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breakfast with chloe 18 and her small tits

When I gave the approval to have Chloe stay with us over Winter break I has no idea what I was getting myself into. My wife and I brought our own daughter up to be a fine, upstanding young woman. Chloe, on the other hand, seemed like she could use some tactfulness, some manners and a proper bra to hide her nipples.

Chloe noticed my eyes had a hard time staying off of her nipples right from the first day I had met her. She has small tits so I guess she doesn’t think she needs a bra. Sometimes bras aren’t just for holding up a girls boobs though. Sometimes they are for the extra padding to hide her pokies.

As if trying not to stare at her young tits and her pokies wasn’t enough, Chloe liked to walk around in nothing but her g-string panties and a t-shirt. When I brought it up with my daughter she told me it is just because Chloe fills like we are family. Seriously? What dad lets his sexy young daughter walk around the house flaunting her cheeky little ass? Plus, Chloe obviously shaved her pussy because her panties stick about a half an inch into the cleft!

One day while sitting at the table reading the newspaper and eating breakfast Chloe 18 plopped down on the chair opposite of me to eat her cereal. Before I know what is happening she has her shirt off and she is asking me if I think her boobs have been growing. I stammered trying to figure out what to say to this kid and ended up telling her I wouldn’t know on account of not keeping track of them.

Chloe quickly corrected me stating that she had noticed me “keeping track of them” ever since she got to our house a week ago. I told her it was hard not to when she is walking around in a t-shirt two sizes too small with her nipples poking out. To that she began playing with her nipples asking me if I thought they were too big for her tiny boobs. Before I could answer that Chloe jumped up and came around the table plopping herself into my lap.

I tried to ask her what she thought she was doing, but she grabbed hold of my hardening cock while putting her lips to mine. What was I supposed to do? My wife had left with my daughter for a doctors appointment. I hadn’t gotten laid in months. I did what any warm blooded male would do in that situation and I bend this little girl over my kitchen table plowing my cock deep into her wet vagina!

Fucking her was like being in heaven for a few minutes. I marveled at how incredibly tight her pussy was as my cock pumped inside her. I marveled at how tiny her ass and waist were. I could almost touch my fingers together while wrapping my hands around her pelvis. I even bend over sideways to marvel at how her young perky small tits didn’t sway or sag at all in this bent over position. Her body was literally as tight as a drum!

It is no surprise to me that Chloe ended up dropping out of college and doing porn as a career. While I will miss our Winter breaks I do enjoy being able to take a gander at her tight body all year long.

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Two things about this photo. One is the nipple slip. This is one of the biggest reasons why I miss being a teenager. Those nipple slips were golden! Girls would jump in feet first and their bikini would slip up their boobs, or all the way off of their boobs, and you would get a rather nice show. The second thing about this bikini is the kind of bikini that it is. A friend of mine had a mom that wore crochet bikinis and her nips would always poke through. So hot!

Tune into ” target=”_blank”>Chloe18 for more of this captivating teenager and her curiously slippery nipples. She is part of the Premium GFs network. You get unlimited access to over 40 solo models sites for one low price. As if Chloe 18 wasn’t reason enough to join as it is.

These girls are going to help cure you summertime blues!

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Scenes like these are just a natural part of a teen girls life. Most dads go out of their way to protect their young girls from having an experience like this. Moms on the other hand encourage it. Don’t believe me? If your mom was a fuddy-duddy then you might be right, but if she was a normal mom you need to think back. Was there ever a time your mom and sister(s) gave each other looks like there was an unspoken secret between them? It was because your sister(s) and your mom were talking about their sleepover experiences, and experimentations, with other girls!

Young girls with small tits have to start somewhere. Why not start with each other to find out what feels good and what doesn’t? When Little Summer started sprouting her boobies she invited Chloe 18 over to compare boobs. Even though Chloe got the earlier jump it was Summer that ended up with the bigger boobs.

After they had their topsides out of the way it was time to compare their pussies. Standing in front of each other they weren’t much different. Both girls have a cleft of Venus. A pussy that doesn’t show any lips or clit, just a slit. Once they spread their legs a few differences were obvious. Chloe’s pussy was still a clam shell, but Summer’s showed her inner lips and her clit as well.

This was an excellent time for Summer to bring up masturbation. She showed Chloe how she liked to rub her button until feelings of warmth swept over her body in waves. Chloe acted like she hadn’t done it before, but in reality she was banging herself nightly while dreaming about licking Summer’s pussy.

