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While growing up I always wished I could plant a camera is some of my friend’s bathrooms so that I could watch their sisters in the shower. Unfortunately my budget for my newspaper route didn’t include a $2000 camera procurement stipend. So I had to improvise!

One day when my buddy had to go to soccer practice early in the morning I was left alone in the house with his sister. She was a year older than we were and her boobs were springing to life. It is safe to say that she made me ultra horny just being in the same room with me.

I heard her enter the bathroom, lock the door and turn the shower on. Being the curious type I tiptoed over to her room and took a look around. She had the typical girls room, pink and colorful with girly stuff here and there. On her bed were a pair of cotton panties with a red cherry print and a matching bra. She must have laid them out for when she was done with her shower.

My pulse started pounding. Part of me said, you got to look and you saw some fresh, soft panties, time to go now! Another part of me said, there are more where those came from. Stay a while, look around!

I went to her dresser and opened the top drawer. It was loaded with panties and bras. A goldmine for a teenage boy. Everything in there was so soft. I listened for her and still heard the shower running. Time to get comfortable.

Some soft pink panties made out of satin caught my eye and I released my hardon from its confinement in my pants. I wrapped her panties around my cock and slowly began stroking the soft material over the shaft. Instantly precum began to soak into her undies.

Then I heard the bathroom door open!

I looked left, looked right, saw the semi open closet and dashed into it. My buddies sister came into the room wearing a pink robe. She grabbed her under things from the bed and glanced around the room. Her panty drawer was open. She must have thought she had left it that way (which was a good thing!) and closed it before going back to the bathroom to begin her shower. My heart was really pounding and I stayed in the closet for an extra thirty seconds just to make sure she was not coming back.

Once I could hear the pitter-patter of the water being broken up by her body I knew I was OK. I got comfortable again. While her panties felt amazing on my cock, I wondered what she looked like naked. I thought about popping the lock on the door. What was I thinking? This was too exciting and sending me over the edge!

When I walked back to her dresser I noticed a makeup kit lying on top of it. I wondered if I could see underneath the door with the little mirror in the kit. It was worth a shot. I tucked her panties into my pocket and headed for bathroom.

There was a decently large gap between the bathroom door and the hallway carpet. I got excited. This just might work!

After some trial and error I was able to get the mirror into position and see her naked body behind the shower curtain. The view was way too obscured to get any detail. This was worse then pressing the channel button up and down to see wavy porn on blocked cable channels!

The shower cut out and I pulled the mirror back. Should I bolt back to my buddies room? Should I stay here and try to catch a glimpse of her naked body? Of course I decided to stay and get what I came for!

I could hear her pumping a lotion bottle and decided this might be a good time to get a look at her. After placing the mirror back into position I got a very close view of her naked body.

She was more beautiful then I could have ever imagined. Her skin was golden and soft. Her boobs were pert and springy. She had trimmed her pussy to just a few wisps of hair on top. It looked so soft and pink! Like her panties!

My buddies sister was standing only a few feet from the door. She rubbed lotion into her skin and I savored every second of it. Storing the memory into my mind’s hard drive for later retrieval.

Once she had applied her lotion she put on her bra and panties. After she had them on she spun this way and that getting a look at herself in the mirror. This also meant I got a good look at every inch of her too. I couldn’t have asked for a better subject to my peeping!

As she started putting the towels in the hamper I sprinted back to her room to drop off the makeup kit and then back to my buddies room to go over what I had just seen in my head.

I closed his door and then laid down on the floor where my blankets and pillow were. Removing her panties from my pocket, I once again wrapped them around my hard cock. This time I imagine there were her soft pussy. It didn’t take me long to make a mess in them!

After the excited died down a bit I realized I had just cummed in her panties! Holy shit, what was I thinking? What do I do now? My heart was racing again. Then I remembered that the mom did all of the laundry. If the hamper was low I could wash them, wring them and they’d be dry by laundry day!

You have plenty of choices on where to view porn. There are lots of free places, but the quality SUCKS! One of my favorite places to watch porn is Skin Video. They have tons of girls in the shower and bath masturbating or just soaping up, drying off and applying lotion.

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Don’t have Obsessed With Myself that send you pics like these? Well, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to be wasting money on numerous girls just to get these kinds of pics. Not when Obsessed With Myself is giving them away for free!

No other site has the balls to give you a free membership. They are that confident you will stay. And why would you go when you get girls like the one above sending in pics on a daily basis?

Along with the pics you get the videos. Homemade porn tapes and tons of other goodies. You also get the hacked Photobucket and Myspace accounts. These silly girls thought they could password protect those naked vids? Think again! Obsessed With Myself figured out how to crack them!

Grab your free pass and have a field day in the members area. Everything you download is yours to keep even if you cancel!

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Talk about having a cherub body. Little Kimberly looks like God made her just for your excitement. and possibly even hers too! With a body like hers I am sure she has no problem finding her way into the sack.

Being a solo model Little Kimberly has a bus schedule. She updates her sites several times a week and lets you have her personal Email address so you can tell her all of the dirty things you would like to do with her.

Kimberly has small tits and a slightly thick, but very sexy ass. With her body you can imagine she enjoys sex and knows how to give a guy a good time. Unlike most solo models Little Kimberly does hardcore! That’s right, you get to see this small tits beauty queen sucking cock with those dick sucking lips of hers.

Kimberly, if you are reading this – lip gloss. Oh how badly I’d like to see a video of a POV blowjob with some lip gloss!

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The sites name is Self Shot and Hot and I have to say, the hit this description right on the fucking money!

There are tons and tons of sites coming online in the teens self shot pics  market. That means there are tons and tons of hotties sharing their candid and self shot pics like never before. I remember a day when you had to really dig around for this kind of stuff. Now it is all over the place.

Self Shot and Hot goes a step further than most of the sites out there by only accepting hot pics of hot chicks. If the girl isn’t all that or at least better than mildly fuckable, they throw her back.

There are self shot videos also included and Self Shot and Hot updates several times a week. These girls are 100% amateur. True girls next door types that just also happen to be hawt.

Who needs Spring Break anymore? This site has hotties wearing little or nothing all year long.

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While it looks illegal it is not. All three of these lovely girls are barely legal. Still in high school. oops. They just graduated. And, all of them are 18 years old.

You would never even have a chance with the two in the front. They’d just laugh at you if you tried to talk to them. This is about as close as you are ever going to get to either of them. But that girl in the back? She is another story!

She wants to be like the two in front. Always has and always will. They make sex sounds so cool. Like blowing a guys cock is radical to the max! Now she wants to try it and guess who she has her sites on?

In the members area at Teens Self Shot she gets totally naked. The other two aren’t around but she had to one up them. Nice pert tits and a shaved beaver. Who doesn’t like a smooth beaver?

Teens Self Shot is populated by girls that want to be bad or famous or both! They send in their pics and videos in various clothing and often without any clothing at all. Plus, sometimes their ex-boyfriends send in the pics. Stupid girls. Did they really think their high school sweetheart would keep her self shots private?

Yeah right!

Teens Self Shot has girls kissing, blowing beer bottles, flashing tits, ass and pussy. Girls go down on each other. Down on their boyfriends! And make some of the hottest content on the net!

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