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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/29/10 - Write A Comment!


You have to wonder what they are putting in our nation’s water supply these days. When I was in school there were no seniors walking around with a rack of teen tits like that of Bailey Kline. But hey, like the commercial says, don’t hate her because she is beautiful!

I spend most of my time here at Rhino’s Girls talking about barely legal solo models with small tits. Once in a great while I talk about girls with racks. It usually happens when the girl has something unique going for her. I can’t say that Bailey Kline is totally unique, but I can say she definitely has something going for her!

Bailey Kline is a blonde bombshell. Just pull the pin and drop her in a room filled with guys and watch as the jaws hit the floor, the pants turn into pup tents and their eyes pop right out of their skulls. Her beauty is undeniable!

Bailey updates her site weekly and loves to play dress up. She makes one hell of a secretary! She also plays a kickass backstage groupie. So if you have a thing for blonde bombshells that enjoy dressing for any occasion, this babe is for you!

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