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Posted By Admin on 09/05/22 - Write A Comment!

With everything that was going on at PornFaze I shouldn’t have been so surprised at the fact I was this excited. I had so much going on and I always knew that I would be strong enough to be the man who put in the effort because I wanted to taste the sweet reward at the end.

When the time came to raise I didn’t think twice. I went in and took my challenge as I watched Emily Willis anal porn with a rather large smile on my face. Emily sure knows her way around a thick cock and she isn’t shy about showing it.

She just needed someone willing enough to ram it up her ass and when she got it there was no turning back. Now Emily needs you to step up because she is still craving a little something else and only you can give it to her. This isn’t the time for failure, this is the time for you to make your moment count and for once you know just how to do it!

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Posted By Admin on 06/21/22 - Write A Comment!

Well, I can honestly admit that Teens Love Anal porn and that’s just a fact. Love and marriage aren’t on their mind but taking it up the ass is. They love to act all innocent but give them a firm cock and they’ll be bending over to take it up in the ass in no time at all.

That’s been my experience with these barely legal teens but I think it might be nice for you to enjoy your own. These high quality teen porn sites have everything you could ask for and plenty of things that you never thought would be on your mind but when you see them you can’t help but crave for more.

At this point you know there’s something going on inside you. You have felt the rush that these teens feel when they take it deep in the ass and this has you begging for more. You might as well do something about it as you’ve managed to hold out for this long. Now you can relax and let it all out and just enjoy those tight teens doing what they do best on camera!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/13/10 - Write A Comment!


Like most girls her age Sally is a bit curious about sex. She doesn’t want to get left behind and have everyone else know more than she does so Sally often goes online to see what other people are doing.

One day while Sally was using her boyfriends computer she found that he had an open browser window to the site Club Seventeen. At first she was a bit shocked. She wondered if the site actually had seventeen year old girls having sex!?!?!

The name Club Seventeen is a throwback to their print magazine. In parts of Europe it is OK for models to pose topless at seventeen years old so since 1976 the magazine had been doing so. Online things are a bit different so all of the girls on the site are 18 years old to 23 years old.

While on the site she kept noticing her boyfriend seemed to favorite galleries and videos depicting teens having anal sex. She had never had anal sex and wondered what the big deal was about.

Sally got an idea and lubed up one of her dildos. She was going to experiment with anal sex on herself and then if she liked it as much as the girls online seemed to, she’d surprise her boyfriend!

The thought of doing something so kinky made Sally super wet. She was shocked at just how soaked her panties were getting when she took them off. At first she rubbed her clit to get herself into a more sexually frenzied state and then she plunged the dildo into her rectum!

While rubbing her clit Sally moved the dildo in slow circles, rolling it around her anus. It felt good and added to the sensations she was normally used to having. She could tell this was going to make her cum faster and harder than ever before!

Sure enough, Sally’s guess was right. She bucked her hips and drove the dildo deep into her butt while mashing her clit. An orgasm swept over her and she almost passed out! Since then Sally often teases her rectum while masturbating and shares her anal adventures with her boyfriend!

Club Seventeen updates two times a day and has a huge variety of videos from anal to voyeur and everything in between. Club Seventeen hits on all of your favorite fantasies. They explore everything teenagers have ever done!

If you want to relive something special from your past and explore fantasies you never thought you’d see played out on video, Club Seventeen is your ticket to pleasure!

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