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Posted By Teen Porn on 05/31/06 - Write A Comment!
Emily18 Pink Panties

I have to post this girl again because so many of you have a hardon for her. For those of you who are new to, this is Emily from the website

Emily falls under the category of barely legal and I don’t think you need much of an explaination on why that is. I will go ahead and spell it out for you anyway. Emily has a young fresh face and chubby cheeks. It is not a bad thing to have them so chubby, I don’t see anyone complaining. Emily’s ass is tight and firm and so are her perky boobs. is the perfect spot for you to work out some fantasies. Emily 18 updates three times a week and she is getting more and more involved. Some people think that she is being pimped out and made to look younger but I have met her at a porn convention and you cannot fake her youth. The latest changes to her website were overseen and requested by her!

With her high quality pictures and videos you will have a lot of working to do. Don’t forget to use a fleshlight during that work out session! You can even talk to her on her message board… Get her to write you something sexy, open a video and your favorite photo, then get the fleshlight and walla, it is as close to fucking the real Emily18 as you can cum!

  – some miss spellings for those who cannot spell :(
  – emili18 emili 18 emely18 emely18 – yes, I get a lot of people searching for the wrong spelling!

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