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Posted By Teen Porn on 08/26/09 - Write A Comment!


Even as a kid I always have had a fascination with watching teen girls masturbate. I like their small tits. Young and pert. Their entire bodies are young and pert. I especially like sharing that magic moment with them.

Unfortunately I don’t look like them anymore. Getting a teen to masturbate with me on a web cam can get pretty darn expensive if you don’t watch yourself. So I go to the place where these little vixens send in their teen masturbation videos!

Girls Going Solo features weekly updates of real amateur masturbation videos. Girls send in their videos to make some quick cash. I just hope these girls realize their cousins, uncles, etc will be seeing these vids!

Because the girls submit the videos themselves the quality can be high and low. But, the variety is fucking sweet and more than makes up for it!

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