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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/14/14 - Write A Comment!

pillow humping girl in lace trimmed print panties cupping her boob and rolling her hips

The first time I ever saw a girl hump a pillow was when I was pretty young. She was a few years older than I was, but she still wore lace trimmed print panties like the girls my age still did. Her boobs were growing, but just barely. They were capped with some very puffy nipples. Looking back she had small tits, but back then she was stacked. LOL

I was spending the night at her house while my parents flew back to their home state to attend to some matters with my grandparents. As I was walking from the bathroom to the family room to watch some TV I heard some muffled moans and rubbing sounds coming from her room. I crept over to investigate.

When I got to her door I peered inside and watched as she slowly rocked her hips forwards and backwards on her bed with a pillow between her legs. She was also cupping her small boob giving it a light squeeze with each thrust of her hips.

Previously to this incident I had never really even thought about sex. My penis didn’t get hard and I didn’t even consider the idea of touching it other than to pee. But at that moment it got rock hard (for its size, I was young) and I had the sudden urge to squeeze it lightly like she was squeezing her young boobs.

I tucked it into the waistband of my PJ’s and quietly crept down the hall to check on her parents. They were completely engrossed in the TV they were watching so I crept back to their daughters room.

As I watched her pillow humping movements got faster and faster. I could tell her thin t-shirt was getting soaked with sweat. Whatever she was doing she seemed to be enjoying it and building up to something. I began squeezing my little boner in unison with her humping motion. Long before I was even close she hit her orgasm and her whole entire body rocked and shuddered. I had stopped squeezing while my mind was totally engrossed in what I was seeing. I didn’t know it then, but I was making my first deposit into my spank bank.

Later on that night when I went to bed I began squeezing myself again until I eventually felt as if I had to pee. I got up and went to the toilet just in case. As I stood there massaging my pecker my body began to shudder like my new crush’s body did. Nothing came out of my cock, but it felt damn good. No wonder she was doing what she was doing!

Eventually I realized that I should become a little more sophisticated and befriend her as much as possible when you are several years apart. I pretended to like the same music, TV shows and other stuff to get her to let her guard down.

After lots of work and time I was able to get her to want to play games with me. One of the games we played was truth or dare. On truths we hinted around things like having ever kissed somebody or have you ever fooled around with someone. On one of her truths I asked her if she ever practiced fooling around by rubbing herself on things. She got very red in the face and quickly told me that she didn’t. I quickly told her it was her turn to ask me what I wanted and when she did I said truth. After a slight pause she asked me if I ever rubbed on things for practice. After another pause I said that I didn’t so much rub on things, I used my hands to rub and tug on myself for practice.

The redness quickly went away from her face as her eyes lit up. I asked her what she wanted and with a slight pause she said dare. I figured she didn’t want me to ask the question again. So I dared her to dare me to show her how I practice. You should have seen the look on her face. It was as if she had won the lottery, but wasn’t sure if it was true or not. Okay, she said and dared me to show her.

And that is for another time. For now you can go to Watch My GF and enjoy all of the amateur porn they have been collecting for years. I am sure some of it will remind you of some of the girls you once had a crush on. Plus, there is Ariel Rebel and Emily 18 if you like younger looking girls that show it all.

Posted By Teen Porn on 10/09/13 - Write A Comment!


If there were ever one animated GIF that got everything right it would be this one. Here we have a sexy small tits teen with a killer body. She is wearing nothing but a shirt that is two sizes too small and a pair of cotton print panties with lace trim. But it isn’t so much what she is wearing as it is what she is doing.

Here she is rubbing her panty covered crotch against her pillow. Is this where and how girls learn to gyrate their hips perfectly in a fucking motion? I swear that before I fucked two of the girls I dated in high school they used this rubbing motion to let me know they wanted me to take their virginity. It looked just like this!

So here is to girls around the world perfecting their ability to ride a guy by using a pillow as a stand-in. May we see many more of them in the days to come!

BTW, if you have any good pillow humping GIFs you can send them to me and I’ll post them here at rhinosgirls /#/!

Posted By Teen Porn on 12/14/12 - Write A Comment!


Anybody that enjoys looking at younger looking girls in a matching print bra and panty set will love this gallery from FTV Girls. If you have never experienced their site I highly suggest you do. It is one of the few sites I have let rebill for years. Why? For two reasons: 1) They have hundreds of videos from hundreds of girls. Each girl does full length videos in very high resolutions. 2) I received a little tip I am going to pass on to you. After you join, go to cancel. It will then ask you if you would like to stay a member at a much lower rate. Say yes and you get all of the benefits with less of the bill!

