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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/19/10 - Write A Comment!


When Brooke Adams showed an interest in piano lessons her parents couldn’t be happier. They conjured up dreams of their daughter attending a good college for the arts like Julliard. Unfortunately for them Brooke’s only reason for taking the lessons was to bang the teacher. Fresh Out of High School, this young tart was looking to bang herself into the big leagues!

Like most girls promoting into college Brooke Adams has a nice pair of small tits, only hers are capped off with some extra large nipples. Brooke’s youthful body looks so cute in her schoolgirl uniform that her teacher requested she wear it to all of her sessions. One look at her and you don’t have to wonder why!

While Brooke’s musical talents are a bit lacking, her sexual talents leave nothing to be desired. Watch the free Fresh Out of High School video above. I am sure you will agree that this little beauty has an appeal you only find in barely legal girls!

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