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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/17/06 - Write A Comment!
Baileys Room Sleepover

YES! It is every schoolboy’s wet dream. You get invited to your friends house for a sleepover and his sister Bailey wants to get into your bed – after everyone else has gone to sleep!

Sounds rediculous? Who fucking cares, it is a fantasy. Just imagine it man. You finally get to cop a feel of those youthful springy boobs of hers. It is almost like you died and went to heaven!

First Bailey surprises you with her pink and white gstring. WTF? She might be a senior and eightteen and all but fuck, a high schooler wearing a g-sting? Hot damn! Next she practically smothers your face in her big tits, but who is complaining? Not you, you are to busy trying to "dock" with Bailey’s nipples.

Eventually she lets you rub her pussy through her panties. To fucking sweet for words. OK, I will try at a description anyway, warm… no hot and wet. You can feel the wetness through her g-string panties. You find the edge and poke a finger inside her tight teen pussy. She moans and you start thinking you did something wrong, she asks you "why are you stopping," so sternly you have to keep going even if you aren’t sure why she is moaning.

She finds your pecker. You wonder if it is big enough, will she laugh? Will the hair gross her out? Then you realize she shaved her pussy hair off and get real hard. She senses it and squeezes, precum comes out and she uses it to buff the head of your prick. Wow, you can’t believe it! You are getting lucky with a senior! truely is a melding of the girl nextdoor and your best friend’s sister into one. Join now and enjoy the frequent updates and exclusive content that only Baileys Room can provide! Do you want to get closer to Bailey? Buy her something from her wish list. She might even pose for a special shoot with it!

Bailey’s Room is brand new and she is friggin hot as fuck, so get in there!

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