you are doing now and get one subscription that does it all at Skin Video!

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I came across this movie gallery and it reminded me of some great times a girlfriend and I had once. We were in school and spending a lot of time together. I caught her stealing a glance up a girls skirt once and it got me thinking. was she bisexual?

Back in those days girls being bisexual in school didn’t jive. In college they could make out in the hallway and nobody would care, but in high school girls supposedly never made out and nobody masturbated. yeah, right!

So she use to get super horny when we’d have a couple of beers and smoke some pot and I hatched a plan. One of the girls she spent a lot of time glancing at seemed to spend a lot of time glancing back. One would look and then the other would look back once the first one looked away. Classic! How do I get them both horny at the same time though?

I picked a night when my parents were going out of town and had my girlfriend come over for the night. On a previous day I talked to her obsession and asked her to come over and party with us. I made sure to inform her that my girlfriend really wanted her to be there. That she really thought she was great and wanted to get to know her better. She took the bait and said she would come!

First, I got my GF high as a kite and we drank a beer or two. Then I told her to take a bath (without masturbating. she liked to run the faucet water over her clit) and put something sexy on under her pajamas. Next, I told her friend to come over at the same time I knew my GF would be getting out of the tub.

The doorbell rang. She went to answer it and invited her new friend in. Her friend smelled the pot and asked to have a hit. Some more tokes and a few beers and both girls couldn’t keep their eyes off of one another.

For the first few minutes I just watched as they made out. Then they started stripping each other down and kissing body parts. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Two hot chicks having sex right in front of me. Before long they were both naked and soon after they were locked in the 69 position.

My girlfriend came first and the other girl was right behind her. Once they had come back down to Earth and gathered their senses they turned their attention towards poor, little ole’ me.

Let’s strip him!” My girlfriend suggested and they both pounced on me, removing all of my clothes.

They parked themselves with their faces inches from my cock and looked at each other giggling.

“You first!” My GF called out.

The other girl went to work on me. She seemed a little clumsy and untrained in her technique. After about a minute of her warm mouth on me it was my GF’s turn. She instructed her on what to do.

“Use your hand on the shaft and work it up and down like this,” she said before putting her mouth on me. After moving her mouth up and down with her hand for a bit she came up for air and to explain more. “If you use your hand and mouth in unison it feels like your mouth is going all the way down to the base for him. That way you don’t actually have to take the entire thing into your mouth. unless you want to!”

With that she took almost my entire cock into her mouth for a few strokes and then started working the technique she had just explained.

“Your turn.”

Her friend wrapped her hand around my cock and started moving her mouth up and down. “Don’t forget to use your tongue on the head of his cock.” Her friend’s tongue began working on my cock and I couldn’t believe it. In two minutes my GF had taken her from total newb to porn star action.. almost.

The girl got a bit excited and tried to take my entire cock into her mouth. Once it hit the back of her tongue she gagged and that tightened her mouth onto my entire cock which felt amazing. She began to pull away and I grabbed her head and shot my load into her mouth.

She seemed a bit stunned at having my cum explode into her throat and gagged again. This caused me to shoot even more load then I normally would have. “Sorry, girl, but you are bringing this on yourself,” I said in my head.

Once I was out of jizz I released her head and she went to get up.

“Where do you think you are going?” My GF asked her and grabbed her head and pulled her close for an open mouth kiss. I watched as this girls resistance faded away in my girlfriends arms. Their kiss turned from restrictive on my GF’s part to passionate on both parts. My dick started wooding up again!

Young Libertines updates weekly and the content is amazing. The girls are mostly small tits teens. Their bodies are tight and dozens look barely legal. There are hundreds of videos of couples, threesomes, foursomes and just about every situation is covered. Sex in the shower, the bathtub, on the kitchen counters, on mom’s bed, in the hallway with her feet on one wall and her back on another. You get the idea.

At Young Libertines you can relive some great moments or make up some fantasies of your own. Grab a Fleshlight and you can really get into the action!

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I noticed a new trend among solo models lately. The majority of them seem to have puffy faces. I thought maybe the modeling agents were possibly doing this because these girls look baby fat’ish or something. Then it hit me. Puffy faced girls often have puffy nipples on their small tits and a puffy pussy with a great mound!

While not all of the girls have puffy nipples like Emily 18, I think you can agree with me that small tits girls like Little Bree and Selina 18 have sweet puffy pussies! BTW, Selina does have puffy nipples!

Little Bree isn’t a shy girl. She plays coy and teases like any good schoolgirl should, but she also goes all the way! Bree likes both girls and boys. She is one of those girls that will try anything once.

She is also one of those girls that doesn’t mind sharing. With a Tiny Teen Pass you get access to Little Bree and all of her teen friends like Selina 18, Little Lupe, Little Summer and more. Twelve girls in all and just one pass to get them!

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I have this theory. I call it the 85/15 rule. It goes something like this:

85% of the girls in a high school senior class can get laid, no problems, no questions asked. Just pull down their pants and guys will literally throw themselves at them. On the other hand, only 15% of guys in the senior class can get laid no problems, no questions asked.

What this means is that the chicks have all of the power. The sad reality of it is that they have no idea!

So girls go out of their way to get laid and guys pretty much don’t have to do a goddamn thing if they don’t want to. So long as they fall into that top 15% of their class.

When girls go to college they start to figure this natural rule out. Suddenly they are empowered. If they don’t want to give it up to a guy they can always give it up to each other. And unlike in high school, bisexual girls in college are just par for the course. Nobody frowns on it and more often then not the guys are actually encouraging it!

This is where Teenage Decadence comes in. They archive all of the sick, twisted things girls do in college. They have both videos and candid pictures of coeds doing as coeds do when alcohol is flowing freely.

What was once a closed community of like minded guys is now one of the Internets fastest growing communities of like minded people. To join in the past you had to upload dozens of photos to keep your membership active. Now they opened it up to anyone that wants to pay the monthly fee.

So what do you get as a member of Teenage Decadence? Well, for starters, you get access to one of the largest archives of its kind. Everything is categorized and often keyword tagged for easy navigation and searching. New content is being added daily and no niche is left unturned (so long as the girls are cute).

Try Teenage Decadence and see what being part of a like minded community is like!

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I am a big fan of truth in advertising. That is why I really enjoy the site Sweet Natural Girl. The site started with Jaimy. She has the ultimate girl next door look. It then moved on to Priscilla and eventually to Jillian (above). Both of the new girls are totally sweet and natural. Very hawt girl next door!

More and more of Jaimy’s friends are lining up to pose for her site. The pics are extremely crisp. These girls are flawless and have to be at these resolutions!

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