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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/07/11 - Write A Comment!


Had I never met my wife I wouldn’t never had believed it. The notion that girls first spit on their fingers before rubbing it into their throbbing clits was strange to me. Why would good, nice girls do such a thing?

As it turns out when girls have small tits, like Ingrid above, they start exploring their pussies. There comes a problem when friction quickly puts the brakes on their exploration and that is when they turn to their mouths for moisture. Little do they know their swollen vulvas are soaking wet with oil or they’d surely just dip a finger into their natural ink well!

At Wet and Puffy the girls know their pussies are wet. They couldn’t hide it if they tried!

Luckily they don’t try to hide anything. In fact, they are known to spread their pussy lips open wide. Super wide so you can see everything inside.


What is inside Ingrid’s pussy?


See, I told you these girls get super wet!

You can see more of Pinky June, aka Ingrid, at Wet and Puffy!

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