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Posted By Teen Porn on 07/17/09 - Write A Comment!


Did somebody order up a small tits teen, puffy nipples and a dash of freckles to bring out the barely legal looks? Well, if so, my advice is to take a little looksie at Holli Paige.

Holli is a little thing I like to call – the ultimate tease. She looks so fucking innocent that you don’t even get mad at her. Her pouty lips and bashful eyes totally lower your defenses for this kind of shit. If you don’t watch yourself around this little girl you are going to get a sour case of the blue balls!

Seriously though. I doubt you will be getting a case of the blue balls from Holli Paige. She has enough content on her site to tease the cum out of you time and time again.

Holli Paige isn’t the only tease you will be seeing on this site. She regularly invites her girlfriends over for some sexy  sleepovers, kinky pedicures in panties and the other things teen girls do when they are alone and horny.

But wait! There is more!

Along with you also get her friend’s sites too. Girls like Cofi Milan, Sandy Fair and Amy Days will have you teasing that cum out in no time. Take her tour and check the bottom of the page for all nine of the sites!

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Entering the gates of is like being the uninvited guest to your sister’s slumber party. Over a thousand girls grace the pages of this award winning web site.

The girls at Abby Winters are real. They say that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world and I think I found four of my ex-girlfriend’s twins at Abby Winters. I never got to see any of them masturbate, though I suspected some of them did it. Now I get to see all of them masturbate and two of them make out with each other! Now there is a fantasy I always wanted to explore!

Your mind goes numb and finds it hard to process what it is seeing when you find the 227 girls in 240 girl-girl scenes. Where do I start? Oh shit! Wait a minute… There is even more girl-girl action in the Intimate Moments section!

Intimate Moments… They are just what they sound like. Girls masturbating to wonderfully explosive orgasms. These are not paid models that work in porn. They are girls from off the street. The kinds of girls you see around you in your everyday life. The grocery checker, the bank teller, the girl at the changing rooms at your local department store… Real girls. Masturbating about real guys (and girls).

Watching two Abby Winters girls share an Intimate Moment will get your pulse racing. A double masturbation session with girls that have never masturbated with someone else in the room before. Curiosity sets in and sometimes the girls begin to explore each other. A double Intimate Moment.

Most of the models at Abby Winters have several picture sets and videos. Many of the most popular models have Intimate Moments match ups and mash ups.

By far one of the most exhilarating adventures at is following along on a like minded, fellow user’s coattails. Users (including you) can create your own galleries with topics like feet/panties, nipple nibble and more.

Members of Abby Winters can download calendars featuring the girls along with wallpapers devoted to fan favorites.

Can an Abby Winters membership get any better than this? Sure, I haven’t even mentioned the discussion board yet. A place where you can interact with your favorite model(s). On the boards you can talk with dozens of models, like minded fans, make requests or talk about anything on your mind.

A full membership to Abby Winters gets you 11 new videos a week, 8 new image sets a week, 3 new solo models a week, 2 returning solo models a week, 2 new girl-girl videos a week, 3 one-girl masturbation videos a week, 2 two-girl masturbation videos a week, exclusive backstage content and access to eight years of archived material.

Every time you login to your account there is always something waiting for you!

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Big Tits Teen

OK, let’s forget the fact that she is masturbating to an advertisement for tech stuff. Cute Anne reminds me of a girl I caught masturbating to my own porno mags.

She was a girl friend of mine back in high school and I always thought she was odd. One day while she was over I took a shower but after pulling the lever to change from bath nozzle to shower nozzle I remembered I had forgotten my change of clothing. So I went back to my room.

While I was getting closer to the door I saw her bright neon green panties and stopped short of pushing the door all the way open. Just like Anne above, she was laying on her side and checking out an issue of Club International.

I took up a position where I could see her from the waste down but she could not see me at all. Watching her panties move and seeing the outline of her hand while she masturbated her clit sent my cock into instant hardon mode. Watching her I couldn’t resist touching myself. I was surprised at how much precum I was leaking.

Once she hit a good pace and started twitching her legs and breathing hard I got an idea. I wanted to know WHAT she was looking at. This magazine had solo models, couples and lesbians. What was she masturbating too? I had to know!