Today was her lucky day!

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[nggallery id=6]


As far as Chloe 18 is concerned there are two things you should consider about this barely legal teen. First, she has some very sexy chloe-18/5747/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>small tits. They stand at attention without any sag. Her pictures were taken just as her boobs were beginning to grow in so they are still hard and ready for some kisses. The second thing is that she has a cleft of Venus pussy. It looks nubile and very tight.

Along with those two attributes Chloe has a firm little ass. It has just enough flesh to say, "Here I am!" without being so fat it gets flabby. When she bends over it looks almost as nubile as her pussy does.

Enjoy Chloe 18 and her friend Teen Topanga with a Premium GFs. It gives you access to over 30 solo model sites with more added every few months. Each site updates several times a week so you always have a queue of teen porn to keep you busy and your libido in check.

Be smart and keep your desire for little girls in check with some barely legal teenagers cute enough to make you feel satisfied!

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Growing up I had a crush that used to live a few doors down from me. She had a blonde friend that used to come over that was equally cute. The blonde was a bit out of my league and I was partial to brunettes so I always focused most of my attention on the brunette. She looked a lot like Chloe 18. Her friend Stacy looked similar to the blonde above. Maybe that is why I never got into blonde girls? They all look the same to me.

Anyway, these two were just beginning to like boys and I was lucky enough to be their test subject when it came to experimentation. This gallery from reminds me of a game we once played.

Our parents were all friends and thought of us all as siblings. What they didn’t know is we didn’t think that way. It worked to our advantage when the parents would all go to a bar for happy hour leaving us home alone to explore each other’s bodies.


Things started getting interesting when Chloe and Stacy began to notice my obsession with their hind regions. Both girls chloe-18/5746/teen.htm”>small boobs were filling in and their butts were becoming fleshy. Whenever I thought I could steal a glance without them seeing me I would. Occasionally I got caught.

One night they got together and busted me red handed. Stacy was wearing some pink terry cloth shorts that showed her ass cheeks and Chloe 18 was wearing some striped ones that were just as short. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of their teen booties.

The girls were going to make chocolate chip cookies and I watched from a seat at the kitchen table a few feet away. Both girls kept dropping things on the floor and bending over to pick them up. They found every reason imaginable to bend over the counter. My dick was beginning to get stiff and I kept having to think about things like snails to keep myself from pitching a pup tent in my pants.


Simultaneously the girls went from bending over to spinning around so their eyes were right at the same position their butts were only a second beforehand. They both wanted to know what I was looking at down there with giggles and laughter. I stuttered a bit and Stacy pulled her shorts up her butt asking me if that was what I was looking at. They could tell by the look on my face what the true answer was to that question.

Then Chloe got down on her knees and started kneading Stacy’s ass cheeks. She asked me if I liked her butt and I slowly nodded my head. The girls burst into laughter when Chloe brought up how red my face was getting.

Both girls stood up and pulled their shorts down to show off their butts. My dick uncontrollably began to grow down the leg of my pants. This of course brought more laughter from the girls. My face was beet red by this point. My embarrassment was clearly visible.

That is when Chloe took pity on me. She moaned for me in sympathy and told me not to feel embarrassed. Both girls reassured me that they liked the fact that I was turned on by them. They walked over to me using that one foot in front of the other high heeled walk girls do when they are being sexy and trailed their fingers up my legs starting at the knee.

As Chloe’s fingers reached my cock she lightly gripped it between her thumb and forefinger giving it a squeeze. Stacy’s hand cupped my balls lightly squeezing them as well.

Chloe half asked, half commanded, "How about you let us see it?"

By then I was like putty in their hands. I didn’t answer and they took that as a yes. The girls quickly undid the buttons of my jeans. They gave them and my underwear a quick tug allowing my cock to pop out bouncing against my tummy.

"WOW!" The girls exclaimed. They then showered me with compliments about how big it was. Stacy said something about how it was much bigger than her little brother’s penis.

Chloe reached forward and grabbed it. As she did some precum came out of the tip. The girls looked at each other before sticking out their tongues and lowering their heads. Both of their tongues touched the head of my cock at the same time. I wanted to explode into their mouths right there and then. More precum came out and they tongue wrestled trying to be the one to lap it up.


