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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/28/09 - Write A Comment!


The world is full of hot teens. You can find them at the park, the mall, college campuses, etc. The world is not full of hot teens willing to masturbate for you on the Internet. Lucky for you, Cierra Spice doesn’t mind if you come along for the ride.

Girls find lots of ways to masturbate. Some use kitchen utensils, others use stuff you might find in the bathroom. Like a Prell bottle for example. Cierra Spice found out bath water running over her clit feels like when one of her boyfriends lick her pussy. No fingering or fiddling or shoving or ramming. Just turn it on, lay back and enjoy the ride. I wonder if we will ever know whether or not Roman women used this technique in ancient times.

Cierra is 19 years old and going to college. (See, I told you that you can find hot teens on college campuses!) She has small tits (but not tiny) and a slightly athletic, slightly soft look. She keeps her pussy shaved and fuck me if it doesn’t look 100% inviting! Almost virgin!

CierraSpice04 updates several times a week with a new video and pics. Cierra keeps a weekly journal to let her fans know what is going on in her life.

As a member of Cierra Spice you also get access to more spicy latinas like Pamela Spice and red hot Gigi Spice. Take the tour and check the bottom of the page for more details. If you like young Latinas, you’re going to love this pass!

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