Getting back to this little cutie in the cotton print panties. Isn’t she just adorable? Her cheeky little butt looks too cute in those panties. I want to stick my cock between her cheeks with her panties on and cum in her ass crack.


Don’t feel bad, sweetie. Plenty of guys enjoy girls with small tits like yours. Madison has four picture sets at FTV Girls and as many videos. Each of the girls on the site do several picture sets and videos. Some even come back for encore  performances later on.


Here Madison is peeing water out of her vulva. A girl I used to have a crush on back in the day used to do this with the water jets on her pool cleaner. I don’t know how we got to a point where she showed me, but it was mesmerizing. I went home and jerked off like 5 or 6 times to my mental recording of that!


Another thing that girl showed me was how she masturbated with the water jet. On that day I learned what a clit was. Prior to her showing me it wasn’t that I didn’t know where it was, it was that I didn’t even know it existed in the first place.

I guarantee you are going to go down some interesting paths on memory lane when you join There are so many girls and so many zany videos it is impossible not to find somebody that reminds you of an old flame.

Just incase you are wondering what zany means. check out this video of two girls eating each other out in an office park. Some lucky guy walks up and starts shooting some video of his own on his cell phone camera.

Go take the FTV Girls tour and see what you have been missing!

Posted By Teen Porn on 07/06/12 - Write A Comment!


Holy shit snacks I am in love. No, seriously this time. I am going to marry this girl!

One thing that has always pissed me off about girls that think they are all grown up is when they switch to lace panties. Like that somehow means they are an adult now. Who gives a fuck? I want to grab your panties out of your panty drawer. I want to wrap them around my cock and jack myself off into them. Lace isn’t exactly the softest material ever devised. Stop wearing lace panties, girls! Please!

Victoria from Club Seventeen got the memo. She wears some nice cotton print panties. She has probably been wearing this style since she left diapers behind. Speaking of behinds, Victoria has a fuck-tabulous ass!

Along with a firm teen booty she has some perky small tits. Victoria’s tits aren’t big, but they are cute. I know some girls hate the word cute when it comes to boobs. They, again, want to be all grown up about it. They want sexy tits. Fuck that. Take what God gave you and be happy that there are legions of guys out there that would die for you just because they enjoy looking at your perky breasts.


Some guys like it when girls spread their pussy open. I like it when they put something inside their pussy that shows off that there is something inside it. I want to see it pass her outer lips and make them bunch up. Of course I also like being teased. I can wait for the spread eagle.


Look how smooth Victoria’s pussy is! Just about the only thing that could make this gallery better is if she had tan lines. But she also has a good pussy for tanning. Some chicks pussy lips turn into dark brown beef jerky when they tan.


This girl is giving me some naughty ideas. I’d like to ram my cock to the hilt up her tight teen snatch. Make her grip that bed post and really give her a rough ride. Then pull my cock out and nut all over her back and ass. Let her feel my hot jizz running down her sides.

I bet she is a dirty girl. The pretty ones always are. They seem so cute and nice on the outside. All proper. But then you get them in the sack and they practically attack you. They like button fly jeans and they like popping those buttons open.

Get more small tits teens like Victoria at Club Seventeen. They find nubile teens that are just barely legal and have them do all sorts of naughty things. They update the site several times a week and the girls do it all. Solo, lesbian, boy/girl, threesomes, orgies and everything else.

Is fucking a car gear shifter part of everything else? Don’t they call that tri-sexual? Like she’ll try anything?

Anyway. Club Seventeen!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/06/11 - Write A Comment!


Why in the fuck am I always the last one to fucking know these kinds of things? How did Kara’s Handfull escape my radar? How is this even possible? Six fucking years? Really? Reeeeeeaaaaallllllly? And I am just finding this fucking girl now? Fuck me!

OK. I really wish these people had included me in on this thing from the beginning. I often get requests from girls to be one of the first to write about them. Had they included me in her launch I would have pointed out that they spelt handful wrong.

Oh well. So isn’t the newest solo model, but she is new to me, and quite possibly she is new to you too. Kara has the girl next door look on lock down!



Kara enjoys modeling. She loves wearing cotton print stuff like above and sexy lacey stuff too. There are lots of camel toe shots in her members area at!

As a member you also get access to her friends like Love Leia and Jenna’s Wish! Jenna is a small tits cutie!

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/02/10 - Write A Comment!

small tits

It is like a dream come true! A web site completely devoted to nothing but teens and babes wearing white panties. Cotton print panties, lace panties, satin panties, small panties, big panties and mixes of all of the above!

Sweet White Panties also features panty videos along with the picture sets. Members get unlimited access to the sister site Take the trial and start downloading!

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