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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/25/11 - Write A Comment!


If you want something to kickass you usually have to build it from scratch. It is just the way the world works. First there was Tower Records. Then there was Napster. Then there was iTunes. People went from paying, to free for all and back to paying again. iTunes is really that cool. Amazing!

Porn is the same way. But every once in a while somebody does something genius by doing the same thing as before, only better!

Miss Youth is a shining example of somebody creating an iTunes. It is the same music, only the experience is a lot different! Miss Youth has the same girls and even, in some cases, the same sets, but the experience is completely different and, in my humble opinion, way better!

If you are an Internet veteran Miss Youth will be like a walk down memory lane. All of your favorite sets, featuring your favorite cuties and more. Only this time it is hundreds of girls and hundreds of thousands of photos! And if you are brand new to the net this place is going to be an adventure you won’t want to pass up!

Just look at Alana Lopez. She looks so fucking hot fully clothed that I didn’t even need to show her tits to keep your attention. The vintage shirt, the soft soccer shorts, the leg warmers, platform shoes?

We haven’t even talked about her small tits, her smooth, tan skin, her long skinny legs or her fresh off the bus face. It is enough to make you want to coach a girls soccer team. you perv!

Miss Youth is filled with girls like her with a variety so vast it is hard to put it into words. Each of the girls has several photo sets and most also have several videos to watch. It is like a clearing house of teens!

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