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TubeCamGirl - Free Tube Webcam Girls Live

Now here is something you don’t see every day. A truly free web cam site! I stumbled on this gem while searching the net for female masturbation videos and I am impressed!

OK. I am not impressed by the general layout of the site. It sucks ass! But where else can you go and watch a girl masturbate to orgasm without ever having to pay a single red penny? On top of that, with a free account you can actually chat with her while she is rubbing her snatch!

Most sites have girls wearing panties or bikini bottoms, and in order to see them naked you gotta pay. Sometimes even those sites have completely naked girls, but you definitely have to pay to see them masturbate, shove things in their vagina, finger their butthole, etc. Not here!

It is a completely free web cam site!

I am not sure how these people pay their hosting bill or how the girls make money. or how much money they make. You can tip the girls and some guys do. Which is awesome because then she invites a friend over and they have sex on cam and you don’t have to pay shit! LOL!

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