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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/26/06 - Write A Comment!
Ashley Brookes Tutor

Ashley Brookes closed her site. But – wait a minute… She is also Nikki Nevada?!?! Sweet! Now you can hop on over there instead!

Well, mom and pop are pissed. Your senior year in high school and you are failing chemistry. To make matter worse with your pop, you are still a virgin! “God dammit,” pop says, “Are you some kinda quear or something?”

“Noooo, pop… it’s just that.. blah blah…,” you try to explain…

No worries, pop is a smart man and he has a sweet idea. Meet your new tutor, Ashley. Ashley is going to make sure you ace chemistry and sex education.

Ashley’s last name is Brookes, but I need to spell it once like this: Brooks, because you guys don’t know how to spell it and never find it in a search. You can thank me at any time. has been open for a few years now and the amount of content is staggering. Ashley updates the members area with updates twice a week and even includes free webcams. I am not talking about free, then give me a credit card for more, I am talking FREE!

Ashley Brookes is easily the ultimate school girl amateur model. Perfect tits and an ass that is out of this world. Ashley Brooks (swop) currently gets more searches than any other girl at!

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