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Girls always seem to be in a hurry to grow up these days. Not enough of them stick to wearing print panties like these bikini briefs above. They stuff their bras so their small tits look bigger. What is the rush?

There is no rush at Amateur Upskirts. This site is the ultimate in panty teasing. The girls wear satin, lace, cotton, you-name-it, they’ve got it, and do a lot of grinding while standing above the camera.

All of that grinding tends to make a girls panties go up her pussy crack. That is when she traces her finger through her cleft and she settles her gyrating digit on her clit. Some girls have clits big enough to poke out their panties!

If you have ever dreamed of having a buddies older sister give you jackoff instruction then this site is for you. Some of the girls show their pussies and even masturbate right along with you. There is plenty of interesting upskirt videos for every fantasy you can imagine! is panty seduction done right!

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Panties have buttons? No silly, she is wearing a bodysuit. I haven’t seen one of these in a good long time. Back in the 80’s and before that they were quite popular. The buttons are so that she can. well. do her business without having to take the entire thing off.

Michelle Lynn is the queen of upskirts, camel toes and all of the odd stuff you hang out with girls like her to see. Michelle is that girl that “tries to hard” to please everyone. Just the type of girl you want around when you don’t score anyone else at the party.

It is time to party with Michelle Lynn!

As if her small tits and panty flashing ways weren’t enough of a reason to join her site, gives you access to Amateur Upskirts. It is the site where she got her start and if you ever dreamed kinky dreams of barely legal coeds wearing satin panties and shaking their boom-boom this site is going to feel like nirvana!

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Finding hot coed girls that will let you see up their skirts and grind for you while their panties get sucked into their pussy cracks used to be hard. Not anymore! Amateur Upskirts makes it as easy as a few mouse clicks and a couple of key presses on the keyboard. Once done you have dozens of girls and hundreds of videos at your disposal!

Most of the girls at Amateur Upskirts have small tits and petite frames. The site has been open for almost a decade. What started out as a fan site for guys into panties has turned into an empire! You won’t find this kind of quality panty videos anywhere else!

Along with your membership you also get access to his pantyhose fetish site and solo model Michelle Lynn. She is one heck of a hot teenager and she loves to wear cotton print panties, satin panties and frilly panties too!

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Amateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath Tub

Amateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath TubAmateur Upskirts Haven Wet Panties Bath Tub

There is something magical about melding something old with something new. Long before Bridget Jones brought them back grandma panties on a college coed have been hotter than hell. Just about the only problem with this coming together is finding a coed willing to model them for you!

Not any more! With Amateur Upskirts you can watch coed after coed modeling panties of all shapes and sizes. My personal favorite are the wet panty videos since I was lucky enough to have a high school sweetheart that enjoyed modeling them for me in her bathtub!

The panty videos at Amateur Upskirts are mostly softcore with lots of grinding, plenty of camel toe and a pussy shot or two. Some girls get a little more frisky and masturbate their pussies through their panties. It doesn’t take long for them to work up a lather of juice and you get to see it soak their cotton crotches to the bone!

Anybody into panties clinging to hot coed pussy will find to be the ultimate rush!

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I am sure you have heard of the nipple slip by now. You know, where a girls nipple slips out of her bra or her boob pops out of her bikini top? Today we are going to focus on something even more perverted, the pussy lip slip.

To help us with our visuals today we have Ashley Roberts from Amateur Upskirts. They shoot the best upskirt porn I have ever seen. Sure, LV Panty has good teen panty porn in general, but Amateur Upskirts is where you want to go for upskirt videos!

A good friend of mine had a sister that used to have a chronic pussy lip slip (PLS) problem. She was a year younger than I and that PLS seemed to occur way too much to be natural. Sometimes it happened at the pool and other times when she was lying on her stomach in front of me. I began to wonder if maybe she was letting things slip out on purpose!

On one occasion I was sitting behind her on the couch watching TV and she had on her plaid school uniform skirt. We were watching The Facts of Life or some shit and she kept bouncing her feet around and rubbing her sock covered feet against one another.

While this was going on her skirt kept riding higher and higher. Soon I could see the white of her cotton panties. My dick twitched. She had her knees spread about shoulder length and then bent her legs back in so her toes touched. With her legs bouncing this way and that I could see her pussy crack as her panties got pulled snug up against it.

