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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/23/12 - Write A Comment!


Americans are a bit prudish when it comes to nudity. Europeans are not as private about nudity, especially their breasts. I don’t know about you but I don’t have tons of cash laying around so I am not about to fly to far flung destinations to enjoy their topless beaches. Going to Beach Candids is the next best thing!

The site was started by a couple of guys that live near the world’s best topless beaches. They are doing you a service by bringing the candid beach pictures to you!

The site has plenty of nudity, but the pictures and the videos comply with US laws. Only the girls above the age of 18 are topless or completely nude.

Over the years the guys have elevated their game. In other words, they shoot in extremely high resolutions. Both the candid beach pictures and the videos have great clarity with weekly updates.

Beach Candids has been open for years so the archives are huge. They shoot all of their own stuff so you won’t find this content anywhere else and the quality is unmatched!

Take the tour and find the candid girl of your dreams!

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