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I snapped this screen shot while watching some free teen webcams. The girl had the hottest fucking body on the planet. Her tits were small and her gap was large. Having a large gap meant her shorts could crease right up into her pussy lips!

I don’t mind if girls have small tits. I am not opposed to them having medium sized tits or big tits, it is just that when they are small they are nice and perky. Teen girls with perky tits never seem to go out of style.

Talking to girls on their cams is a good way to see what works before you try out stuff on girls in the real world. Throw out some one liners, some compliments, some back handed compliments, some dirty shit. If the girls online are responding you will know what to bring with you to the clubs and what to leave locked away in your perverted mind. At least until the third or forth date.

Grow some balls the size of chestnuts by chatting up girls online. That was a little tip from me to you. This shit has worked wonders for my confidence. If nothing else it is also fun to get crude with a girl when you are drunk and the worst thing that can happen is she kicks you out of her chat room. Have fun!

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