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Posted By Teen Porn on 10/16/13 - Write A Comment!

Catie Minx showing off her small tits and her pink pussy!

Growing up Catie Minx spent a lot of time being self conscious. She wasn’t always this hot. Sure she has always had her small tits, her pink pussy and her athletic body, but those weren’t the reasons for her self consciousness. The problem Catie has growing up was that she was a nerd. Put her hair color back to its original drab brown, throw on some glasses, put her in every fashion faux pas you can think of and yeah, she was a total geek!

Now she is getting the last laugh though. She died her hair black, she got some contacts and she learned how to dress like a slut. I love it. But then I am a sucker for girls in white tights.

Get unlimited access to updates on instantly. She has some many awesome camel toe pics and videos. She loves to dress up in all sorts of Cosplay and other uniforms. You won’t get bored with Catie Minx running around your computer!

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