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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/12/06 - Write A Comment!

I was going through my, my space friend request when all of a sudden I seen a request from this hot girl named Danica. So I go through and approve it why the fuck not, she looks like some one I know but cant put a name on that beutiful face.

Later on that week I get this comment from danica it went a little something like this, "Hey whats up Mikey, long time no see. I am on this site called nubiles its all about hot girls my age. Come by and check it out, leave me a comment, bye". Okay so being the horndog that I am I went to check it and danica was there along with her 276 fine friends.

To make a long story short I use to go to school with Danica so thats where I knew her from. If you guys want to see more of nubiles and danica just click on her pic.

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