Seeing her nubile body with only a millimeter of white cotton between us was too much. I started pinching the head of my dick through my pants subconsciously and soon began squeezing the shaft. I had no idea what  I was going to do if/and when it came time to cum!

Suddenly she turned around and I snapped back from my trance. I took just a little too long pulling my hand off my cock. She didn’t give me any indication she knew what I was doing, but I was certain she had some idea. Just then Ashley got up and went to the bathroom.

I could here Ashley peeing and then the toilet flushed, but she didn’t come right out. I wondered if she was too embarrassed or something. Had she realized what I was doing? Was she wondering what to do now? Did I make her uncomfortable?

The bathroom door opened and Ashley went back to her spot on the floor without looking at me. I didn’t know what to think, but I know what I was hoping. I was hoping she enjoyed having an admirer. Even if he was a total pervert and liked to look up girls skirts. How crazy is that?

Ashley resumed her leg bouncing and soon her knees were parted again. It took everything for me to leave my horny prick alone. What if she was baiting me? What if this was a trap to catch me red handed? Again I was torn. Would that be so bad? It could be. but then it might be what she wants. I was losing my mind on this girl!

Once her legs parted enough to see her white cotton panties again it became apparent there was more to see this time around. One of her pussy lips had slipped out of her panties. This was the closest I had ever come to seeing a real, in your face pussy at this point. I wished I had bionic eyes so I could zoom in!

Over time Ashley’s leg bouncing caused her panties to slip on her butt cheek far enough that her inner pussy lip became visible. It was pink and it appeared to be moist. My dick couldn’t take it anymore and I resumed my rubbing.

Ashley reached down below herself and I thought, “NO!!!!” She was going to fix her panties! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOO!!!!!

Instead she itched herself on the other side of the PLS and it caused her panties to move over even more! Now I could see her tiny slit! I started to sweat and quickened my pace. I was praying she wouldn’t turn around and catch me or cover herself. I couldn’t believe how hot I was for my best friend’s sister!

My trance turned into a heavy daze. I lost track of what was going on around me and I shut my eyes and imagined my cock inside her soft, pink pussy. Feeling it squeeze down hard on my cock.

“Are you going to cum right there on the couch or excuse yourself to the bathroom?”

What? My eyes opened to Ashley staring right at me. I didn’t know what she said. Something about telling her mom and my mom? Telling her brother? I was horrified!

“So? Are you going to cum in your pants or do it in the bathroom?”

This time when she said it she stood up. I was paralyzed. I didn’t know what to do or say. How could I be so perverted with my buddies little sister? What was I thinking?

“Come on.” She said and grabbed my hand.

She took me into the bathroom and positioned me in front of the toilet. Then she stood back a step and looked at me expectantly.

“Go ahead. I know what you were going to do so just do it.”

Did she really want me to jack off in front of her? Again I didn’t know what to think. Could it really be possible that my best friend’s sister knew about sex? Then it hit me. Every girl does. They have to watch those videos about periods, pregnancy and child birth. So she knows all about sex. Probably more than I do. But jacking off in front of someone else?

“I think you start by unbuttoning your pants first, ” Ashley stated expectantly. I sensed she was losing her patience.

With that I began unbuttoning my pants and pulling down the zipper. She smiled and switched her stance to something more representative of excitement. I hadn’t so much as shown my dick to another person since I hit puberty so I was a bit apprehensive even if my audience was all to happy to see it.

“Here, let me help you,” Ashley said as she reached forward and slowly tugged my pants down. Then she reached inside my underwear and pulled them down too.

My dick sprung out like a phoenix. She gasped and said something under her breath about its size. I looked down and was quite surprised by its girth myself. It seemed to have grown bigger just for its official unveiling ceremony. I wanted to give it a high five for being such a champ during this otherwise embarrassing moment. I was so happy. She was impressed!

“Now do what you do when you think about my pussy.” She said softly.

I had never heard a girl utter the word pussy before. She had accentuated the “P” and lisped the “ussy”. I take that back. I heard a women do the same thing in a James Bond movie once. That must have been where she had gotten it from.

Without further provocation I performed the deed. She never took her eyes off of my cock. Looking at her face you would almost think you were watching her as she was watching a tennis match. She was mesmerized by me stroking my cock. Jeez! She was a pervert!

