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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/19/07 - Write A Comment!
Valley Girl
Joon Mali

Asian teens are something to behold. They are the embodiment of pure energy. A youthful spark of energy capable of making you feel a full ten years younger. It isn’t hard to imagine why men spend thousands on vacations to the Orient and leave their wives behind.

Joon Mali is a good example of why a guy will shell out that kind of dough. When she is thirty she will still look like she is still cardable for alcohol in the states. It is funny how you can go dancing with an Asian girl like Joon Mali all night long and drink like a sailor. Then, while slow dancing with the old lady back home you feel winded after the first fifteen seconds!

Joon’s web site is like a smorgasbord of niches. You get the exotic Asian, the nubile teen, a bikini model with a rock hard body, the only Asian teen with a thick booty, small tits, Asian girls kissing, camel toes… Anything I missed? Ohh… Panty shots galore! You get the idea. I hope!

Joon updates her web site three times a week and each time she plays her part perfectly. You know the part… "Ohh my gosh, I have never seen my pussy before [insert bewildered look], I must explore this thing!" Great, Joon, because we love to watch you investigate your pussy in new ways each and every week!

Joon Mali videos come in three formats: WMV, Real Player and IPOD for those on the go. Asians are very accommodating and Joon Mali is no different. Ideas for up coming shoots are taking from members requests. Enjoy your vacation!

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