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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/06/08 - Write A Comment!

We have all done it. Lingered a little when finding an attractive girl getting dressed. For me it was my best friends sister. She looked a lot like Emily 18 with her small boobs, tight bottom and youthful looks.

I was spending the night over at his house and when I walked by the bathroom I notice the door was ajar and the light was on. I thought maybe I had left it that way when I had brushed my teeth and walked over to turn off the light.

Once I got closer I could see that there was movement. Did I just see a pair of green panties clinging to a butt? I moved over a little to get a better view and there she was. She was just about to pop the clasp on her bra. Wow!

She removed the garment and set it down on the counter. I caught a side view of her little boob and her nipple. An image that has forever burnt itself into my brain. Then she saw movement and started to turn around. I had to duck and duck quick!

I ran into my buddies room and closed the door quietly. I heard the bathroom door close and lock. The only crappy part about the whole thing is I wasn’t staying at my own house. I wanted to go home and masturbate until my dick was too raw and then do it one more time but I couldn’t.

There is a silver lining though… Emily 18 looks just like his sister did and she stands still (in her photos) long enough for me to think about what could have happened… updates three times a week. Emily loves to wear the same cute panties that real girls wear. Sometimes she gets all dressed up in lace or puts on a thong to show off her cute bottom, but most of the time she sticks to the real deal.

You can chat with Emily18 on her message board and even make requests. Emily shoots all of her videos and pics in HD. The clarity is amazing.

Take the tour as it is really the only way for you to get a sense of what this girl is all about. I know you will fall in love with her small boobs and her cheeky bum!

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