It didn’t take long before I shot my spunk into the toilet bowl.

“That was so cool!” She exclaimed.

“Uh, thanks.” Was all I could come up with.

“Hurry up and get your pants on. My mom is do home any minute. Ask my brother if you can spend the night on Friday and maybe we can do this again!”

Ashley left the bathroom and locked the door behind her. Over a two year period I was treated to many more PLS shows and I treated her to many more jack off performances. By the time she moved because her dad got a job in another city we had rubbed each other and performed oral on each other. I never did get to feel just how soft her pussy would be on my glands. Her mouth was warm and sweet though!

Amateur Upskirts has dozens of models with more being added monthly. They update several times a week and the girls do more than just let you glance up their skirt. Destiny has some great masturbating videos there, as do many of the other girls.

Get your own membership and enjoy Michelle Lynn too. She is the Princess of Camel Toe!

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amateurupskirts teen panties

If you had an older sister the chances are she had some pretty fucking hot friends. My sister’s friends were fucking smoking. Sure I was young and you are probably thinking that any boy hitting puberty thinks just about any pussy is good pussy. No! My sister’s friends were 8’s, 9’s and 10’s!

One such friend was a lot like Kiki from Amateur Upskirts above. Perfect tan, long hair and a face you could wake up to. Her small tits were nice and pert even without a bra. She could bend over and they’d retain their puffy shape. Maybe it was because they were on their way up to an eventual C-Cup so they were always filling their space to the max.

My sister used to attend a prep-school and they had to wear uniforms there. Once when my sister went to gymnastics practice my mom decided to do some shopping at the grocery store. This left me and my Kiki look alike about one hour and a half by ourselves. My mom probably didn’t even consider the implications since our age difference was so great.

Kiki was sitting on the couch facing the TV doing her homework. She was sitting slouched down and had a big folder resting on her chest just below her tits and she was writing notes in it. I situated myself on the floor diagonally in front of the TV to do my own homework. From this position I could try and look up her skirt by looking out of the corner of my eye.

For about three to four minutes I just worked on my homework. I wanted to make her feel comfortable and hopefully forget about me behind her folder. It seemed to be working and she wiggled her legs, tapping her feat to whatever song was on MTV.

Occasionally I’d catch a glimpse of bright colored panties from underneath her skirt. It was working better than I had imagined. A really catchy tune came on and she open and closed her legs to this one. One eye wasn’t enough. I needed stereo vision of these schoolgirl panties!

Right as I turned my head she opened her legs up really wide and I got a lot more than just a glimpse. I could see her pussy crack where her panties got sucked in! Unfortunately she realized she had just opened her legs up and looked up at me from behind her folder.

As quickly as I could I turned my head to face my folder and continued writing. I could feel her stare burning into my temple. Through my peripheral vision I could see her looking at me and then going back to her notebook.

I did a head fake to see if she was keeping tabs on me and she didn’t react. Good! I kept doing my homework figuring I’d see another glimpse of light blue panty when it was time to get more updates of this girls crotch.

She started pumping them legs after a few minutes and this time they sat open for much longer then before. Then she reached down and I turned my head back but left one eye on her. She itched her leg right next to her crotch. My dick got hard so fucking quick it practically launched me into the ceiling. Well, it wasn’t that big back then but it did hurt!

When I shifted to try and rearrange the package she looked up at me with a smile. I just looked back down at my paper with a look of embracement. Did she know why I shifted? Surely she did. She was much older and probably had sex all the time.

Next, she itched again. Only this time she itched right where her panties were going up her crack. Now they were creased. As she opened and closed her legs they seemed to get eaten by her pussy!

Suddenly without warning she slammed her notebook closed along with her legs and said, “OK, this is bullshit. You have been looking up my skirt for a long time now and I haven’t seen anything!”

I didn’t know what to think. I just kept my eyes on my homework. I couldn’t write because my mind turned into a thick cloud.

“Turn over!” she demanded.

Did she just say that? Was I dreaming? Should I pinch myself?

Don’t you want to see my panties?” she asked coyly.

I started rolling and as my pup tent came into view she started opening her legs back up. I could see some wetness on her panties. Was my sister’s friend actually getting turned on by me? Surely I am dreaming!?!? “This can’t be real!” is all that kept going through my mind.

“Have you ever seen a girls pussy before?”


