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Posted By Teen Porn on 12/16/08 - Write A Comment!


Ah yes! The lesbian train. Circling the wagons. What ever you call it, it is the stuff of legends. Jordan Capri and her sexual exploits have been turning both boys and men on for generations. Hell, even a women can’t get enough of this petite young hottie.

I guess technically Jordan Capri isn’t barely legal anymore. Her site has been online since 2003 making her 23 years young. While she isn’t an 18 year old anymore she sure could pass for one.

Having a web site online for that long has its advantages. For one, she has been updating her site since the beginning. With two updates a week that means she has over 500 updates in her members area!

Another advantage of being online for a lengthy period of time is that you get to know your customer base rather well. I can attest that I have jacked off to 99.98% of the content and certify it 100% top notch!

Since Jordan Capri attends the fictitious LightSpeed University and is a member of the LightSpeed Sorority it is a pretty safe bet to label her bi-sexual. Of course having lesbian pics like the ones in the gallery above will make your case for you too.

So let’s recap shall we?

Yes, Jordan Capri is NOT 18 years old.
Yes, is 5 years old.

And that is NOT all.

As a member of Jordan Capri you get access to 10 of her friends. Pay an extra $5 and you can treat yourself to all 31 LightSpeed sites!

Jordan will have you singing, “Merry Christmas to me!”

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/21/08 - Write A Comment! 
One look at the enlarged photo behind that thumbnail above and I knew I had to post about this web site. It is called Get Naughty Girls and it is like a clearing house of hot teens and coed babes.

There has been an increase in sites bundling several models together with a few bundling hundreds of models together. I love mergers like these. Back in 2001 you had to pay $35 a month just for one girl. In 2008 you can pay much less and score dozens of girls in hundreds of videos!

Lets talk about why I chose this particular gallery to represent Get Naughty Girls. First the whole wet panties thing. I don’t know why but I have always been fascinated with being able to see a girls pussy underneath her wet panties. When girls started shaving their pussies it only made things better.

Next we can talk about the Cleft of Venus. That is the spot you see just starting to suck those wet panties in. I have spent countless hours of spring break vacations checking out college girls with the Cleft of Venus showing through their skimpy bikinis. Each one is different so it never gets old. updates three to five times a week. Each update has several updates in it. So you might get five picture sets of a girl or two videos and two picture sets of another girl per update. That is enough updating to make you fee like Lucy Ricardo in a candy factory.

The babes at Get Naughty Girls often come from other sites with the same business model or they are brand new to the industry. So you end up with more sets of your favorites and the first sets of some rookies.

The guy running this site loves panties, wet panties, puffy nipples and masturbation. I swear it is like we are twin brothers or something. At $24.95 for over 60 models and new ones added constantly you will enjoy this membership intensely!

Posted By Teen Porn on 11/28/06 - Write A Comment!
Dana Lightspeed

Those are a set of blue eyes you can fall in love with and straight get married without asking questions or waiting to see her mom (and make sure she ain’t gonna get fat on ya)!

While she looks like a raven haired babe, I think she is actually a brunette. Impossible to tell for sure, she shaves her beaver completely bald. Dana Lightspeed screems "The Girl Nextdoor," and has plenty enough beauty to win a pageant. In fact, Dana won the Wordwide Teen Model Search to become one of the Lightspeed Girls.

There is a rumor that Dana’s small tits were used for the original cast of wine glasses. Obviously it isn’t true, after all she is only nineteen years old. But, I am sure you agree, holding them in your hands wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Got a thing for teen girls kissing? Good, because so does Dana. This teen starlet frequently shares the camera lens with up to four of her coed friends! And this isn’t softcore no touchy just look sweet enough to eat either, this is four fingers deap and a wet soft tongue on the clit until she is screaming kind of action.

To give you an idea of what to expect, I will run down her latest sets for you: First, a skimpy bikini contest between three blondes and two brunettes. Second, a lesbian sex-fest that starts out with white panties, briefs and gstrings. That means plenty of camel toe shots. Third, Dana ferociously masturbating her pink shaved pussy. Fourth, more pics of Dana including many of her tan, tight ass. And the fifth, Dana getting it on with two of her sorority sisters.

Still not sure if is a good deal for your hard earned cash? Check out the tour. Scroll down to the bottom and check out what kind of insane deal the Lightspeed Sorority girls cooked up for you!

Find More Dana Lightspeed!

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