At the time it didn’t occur to me that they had just, in effect, kissed with tongue. I was too busy enjoying the sensations of having such a soft body part roll over the most sensitive part of my body. Stacy began to play with my balls while Chloe began to stroke my dong. As I watched they used their tongues all over the head, and up and down the shaft of my cock.

Stacy pulled back and let Chloe have some solo time with my cock. Chloe took half of it into her mouth and began to bob her head up and down. It felt amazing. Just as I was getting into her rhythm she pulled away and it was Stacy’s turn. She did the same as Chloe for a bit and then tried to go further down my cock taking about two-thirds of it into her mouth before gagging and pulling away.

The challenge was on. Now each girl would blow me for a few bobs up and down before ending it by trying to take more of my cock into her mouth than the previous girl had. Neither of them could get past three-quarters of the way down my cock. While it was that far in their mouths the sensations were out of this world. So warm; so wet; so soft. It was time to blow my load!

I timed it so I could cum in Chloe’s mouth since she was my crush. When it was time I gave her the courtesy of tapping her head to let he know I needed to blow. She pulled back so just the head of my cock was in her mouth and stroked the wet shaft with her hand. My balls exploded and she moaned in surprise as my spunk began to shoot into her mouth.

Stacy looked on expectantly like she wanted some too. I tapped Chloe again and she looked at Stacy as my sperm was still firing into the back of her throat. Chloe pulled away and Stacy got into position, but not before a shot hit her in the chin. Chloe grabbed a glass off of the table and spit my load into it before going down to lick my cum off of her friends chin. By then my sperm flow had stopped spurting and Stacy turned to meet Chloe with a kiss.

As I watched these two beautiful girls traded my future offspring between their mouths. Suddenly it was as if the wave of passion subsided and they came back down to reality. They broke their kiss and both began to giggle again. Chloe noticed more cum running down the fingers of her hand she still had wrapped around my cock and she lapped it up. Another bit of cum oozed out and also tried to get away, but not before Stacy got that gob too.

The girls remained on their knees watching my penis shrink, and as it did, more goo come out of the top. Just then they remembered their cookies and we all looked at the stove as smoke began to billow out of it. They bounded over to the stove and removed the cookies. Chloe turned on the exhaust fan while Stacy pushed open the kitchen window.

Chloe 18 looked at the time and called out that our parents were do home soon. I took this as my cue to put my pants back on. The girls ditched the cookies and turned off the stove before washing the pans. As I watched I couldn’t help but feel as though it was all a dream. Only minutes ago they were trading my sperm in a kiss.

Once their mess was picked up the girls bolted upstairs to Chloe’s room and locked the door. I could hear them giggling as they recounted to each other what had happened.

Over time we would progressively get more involved sexually. Eventually Stacy moved away and it was just Chloe and I. Two quasi-siblings having sex every time our parents left us alone! is part of the Premium GFs network. You get over 30 solo models and more multi-model sites for one price. Take the Chloe 18 tour and you will be amazed by the quality, quantity and barely legal beauty of the girls!

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Imagine walking in on your friends sister while she is diddling her little pussy with a purple vibrator. Now stop imagining it and start doing it with Chloe 18. She is naughty. She is kinky. She is young and eager to learn all of the new sexual positions you are willing to show her.

Chloe is a chloe-18/6355/teen.htm”>barely legal teenager in Los Angeles, California. While all of her friends were signing up for another four years of school Chloe decided to forego higher learning for something a lot more fun. Chloe always had an exhibitionist streak in her. She liked the attention flashing her lace trimmed panties to men at the mall got her. She especially liked the shy ones that got noticeably uncomfortable as their dicks got hard in public.

Who could avoid getting a hard cock when Chloe’s panties fit so snuggly against her pussy cleft that they get sucked inside? Certainly not me! I am a big fan of camel toe!

Get the Premium GFs and you can enjoy, plus over 30 other teen models. Take her tour for a visual list of all of her friends.

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I love this photo of Chloe 18. It 100% captures her in all of her youthful glory. This is when she is at her absolute cutest. Her small tits are capped with puffy nipples girls get when their young boobs are brand new. Her little butt has tan lines reminiscent of one of those Coppertone ads. Too cute!

With a Premium GFs you can enjoy daily updates to a network of solo sites that include Her friends are all curious and willing to try just about anything new to them on their quest to find the ultimate orgasm.

Are you willing to help a girl out?

