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Posted By Teen Porn on 06/29/13 - Write A Comment!
Eve Evans in I Swallow 2Eve Evans in I Swallow 2

This is something I had no idea existed until just recently. The service is called FyreTV and it bills itself as the Netflix of porn. What it basically allows you to do is stream porn over the Internet right to your Apple TV, BOXEE, Roku, Android, iPhone, tablet or iPad device. In this way it is very must like Netflix only all of the titles feature hot babes gobbling hard cock.

As you can see I was interested in the Eve Evans "thriller" I Swallow 2. While the movie does have MacKenzee Pierce, Jasmine Delatori and Madelyn Monroe as costars I am a fan of the main actress. I like her small tits and her tight little body. That being said, when I am in the mood for some "best friend’s older sister" fantasies I do like MaxKenzee for that.

Members of the service can choose to subscribe to certain porn studios like Diabolic for as little as $5, however, Diabolic is an $8 studio. What can I say? I like the expensive things in life ;)

There are 438 titles in the Diabolic studio porn library to choose from. In all that gives you just under 1500 models and over 2700 scenes to view on an unlimited basis.

With porn moving into the mobile market and making its way to the TV via internet streaming technology it is nice to have a service that allows you to get your favorite titles at an affordable price. I know the last thing you want is the cops pulling up to your door because you illegally downloaded porn in some other way. Keep it legal with FyreTV!

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