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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/18/06 - Write A Comment!


Cynthia Sin Secretary

Behind every good man there is a good woman. Sure, OK, but behind every great boss is a smoking hot, totally fuckable secretary. And that is where Cynthia Sin comes in… or rather, where I cum into Cynthia Sin.

Yes Holloween is almost here so lets keep the girls dressed up in costumes that only a pervert could love. Sure, it’s a costume to us working stiffs, but fuck-an-aye… some guys actually get to come to work and have this bitch waiting for them. Lucky fuckers!

Cynthia has all of the qualities you would want in a fuckable secretary. She has big tits that fill up a bra and a shirt and still spill out all over the place. Pierced nipples, sexy slutty pierced nipples. The kind your wife won’t get and that is why they are perrrrrfect on your slutty secretary.

On Cynthia’s website, you will see her wearing different outfits each week. They are always slutty and the tops are always 2 sizes to small to hold her big tits. Plus her skirts are two inches too small to hide her shapely ass.

The photography is exceptional. You get to see every nook and cranny of her shaven pussy peeking out behind her lace panties. Yes, I enjoy that kind shit and I know you do too.

The videos are crystal clear and if you try watching the video on the tour, here is a tip, click the video, not the text and it will download. The speed is also great, I have Verizon FIOS and achive 400K per second. Plenty fast enough to stream large videos in Hi-Def.

If naughty, slutty girls are your thing, Cynthia Sin is your match!

Find More Cynthia Sin!

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