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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/17/06 - Write A Comment!
Cali Logan NNude Rocks

Finally a fresh face from California (my home state).

This here is Cali Logan, click the picture above and you can see her up close and personal. I think she meant for those free Cali Logan pics to be NonNude but oops, her nipple slipped. Who is complaining?

Cali is a SoCal student and if you frequent the Los Angeles night club scene you just might be able to catch her. I caught her during a webmaster party a place called something like The (insert flowers name here)… I forget the place, but that isn’t important.

The guys who help her run Cali Logan had a laptop and one look at and I was hooked. Wow, you usually only see girls this good coming from Arizona with Steve Lightspeed.

Cali has an ass you could bounce quarters off of and legs that just won’t quite. She looks like someone you could meet in a bar and sleep with later that night. has weekly updates with pics and videos. One of Cali’s hottest attributes is the overall shape of her body. Some chicks don’t look good in their skivies. Cali looks awesome and seems to have a fetish for wearning skimpy panties.

Cali Logan tries to step things up a bit and theme her photo shoots. It pays off because they are like nothing you will have ever seen before!

Find More Cali Logan!

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