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I scour the Internet endlessly.  I am looking for naked girls with small tits and occasionally I find a true gem. Today I have for you a girl who’s beauty is undeniable. Her name is Tatjana and her small boobs are upstaged only by her cute tan lines!


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The name pretty much says it all. No, not Priscilla, I mean the Sweet and Natural part. No fillers. No preservatives. No artificial flavors or colors. Just a Sweet Natural Girl!

Hey! Wait a minute.

If this is a site about a Sweet Natural Girl, who is Jillian? And who in the heck is Jaimy?

Well, everything started with Jaimy. Her small tits and petite body made this site an instant hit. Then she graduated school and wanted to do less shoots and more career work. So she brought in Jillian. And things went good for years with both girls doing updates!

But then Jillian wanted to semi-retire too. So the girls brought in another friend, Priscilla! Three girls, one hot site and hours of videos! The images are shot in ultra-HD so they are very crisp. You wouldn’t want to waste these teen bodies on tiny pics!

Jaimy also runs a teen forum where members can get together and share their passion for these teen beauties. Plus, by joining you get guest sets and videos from her other friend’s sites as well!

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Ariel Rebel Unplugged - Tease of the day - Yellow Mellow - - www.arielrebelunplugged

Naked girls don’t get much more cuter than this. Today we watch as Ariel Rebel explores her tight, little body. just taking some time for herself!

Ariel Rebel started in the solo model business back in 2005. Yes, almost six long years ago. Since then we have all packed on a few pounds and maybe even grown some gray hair here and there, but not Ariel Rebel. She still looks just as nubile now as she did back then!

Ariel Rebel Unplugged - Teasex of the day - Yellow Mellow - - www.arielrebelunplugged

Originally Ariel Rebel got her start as a foot and panties model. She never took off the bottoms and her sets and videos often included her sexy little feet. Eventually she began to show off her perky small tits and started wearing see-thru panties giving us hints of what was underneath.

Once Ariel opened it was time to “let the cat out of the bag,” so to speak and she went full nude. Over the years she has become more and more daring and now she often includes her friends in her videos!


Posted By Teen Porn on 11/05/09 - Write A Comment!


If you have been reading my blog for any length in time you would know I primarily review girls that are barely legal and have small tits. Over the years I have done several reviews of the little cutie above. Her name is Ariel Rebel.

In three years I have done a total of six posts on Ariel Rebel. You can see her barely legal post and her small tits post from the past. In previous posts it is obvious this girl has some kind of growth problem. She looks like jailbait. Actually. let me restate that. In the previous posts it is obvious this girl has an issue that makes guys go wild for her, she looks like jailbait!

Ariel Rebel is four years older in the picture above than she was in the previous posts I mentioned. Does she look it? Hell no! She still looks more like jailbait then most real jailbait does! However, just looking like jailbait isn’t enough. You need more than just a young appearance to keep guys coming back month after month and Ariel has that too!

What is it?

Many of the best barely legal teen sites have one major flaw. They contract the girl to do a set number of updates and then shit can her. The site stops updating and you are left with a great one time purchase to download her archives, but no real reason to continue to let the site rebill.

This is where is different. She is actively shooting for her site because she still looks just as barely legal as she did on the day she started. Well. OK. She looks 6 months older.

Speaking of large porn archives. Ariel has over 270 picture sets and 265 videos. Ariel Rebel has created dozens of wallpaper pictures for everything from a standard monitor to the PSP with iPhones, iPods, cell phones and wide screen monitors in between. And that is just the tip of the ice burg!

As a member of Ariel Rebel you also get access to twenty-nine other sites. Andi Pink is the place I spent the most time at and she still updates too. Felicity Fey, Kristina Fey and Katie Fey are all equally delectable and have plenty of archives. There are so many girls I won’t name them all, but I will say there are thousands of teen videos and almost ten thousand photo sets waiting for you, all with one password.

So get the best of both worlds with Ariel Rebel. A huge cache of archived teen content and several girls that keep updating several times a week!

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