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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/24/07 - Write A Comment!
Dawson Miller

So… When was the last time you felt truly engaged and part of a solo models website? How long has it been since you joined a site where the girl actually cared about you as an individual member? Meat (pun intended) Dawson Miller. A whole new kind of teen solo model.

What is different about Dawson? Well, let’s just say it would be easier to list what is the same.. but, since I am long winded in my posts and you have nothing but lube and time on your hands, we shall list a few of the big differences.

First off, Dawson Miller isn’t your typical solo model. Most solo models are found by the photographer. They have no modeling experience and it shows. They don’t know how to SMILE for the fucking camera and yet they want you to fork over $30 a month to look at awkward photos with shitty lighting.

Dawson came to the adult world looking to get a deal. She put things in motion and she is the definition of energy. It shows in her photo sets. She actually enjoys what she is doing and dreamed of this opportunity for years. And – it – shows!!!

Next, Dawson Miller is hot. Red hot with a capital R. But not too hot. She isn’t fake hot. She is just naturally hot and well endowed. Man does she have some nice titties! 32D sized titties to be exact. I could loose myself in those melons for a day or two. Her hair is hot, her face is hot and her cute little button nose is hot too!

Finally, she is American. Why is this important? There is nothing more annoying then a girl speaking some other language you don’t understand and don’t care to understand. Why do people release solo sites with girls who don’t speak English? Hey, I am all for accents. I wouldn’t mind watching a chick get sexy with an Italian accept but when she is speaking directly to the viewer, I prefer English to any other language.

What are you waiting for? There is a phenomenon happening on the Internet and this time you can be a part of it. Get your password now!

Find More Dawson Miller!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/14/07 - Write A Comment!
Ariel Rebel

I’ll be damned if that photo isn’t made of the kind of stuff that gets you into trouble! Ariel Rebel is a softball pitchers dream come true. First off, she wears a skirt so you get a full, unobstructed view of her picture perfect pantied pussy. Second, everything else about her is just as dreamy!

I couldn’t care less if Ariel lacked the skills needed to bat or play catcher, I’d make room in my roster for this girl anyway. Besides, she could repay me with sexual favors if we ever lost a game do to her consuming to much of my attention. Shit, I bet there are no umpires on this Earth that would ever dream of calling a strike on this nubile teen anyway! updates her content with a new video and several picture sets each week. The quality is amazing and so are the subjects of her shoots. They mostly hover around themes dealing with teenage angst and bookmark tender moments in her development. Moments like her first day at a new school or her first bi-sexual encounter with one of her schoolgirl-girlfriends.

This site is a perfect fit for the guy that loves petite, young looking teens that only look like they will get him into trouble. In other words, extremely barely legal!

Find More Ariel Rebel!

Posted By Teen Porn on 05/09/07 - Write A Comment!
Nubiles LilianeNubiles TeenNubiles
NubilesNubiles TeenNubiles Blonde
Nubiles BlondeNubiles BlondeNubiles Liliane
As is the norm with it isn’t a question of would you hit it, it is a question of how many times per day… how many different ways… toys… bring your girlfriend along for the ride.. your wife? This is a website that is packed from wall to wall with non-stop, grade A, fuckable bitches!

Liliane is a great example of what you have in store for you should you accept this assignment. Assignment? Yeah, your mission is to get one of those Nubiles passwords via their join page.

Along with Liliane (who isn’t really a blonde, I have a password) you also get plenty of girls who are blondes, plus brunettes, redheads and every other hair color you can think of.

The bottom line is that you are going to be hard pressed to find another website with this much barely legal tail. There are girls with A-cups, B-cups, C-cups and all the way to double-D-cups. Girls with petite bodies and babes with something more along the lines of Anna Nicole Smith.

Do you like danty-feet? Got em…
Do you like long legs? Got those too…
Do you like smooth beavers? Dude, WE GOT EM!!!
We even have got unshaved beavers too!

Which means you have got to accept this assignment and you have to do so now! These girls are not going to be eightteen forever!

Find More Nubiles Liliane!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/09/07 - Write A Comment!
Thumb Alt3Thumb Alt1Thumb Alt2
Thumb Alt1Thumb Alt1Thumb Alt3
Thumb Alt1Thumb Alt2Thumb Alt1
Thumb Alt2Thumb Alt1Thumb Alt2
So who in the fuck is Taryn Thomas? Well, like you, I didn’t have the slightest clue either until one of you guys searched for her. Searched? Yeah, that little box to the top right. You can use it to find hot chicks on my blog.The problem with searching for Taryn Thomas (up until today) was that there was no gallery for her here. I decide who to write about based on those searches and I put a lot of extra umphfff into the ones that come up “not found.” So if you have a girl you would like to see and we don’t have her, search for her on a daily basis and I will see what I can do. Or, if you can’t wait, shoot me an email at admin at and I will make sure to get her in here for ya.

Dammit… Two whole paragraphs in and we still haven’t the slightest f’ing clue who this bitch is…

According to her gallery Taryn enjoys the color red. Good thing because she looks smoking fucking hot in it. Taryn lives in Pheonix but works in the Los Angeles porn scene. She likes to keep those things as seperate as possible. (probably due to creaps always stalking her and shit)

Taryn wasn’t always from Pheonix though… She was born in New Jersey and came out here with her parents. Probably to grow her up right. But then she met Steve Lightspeed who encouraged her to make some extra cash doing softcore porn. You might recognize the name Lightspeed from the websites they run… Britney Lightspeed, LS-Sorority, Lightspeed Girls, etc…

Taryn wasn’t seeing as much money as she had hoped she would see while doing softcore porn and so in 2004 she decided to move into hardcore and see about becoming a household name. Taryn made her debut in the cleverly titled DVD 12 on 1, #2. She was nominated for the AVN Award of Best New Starlet in 2006 and received the Dirtiest Girl in Porn Award from Fans of Adult Media and Entertainment (FAME).

Most of you might recognize her from the Howard Stern show. With his help took off in a big way. But don’t worry, being the devoted worker that she is, she still makes hardcore movies for all of us to enjoy.

So what does all of this biopic shit mean? It means her members area isn’t some bullshit fluff-fest you get with some other girls. This girl makes hardcore porn videos for a living… Take a guess on how hot her website is? Smoking – Fucking – Red Hot!

Find More Taryn Thomas!

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