“Not in the bathtub with your sister, I mean an older girl.”


“Do you want to see mine?”


“Then come over here!”

With that I got on my knees and worked my way over to her. She pulled the handle on the couch and the foot rest came up. She motioned for me to stand in front of it. Kiki hiked up her skirt a bit and I had a birds eye view of her wet panties. My cock was straining against my pants.

She pointed at my cock and told me to take it out. I hesitated for a second and she closed her legs. Not wanting to fuck up negotiations at such a pivotal point I complied. As soon as I reached in to pull it out she opened her legs real wide.

Once my cock was out she pulled her panties over to show me her pussy. Even though I had seen quite a few in my brother’s porno mags, nothing compares to real life, in your face, pussy!

Kiki pulled her outer lips apart and showed me the inner lips. They were very small. Then she pulled those open to and showed me where my penis would go. I was mesmerized. Then I noticed she was looking at my cock and I got a little embarrassed because it was leaking some fluid.

I held my cock upwards a bit so the fluid wouldn’t drop off onto the floor and it slowly ran down the head onto the shaft. Kiki put a finger at the top of her pussy and slowly ran it down the crack. Once it got to the bottom she pushed it into her pussy. I could tell her pussy must have been very wet because her finger disappeared with little effort into her body.

After watching her pull her finger in and out for a bit she asked me if I was enjoying watching her. Of course my reply was a resounding YES and she said she liked to “watch” too.

In my cloudy mind things didn’t compute right away. Watch? Watch what? Then it occurred to me that if she was playing with where my penis goes, she might want to watch me play with the penis that goes in there. I reached down and spread the precum around my cock before stroking it slowly and deliberately.

With that Kiki put another hand down there to use her index finger on her clit. At the time I didn’t know what one was. I knew it was there. I didn’t know it was some kind of magic button. What can I say? I read my bros porno mags for the pictures, not the text.

I could tell rubbing her clit was making her really hot and horny and the site of it make me want to stroke harder and faster than I ever have before.

Now there was a problem. I could tell I was seconds from cumming and didn’t have anything to cum into. I stopped, which made her stop with a mad look on her face like someone broke her Barbie Doll. She asked what was up and I explained my predicament. Kiki giggled and said she had the perfect remedy.

I watched intently as Kiki removed her panties. They shot out of her butt crack like a sling shot. The crotch was super wet on the business side. Even more than the other side!

Kiki told me to wrap them around my cock and go to town. I shit you not, for a half of a second I contemplated Main Street and what I was supposed to do with her panties there? Then I did as told and she resumed her feverish rubbing of her clit.

Perhaps knowing I was close brought her close too because she was much more worked up now than before. As her body started convulsing I shot my load into her soft panties. The material quickly started turning a darker blue as my jizz filled them up.

At the site of this Kiki started moaning and closed her legs tight. She went somewhere in her mind and seemed to lose track of where she was. It seemed to me that her orgasm was ten times better than my own.

She came back down to Earth and laughed. I nervously smiled back and she blurted out, “That was cool!”

As I wiped the remaining dribbles of sperm off of my penis with her panties she said that I could keep them if I never told anyone what we had done. It sounded like a great idea to me and I headed back to my room to stash them inside my closet. Besides, did she really expect me to tell anyone I masturbated? (Oops, statute of limitations has run out, Kiki)

By the time I got back to the living room she was gone. I tried to do some more homework, but it was futile. I couldn’t get her pussy out of my mind. I quickly went back to my room and closed the door. I Took her panties back out and noticed my fluids hadn’t mixed with hers yet. I smelled the crotch. It smelled like pee and something I had never smelled before. I touched it and noticed it was gooey like my own precum.

I took her panties to the sink and hand washed them and then put them in the dryer checking my watch. I had about twenty more minutes before my mom and sis got back. Hopefully they’d be dry and I could use them again before they got home!

Amateur Upskirts has plenty of panty content. Lace Panties, Satin Panties, Silk Panties, Schoolgirl Panties, Cotton Panties, Print Panties, Pink Panties, Black Panties, White Panties and everything in between. There are girls next door, amateur porn stars and well known porn stars. Amateur Upskirts has the kind of grinding, cameltoe, masturbation and teasing content the true panty fetish fan is looking for.

Who knows, you might see someone or something that reminds you of a special someone from your own past!

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