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Posted By Teen Porn on 03/15/08 - Write A Comment!


Some people would look at the picture above and ask, “Who is this slut?”

To those people I would say, “Open your fucking mind you pond scum mother fucker!”

That picture happens to be of Alison Angel. Sure, some people would consider what she does as slutty. I am not one of those people. I see what this beautiful angel does as eye opening, fun entertainment!

Who wouldn’t kill to have a girlfriend this willing to get naked in public? Not only does she get naked but she also masturbates in these Alison Angel videos! You have to click on the word videos to see the videos. Clicking on the pic above leads to more pics. is like several sites all rolled into one. You get a blonde with huge tits. You get lots of masturbation. You get an occasional lesbian video. You get tons of upskirt panty shots. You get to see deep inside this girls pussy. You get to see what and how much Alison can stuff inside her pussy. And… Alison Angel doesn’t due all of this on a shitty hotel room bed. She does the vast majority of it in public!

Each update comes with high resolution pics and a crystal clear video broken up into several bandwidth digestible parts. Updates for Alison Angel come in ever 5 days or so. There are no download limits and no digital rights management.

Alison takes requests from her members on what to do next. As a member you can Email her directly. I have actually met Alison Angel several times at webmaster/surfer porn conventions. She is one of the few girls that look just as good in real person as she does on the web. She is also real cool and down to Earth.

Incase you are wondering, Alison is 36-26-36. She has one of the most attractive hour glass figures I have ever laid eyes on. Her big tits are in between a C and a D cup. It depends on what she is wearing. Personally, I prefer for Alison Angel not to be wearing anything!

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