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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/05/09 - Write A Comment!


There is nothing like the sight of two small tits, lesbian girls sharing so openly. What’s the matter? Can’t decide which one you wanna fuck first? Then don’t! With your Tiny Teen Pass you get all of the girls for about the same price as one anywhere else!

I had a girlfriend in high school that was bisexual. She had been for years before entering high school! I often wondered about her and the other girls on the block, but never did I imagine it would actually be true. I always thought it was just a boyhood fantasy.

As it turns out she and a friend use to sit apart like Tiny Tyler and her friend above and they would fuck each other with magic markers. She said she never used one on herself and still doesn’t use dildos even today. All because she saves that for either a real cock with a boy or a lesbian cock with a girl.

You can watch Tiny Tyler right now on her own web site. She has lots of girlfriends and she even has guys that come over and fuck her too! She also uses a vibrator, dildos, kitchen utensils, nail polish bottles, running hoses, bath water and more!

Watch Tiny Tyler, Little Lupe, Little Bree, Little Summer, Little April and more girls all for one low price. The Tiny Teen Pass updates several times a week and these girls aren’t getting any younger.

And neither are you!

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