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Posted By Admin on 11/10/19 - Write A Comment!

Sometimes I get a bit jaded when it comes to porn. How many sites tell you that a babe is a virgin, or her first time on film, or an amateur chick and then you press play to find a top pornstar on your screen. Not that they aren’t hot, but I mean, let’s just tell it like it is. 

Finally, with this FTV Girls discount for 63% off, I’ve found a site that actually delivers on their promises. FTV stands for First Time Video, and while I’m sure it’s not filled with virgins, these girls definitely haven’t been in porn before. Now, I can’t promise that none of them did some stuff after they modeled for this site, but I do know they are all fresh faces at the time of filming. 

So we know they are brand spanking new, but what are they doing exactly? Well, just about anything you can imagine. Most are solo scenes, where these babes are stripping down to show off every inch of their hot and horny bodies. Most finger their tight wet pussies. Some will use toys, or even other exotic objects to fill their tight holes. There are also plenty of lesbian and hardcore scenes featured. Whatever they are up to, it’s in full HD with corresponding photo sets, and it is all hot as hell!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/22/17 - Write A Comment!

FTV Girls discount

Money doesn’t go as far as it used to these days. That is to be expected. Inflation has a way of stripping your wallet bare. But it doesn’t have to be that way when you are looking for some good, clean porn to have some fun with. Enjoy a discount to FTV Girls for34% off that is good for the lifetime of your membership.

As a member of this award winning site you will get weekly updates of new girls and new episodes from past girls as well. Most girls have several videos and photo sets, some have dozens!

Typically, the girls start out clothed and are often interviewed. Most try on underwear and bras for the camera before diddling their tight little pussies. You will find that many of the FTV Girls like to explore their pussies in odd ways. Like how far they can stretch it out, or how deep they can penetrate it with a massive dildo. You also get lots of good old fashioned finger play.

Every month or two you will find an update featuring lesbians, often having sex in public places! In fact, many of the girls masturbate in public places. The public sex is awesome because it heightens the girls arousal and excitement. They cannot contain their orgasms!

You will not be able to contain your orgasms either. Not with all of the perky small tits, fabulous juggs and tight slits that are waiting for you at Get access to over 3,500 discounts at and be sure to bookmark them for all of your discount porn needs.

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/06/15 - Write A Comment!

FTVGirls is one of the hottest sources for amateur and semi-amateur porn. Not because they make girls gag on cocks or because they get them to do crazy shit, but because they get girls to do things they actually want to do, and have wanted to do for a very long time. In many ways this site is a shining example of why I get my porn reviews from

You know how it is growing up. Girls have to act like they have bionic legs that clamp down and keep the boys out. Boys on the other hand are always trying, often unsuccessfully, to get in. FTV Girls gives you access to the girls you always wanted to know more about. Mainly in a sexual way. But watch out! You can get exploited just as easily as these vulnerable girls can.

The porn site reviews you will find on are like the videos you will find on sites like FTV Girls. They are wholesome, honest, entertaining and easy on the eyes. BTW, these guys reviews FTV Girls and gave them a very deserving 95 out of a 100.

x3Guide has over 1000 reviews in over 140 categories. You can sort them by lots of criteria including filtering them by sites with discounts. If you haven’t been using x3Guide you are probably getting screwed in one way or another, and none of them good!

Posted By Teen Porn on 02/05/13 - Write A Comment!

Have you ever seen a small tits teen more happy to show off her perky young boobs in public than Alannah from FTV Girls? You have to really give a hand to girls willing to do this sort of thing. I know my girlfriend would never flash her tits like this on a busy street, or even at all for that matter!

Did you ever have an experience like this one back in your prime? I did. Her name was Susan. Ever since she started growing boobs it seemed she couldn’t help herself from showing them to anybody that would look at them. As we got older I would dare her to do things and she would do the same with me. They got progressively crazier and crazier.

Once we both got completely naked underneath the bleachers during a football game. Another time we fucked on the baseball stadium bleachers while a game was playing! She hiked up her skirt and sat down on me slowly movies back and forth until I came. Her panties were soaked with my cum for the rest of the evening and she didn’t care. It made her so hot she frigged her clit later that night while we ate dinner in a booth in the back of a restaurant. God she was fun!

Those days are over and I highly doubt I will ever find somebody as crazy as she was again. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reminisce on the excitement of it all. has 100’s of extreme HD videos you can watch of girls doing the naughtiest of things. I have been a member for years and every time I consider cancelling they post up another video of a girl so fucking hot I can’t do it. Once I got real close and they offered me a lower rate to stay a member! So there is a little tip for you on how you can get it for less.

Posted By Teen Porn on 08/06/12 - Write A Comment!

If she were a guy I’d say that Meghan has one hell of a set of balls. Since she isn’t I will instead say that she has one sweet set of tits. Point is. it takes a set of something to masturbate in full view of the public!

This video from FTV Girls reminded me of a girlfriend I once had back in college. She liked to have sex in public so one day I asked her to try masturbating in public while I video taped it. This was a pretty big deal because unlike cameras today, my old video camera was huge! It alone could draw a crowd just because video cameras weren’t common and stuck out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, I started the camera rolling and we were at a hotel that was off season. She started out with taking off her panties and stuffing them inside her pussy. Then she started rubbing her clit. Before she started we had made a deal. Get right to the point of orgasm then stop and ask for instruction.

She got to that point and stopped wondering what was next. I looked around and upon seeing nobody else I told her to remove her dress and sit on it. She stood up, looked around and then did as she was asked. Now I was video taping my GF masturbating her clit with her panties inside her pussy and her dress underneath her!

Unfortunately VHS tapes have a rather crapper shelf life and can only be played so many times before they begin to turn to utter crap. But I used to watch that video at least several times a week for years! has hundreds of full length, very high resolution videos for you to enjoy. I have about 200 or more in my own personal collection. They add more each week and each video set comes with high resolution pics.

Tip: After joining, go to cancel. During the process they will access if you want to stay a member for $10 less a month. Say yes. Save mad cash!

Posted By Teen Porn on 03/09/11 - Write A Comment!


Girls like to do unusual things. Wait. That statement actually contradicts itself. If girls like doing unusual things then they must be doing them in massive numbers for a massive number of times. that makes these unusual things become the usual!

One of the usual things girls do that I enjoy watching most is panty stuffing. I don’t know why, but I enjoy watching girls remove their panties and then hide them into their tight teen pussies!

I had a girl I used to date that did this for me on a regular basis. She did a lot of possibly strange (remember, the first paragraph?) things for me. She fisted herself, ran the bath water on her clit, she would squirt hose water up her pussy and then "pee" it out. Yeah. good times!

These days I go to FTV Girls when I want to watch girls like Bree stuffing her panties into her pussy. They also have all of the above mentioned masturbation, toying and just plain fun, techniques. Another favorite is having the girls masturbate in public. Not in some dark out-of-the-way alley, but in parks, packed parking lots, etc!

If you enjoy all of the kinky things girls do, you will enjoy FTV Girls!

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