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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/01/06 - Write A Comment!
Brooke Skye Raven Riley Lesbians

Ooops, Raven did it again.

Hey, I am all for chicks kissing. But they have to be hot chicks… Otherwise, why even show up for the show?

Brooke Skye is the ultimate Mid-Western hottie. A true GND if you will. And Raven Riley? Fuck, does she even need an introduction?

So I guess it is safe to say that these two girls lezzing out is a sold-out show waiting to happen!

Up until a few days ago I didn’t even know these two did some galleries together. But I try to check the search function every once in a while and guess what? OK, you probably already know what… There were over fifty searches in the last two weeks by you people looking for the Brooke Skye, Raven Riley lesbian scenes!

So here we are… As if one pussy wasn’t enough, we have two… Two fucktabulous pussies and we don’t even have to choose between them because they are both in every scene. Can I get a fuck yeah?

What is so great about this match up you ask? Well, shoots all of the video in SuperHD and UltraHD. We are talking movies so detailed that small samples range from 10MB to 20MB a sample! This shit is simply amazing!

You can see every sexy freckle Brooke has and every bump on Raven’s tongue as it moves through Brooke’s wonderful pussy lips. I have a 24 inch monitor and in full screen mode this shit is off the fucking hook! If you don’t have Verizon FIOS yet, you might want to check it out because you are going to need lots of screaming bandwidth to truly get into the action.

Take a look at the trailer off the main page on and see what you have been missing. I am sure you can afford the $1.99, 24 hour trial too… You won’t be sorry, this is one membeship I am allowing to rebill… over and over again!

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