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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/06/13 - Write A Comment!

If there is one thing I miss while living here in Los Angeles it is Tom Lykis on talk radio. I miss it because during the summer he would have a part of the show called Flash Friday’s. On these days women all over L.A. would flash you if you had your headlights on during the daytime. While he was still on the radio I used to drive a shuttle bus to and from the airport. Once a carload of hot babes in a convertible flashed my shuttle bus. Good times!

Everyone on my shuttle was like, "What in the fuck as that about?" I turned the radio over to Tom’s show and they could hear people calling in about having been flashed. One of the customers called his show and told him about us getting flashed. The only lady in the back of the bus grabbed the phone and went off on Tom about how despicable this kind of thing was. How he should be fined and taken off of the radio. How this would never fly in Oklahoma where she was from. Over there he’d be shot!

Good times!

Little Lexie sucking cock

We aren’t in Oklahoma anymore. Shit, we aren’t in Kansas either. We are in the whacky place called the world wide web and I love it. I love it because girls like Little Lexie are willing to make our day for us. All it takes is a little cock sucking and some flashing of her small tits, and life is complete.

Sorry, old lady, but your time is over and we are in charge now. And we likey!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/08/12 - Write A Comment!


There is only one reason to go to the river and it isn’t to get wet, or ski, or gamble, or drink beer. Okay, there are only two reasons to go to the river. To drink beer and look at hot chicks as they flash their tits at you on the sandbar!

Bailey couldn’t wait to get to the sandbar so she started flashing her tits as soon as the boat left the docks. She had realized that she forgot to bring her bathing suit, but we assured Bailey that her see thru panties would do just fine. Besides, they showed less than her little bikini did anyway.

The world seems locked in a hot winter, but not hot enough to warrant a river run yet. So head on over to Bailey’s Room. She will give you a boner for sure. She is flirty and spunky and super playful!

Bailey totally reminds me of a few of my friends sisters. Damn how I wanted to fuck them. We all did. They have all gotten old and gray now, but Bailey is still a little cutie-pa-tootie! recently went from sweet to fucking-sweet!


Because now she is giving you access to all of her friends sites as well!

Take the Bailey’s Room tour and check it out for yourself!

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