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I haven’t had a girl with tits this small in my bed since Bill Clinton was President of the United States. Come to think of it, ole’ Bill probably hasn’t has a set of chloe-18/5757/teen.htm”>small tits like these since then either!

Please tell me that the last time you enjoyed titties this tiny and nubile wasn’t all the way back when John Kennedy was running things?!?!

You can experience girls with small tits all over again with a pass to Chloe 18. She explores her new found sexual desires while you watch! Things can get pretty kinky when a girl is experimenting with what feels good!

Along with her chloe-18/5758/teen.htm”>masturbation videos you get to see her try her techniques on her girlfriends like Little Summer and Teen Topanga. Chloe always gets super excited when she finds a new way to pleasure herself. Once she gets home from school she invites a friend over to show her what she learned. These days she is learning a lot!


When you join with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass you get unlimited access to dozens of sites. Imagine over 30 solo models with small tits sharing their world with you!

Now stop imagining and start living at!

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It is strange. Hands down, the most consistent seller for me is Chloe 18. What is it about this girl that makes her stand out in a solo model world chalk full of girls like  Stacey Rocks, Rachel Sexton and Andi Pink? Surely those solo models would be more appealing?

But maybe that is the point? It seems my readers prefer girl next door types over knockout models. Just so long as the girl has small tits and when it comes to, this girl has tiny tits!


Chloe 18 is one of the first models included in the Tiny Teen Pass. She opened her site right after the original girl Little April. Both girls appear on each others site in lesbian galleries a lot. Next came Teen Topanga and Trixie Teen. Again, lots of cross-pollination going on. Of course back then there was no Tiny Teen Pass!

After the network added in Little Summer, the Milton Twins and the Texas Twins they knew they had something special. It was time to offer people the entire network for just a buck. Most people stay a member for months. I’ve been enjoying this pass for years!

Since then they have added dozens more girls and some multi-model sites to the network. I’ve gotta tell ya, this thing just gets better and better! Girls like Little Bree, Selina 18, Paulina 18 and Kacey 18 make this pass what it is. a barely legal fantasy come true!

So. Grab a Tiny Teen Pass and take a trip you’ll never forget!

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Chloe 18 from the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass network is one of my favorite girl next door girls. She has small tits with puffy nipples, a killer tan, (or should I say, killer tan lines?) and chloe-18/5746/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>she experiments with her girlfriends. Just the kind of teenager you want living next door to you!

Chloe has been modeling on her site now for years, so there are plenty of sets from her girly-girl period with bright colors, pastels and lots of Hello Kitty. She also has a good amount of coed stuff. Either way you cut it, she is a phenomenal gal!

With a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass you can take what I call the Tiny Teen Tour. You start with Chloe 18 and find a set with Teen Topanga and Chloe getting fresh by the pool. Next, you shuffle on over to Topanga’s site and watch her getting freaky with Little Summer. Well, now it is time to check out that little blonde bimbo and low and behold, yet another teenage girl is having sex with her! Time to jump again!

chloe-18/5743/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>007_fs

With over 20 sites to play with, this tour can last all day! And the best part is it never gets old! I’ve been a member for two years now and I still haven’t seen half of the content!

Ohh-p time for the next tour. Gotta go!

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chloe-18/6353/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>chloe18-girls-kissing.kimmy

Two of my favorite little cuties performing my favorite thing in the whole wide world. teen girls kissing! The blonde is Kimmy and she also goes by Little Lexie. The brunette is Chloe 18 and you can get her and all of her chloe-18/6353/teen.htm” target=”_blank”>small tits friends with a ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass!

It is my hope that some day both of these hotties will have their sites on the same network pass, but until then, you can enjoy plenty of Kimmy (Lexie) on the ” target=”_blank”>Tiny Teen Pass sites like Little Summer and Teen Topanga. This little cutie really gets around!

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It is a fucking fantastically beautiful day today. The sun is shining and I have decided to do my posts from the backyard with an ice cold Pacifico by my side. Those crazy Mexican beers. they make for perfect wingmen when you need to get wet with the polka dot bikini girls!

I was checking out Chloe 18. It has been a while since I talked about her small tits. Just look at the fucking body of hers in the photo above. This little spicy wonder-fuck-hottie is tan all year long and I have to say, “Love those fucking tan lines!”

Chloe 18 believes that no pool party is complete until all participants are skinny dipping. Chloe shares her philosophy with all of her girlfriends when they stop by to layout and catch some rays.

