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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/09/10 - Write A Comment!

Let’s face it, girls like Alexa Dawn are created to tease. Her cute button nose, her pouty lips, those piercing brown eyes, the beautiful brunette hair and her chunky body all beg you to take another look. And if you don’t, you just might kick you ass!

I knew a girl like Alexa when I was in school. She wore a fishnet top once that no other girl in school would dare to wear. Oddly enough, no teacher dared call her on the fact that you could see her bra through her shirt. Not even the female ones!

Several times when I would leave class to hit the restroom (have a cigarette), I’d catch her seducing another female student. She’d have her high heeled leg, with pantyhose, between the other girl’s legs, rubbing her knee into the girls clit. How I wanted to just sit there and watch, but seriously, what kind of douche bag does that?

Alexa Dawn must have known I wanted her because she eventually cornered me in the hallway. Before our encounter was over she jerked me through my pants almost to the point of blowing. Fucking bitch! She knew I’d have to jackoff as soon as I got to the restroom!

I eventually found my way up her skirt at a party. When I got to her puffy pussy it was soaking wet. This crazy girl was infecting others with her horny disease!

You can watch Alexa Dawn do more than just temp you. She enjoys taking her girlfriends into her room and infecting them too. Only this time, she is asking you to watch. What kind of douche bag doesn’t watch two chicks making out when they want him too?

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