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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/01/11 - Write A Comment!


Ariel Rebel got her start in porn almost six years ago. And of course that isn’t the amazing part. The amazing part is that she still looks just as hot now as she did six years ago!

Very few Internet models are worth their weight in gold once they hit them twenties. Shit, a lot of Internet models do some pretty stupid shit with drugs and alcohol and by the time they are in their mid-twenties they look like they are cracking their mid-forties!

Not Ariel though. Fuck me if she ain’t the cutest thing you ever saw!

Adding to her allure is the fact that she is very engaging with her fans. You can read Ariel’s blog by clicking the blaringly obvious link to the right of this post. Ariel went to school as a fashion major with a minor in artistic design and it shows! Her blog makes mine look like a nine year old made it. in 1997!

You can see candid pics of Ariel like the ones above on her site along with her weekly updates. Yes, she actually adds real updates! Not to mention a password for Ariel Rebel is also good on her friends sites like Andi Pink too!

Time for me to tag along with Ariel in her bikini candids from Mexico!


PS. I have a hard time not clicking the barely legal category. She still looks so young!

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