One of my favorite friends of Chloe 18 is Little Summer. Between her and Little Lexie I have a hard time choosing favorites! Luckily we don’t have to choose! Just grab a Tiny Teen Pass and you can get all of the girls for one low price. How does $1 sound to you?

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When I was younger and in school I knew a girl we will call Chloe. Like Chloe 18 above she had small tits, big eyes and a problem with showing her panties when she wore skirts.

One night a group of us were sitting outside smoking a joint and she wanted to pass the exhaled smoke between us. I took this as sign number one she wanted me that night.

As time went on we all went skinny dipping. Since she had such small tits she wore an all cotton bra without any kind of padding. In the water it turned instant see through. I have to admit. I got a little bit jealous that all of the other guys were checking out my (hopefully new) girl’s tits.

When we got out I let her go first so that I could catch a glimpse of Chloe’s hair pie. Turned out she had no hair pie. She shaved her tan pussy bare! Her wet panties went right up her crack! Again, I was like, “Hey, fellas, she’s mine!”

We all wrapped towels around ourselves while our clothes dried and Chloe 18 and I found a cozy little spot in the front room while everyone else congregated in front of the TV in the back of the house. She sat Indian style. The towel was riding up and I was getting an all access pass to her yummy camel toe!

Chloe caught me looking a couple of times but did nothing to shield her panties from me. Occasionally I caught her peaking at my growing hardon. I put my finger up to her mouth and told her to suck on it. She did! The horny bitch blew my finger so well I almost blew my load!

We headed upstairs for some alone time and found the parents bedroom had a lock on the door. We locked it and got some towels out to lay down on the floor. If there is one thing a mom can sense it is someone using her bed for sex. So we figured the floor would be our best bet at not getting any feathers ruffled.

As soon as Chloe’s ass hit the floor my tongue was all over the insides of her thighs. She pulled her panties over and I dived into her pussy. Within minutes she was moaning as I tongued and sucked on her clit.

My turn.

Just as I had suspected after my initial blowjob sample, Chloe could work miracles with that tongue of hers. Some girls just use lips and forget to work the tongue. Not Chloe 18. This chick blew me like a fucking porn star!

After I blew my load in her mouth Chloe put her small tits in my face. I think she was hoping I still had some more spunk left in me. Of course I did. I wasn’t even in college yet. I could fuck for hours!

Once my cock was hard again she got on top of me and tried to work it into her tight cunny. There was a problem. It wouldn’t fit. This girl was that tight!

I went back down on her and this time I used my finger to get her loose. Then one finger became two and I eventually gave up on the third since it wouldn’t seem to fit without hurting her. I got on top and got the head in but the shaft was just not going in no matter how hard I pushed. So I lifted up and thrust my hips into Chloe and sure enough my cock sunk deep into her little cunt.

Chloe 18 screamed and I thought for sure someone would be marching up the stairs to see what was going on. With a blaring TV, plus a blaring stereo no one was going to hear this girls pain. Except me.

After I worked my cock in and out of her a couple of times, making sure not to come out too far and have to ram my way back in again she began to loosen up a bit. A couple of minutes later she was getting hot and wet and wanted to pilot this ship so we switched positions.

She rode me like a good cowgirl does and pretty soon I felt her body shaking as an orgasm over took her. After she recuperated a little she got off of me and worked that tongue on the head of my cock while she stroked it with her hand. A night light created a nice silhouette of her head going up and down and her pert titties bobbing in the dark.

While she blew me my hand found her tight pussy and I worked a finger inside imagining her mouth was her wet, tight snatch. I blew my load in her mouth again. This time I realized something. Chloe 18 swallows!

Chloe 18 and her many friends will have you reminiscing about past sexual experiences and possibly driving you to create new ones. Watching her and her small tits friends have sex make fantasizing about her a favorite pastime.

Chloe updates her site several times a week and with all of her small tits friends on there you feel like you are getting more than just one site for the price. Of course the Rhino has a trick that will get your all of her friends sites for one low price!

Go to Chloe 18 and surf to her join page. Then hit the back button. You will get a dialogue box asking you a question. In Firefox click leave this page and in Internet Explorer click cancel. You will get another offer for all of Chloe’s teen friends for only $19.95!

The list of girls include Selina 18, Trixie Teen, Teen Topanga, Little Summer, Milton Twins, Little Lupe and more!

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