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Girls use many different methods to make their pussy taste like candy. One method that always gets me horny is watching her masturbate with a piece of candy. Oh yeah. Candy flavored pussy!

I once had a girlfriend that had a thing for candy canes. She would take the bigger, thicker ones and fuck herself with them. I found this out one night when I came over and got the feeling that I had just interrupted something.

Usually when your girlfriend is giving off this kind of vibe she legitimately doesn’t want sex. Not this time! I just bent forward to kiss her and she practically attacked me! She seemed like she wanted to get straight to the fucking portion of our love making, but I wanted to slow it down and taste that pussy of hers!

Boy was I ever in for a surprise. Before my tongue touched her little coochie I could smell the candy! As I licked her pussy I was wondering, did she douche in anticipation of me coming over? WTF?

Then I saw the half-wrapped candy cane on the table. She was banging herself with it! No wonder her pussy tasted sweeter than ice cream! I went to town on her pussy and she started her orgasm much faster than normal. Probably because she got a head start?

Once she came back to Earth I picked up the candy cane and held it in front of her. She smiled and her cheeks went super red. I suggested she should do that more often!

Cierra Spice isn’t exactly a kinky girl. What most guys don’t realize about most girls is that they really are filled with sugar and spice! Literally! So the next time your girlfriend gets all goo-goo-eyed over a candy cane, now you know why!

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Of all of the things in this world that never get old, one of my favorites is watching girls kissing. There is something about two teenagers with their remarkably young bodies sharing a moment together. Like a melding of two Godly powers into a whole new, more powerful form of love.

Karla Spice is a Latina teen. While she is barely legal, she is very much a lady at the same time. Her bubble butt and juicy boobs are perfectly shaped. Her cute face looks so much younger than she is. It leaves you with a feeling that you are banging some Latina jailbait.

With Karla it is all about the tease. She really knows how to work a guy’s lust for her into a frothy foam. One of my favorite videos of Karla Spice is her teen shower voyeur video. You know you have spent a good deal of time fantasizing about watching a teen girl in the shower. Now here in your chance!

As a member of Karla Spice you also get access to her spicy friends like Gigi Spice, Cierra Spice, Pamela Spice and more. Plus, you get access to multi-girl sites that launched these girls solo site careers. If you have a thing for teens that can hold their tans all year long, this is your XMAS present a little early!

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