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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/17/09 - Write A Comment!


Don’t tell me the thought has never crossed your mind. That you have never fantasized about banging one of those hot little Christmas carolers with her Christmas stockings and her cute small tits just begging you to enjoy them!

Ariel Spinner is a girl that needs no introduction. Mainly because she is so outgoing she will do all of the intros herself. Ariel lacks that part of the brain that says, maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a good idea. The type of girl that uses the wrong fork in every facet of her life.

Except when she is temping Santa that is. Apparently she knew exactly what fork to use. His!

Santa made a list and checked it twice and low and behold, Ariel Spinner was not on it! That meant Santa has to see if she was naughty or nice for himself. Turns out she was both naughty and nice (to look at).

Unlike most Asian teens Ariel Spinner does hardcore. There is plenty of softcore to keep your grounded on her site as well. Make this a very happy XMAS and grab your own password to!

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