I pushed open the door and managed to get within 2 feet of the bed before she awoke from her daize. For a second she froze and I had just enough time to catch a glimpse of the open magazine to know my girlfriend was bisexual. What a turn on!

Of course she tried to get out of it by saying the magazine fell and the page turned while she was masturbating with her eyes were closed. Eventually she came clean and we shared what we liked about the various girls in the magazine. She showed me some of her favorite positions with other girls and then we both masturbated infront of each other for the first time.

Sure, Cute Anne is a bit of a homely girl. I actually find that a big turn on. She reprisents the every-girl. The type you can pick up on Myspace and she doesn’t care that you are almost twice her age.

One of’s hallmarks is the panty shots. Every single gallery is full of them. If you enjoy looking at teens in panties then you will love her website. Members also get access to Teen Kara, Zexy Teens and Polish My Helmet. Out of the three bonus sites I really enjoyed Zexy Teens the best. 100%, wall-to-wall teens. All hair colors, big tits and small tits, petite and chunky, they have at least a few of what you are looking for!

Find More

Cute Anne

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ATK-Natural and Hairy
By far – one of the most requested niches here at is teens with hairy pussies. Even during a time when waxed is the norm, many of you are requesting a full bush. A hairy and natural bush. I put in a request to several websites for a gallery and the people at ATKingdom were happy to oblige and sent me this gallery of Maria for you to enjoy.

I have to admit… two things… First, I resisted making a hairy bush post because I personally prefer shaved beavers to the naturally bushy pussies. Second, a nice gal at ATK turned me on to Maria and when I say, “Turned me on,” I mean turned me on!

I was told to remember that shaving a beaver is a two step process. First, you have to GROW the hairand then you get to shave it. She asked me if I could imagine myself fantasizing about shaving Maria’s full bush? I thought about it and said, “Hell-fucking-yes!”

So there you have it… One hersuit beaver and two sides to the coin (or fantasy). Of course Maria’s small tits also helped me to make my decision! has over 1,300 naturally hairy bushes for you to enjoy. Plus, ATK is more than just a website. It is also a magazine. You get articles on mild, extremely hairy and everything in between. Hundreds of video clips and over 800,000 images! They add over 4,000 new hairy pussy pics a week. These people take hairy pussies seriously!

Even if you are just curious, this is definitely a website you should be a member of. At $29.99 is a bargain considering how much content you get. Some girls are even lighter than Maria’s mild bush and others are sporting full-blown shag carpets so I am sure there will be someone you will enjoy.

Find More ATK-Natural and Hairy!

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Beach Model - Hairy Pussy

Hairy pussy, hersuit beaver, natural and hairy, muff, bush, what ever you call it, it is a fetish and we gets lots of searches for it. So here it is!

Well, I cannot say that Beach Model is all about the hairy pussy fetish but I can say the guy goes beyond the call of duty to get you some of the hottest babes on the planet wearing teeny bikinis. is dedicated to bringing you new girls wearing micro bikinis… and that never gets old, does it? The girls encompass a wide array of tastes. There are hairy pussies as well as shaved pussies… There are even in between pussies with a landing strip or a buzz cut. But all of them are accented with a micro bikini up the crack.

The girls have only one thing in common, they are all hot. Other than that the list of nationalities reads like the roster at the United Nations. Some of the babes have small tits and others have huge breasts. Some are real and others are so fake even a blind man could tell the difference.

With new models being added each and every week a membership to Beach Model is a definate keeper!

Find More Beach Model!

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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/24/06 - Write A Comment!
Teen Dreams Denisa

So… from time to time softcore solo models get boring. Now is the time to spice things up a bit. See what is hidden underneath those satin panties. To put it bluntly, watch a girl take a rock hard dick.

Enter, the place I go when I want to see a girl get pounded… by a man or even another girl!

Teen Dreams has over 5,600 models with many on exclusive deals. Before I forget, grab a free wallpaper while you are there. This one is my favorite. Yeah, I have a thing for petite brunettes… OK!

As a member you get access to over 1000 downloadable videos. Not plugin feeds bullshit, these are their own movies. Check out the video section in the tour. You will be amazed!

The Members Area tour really gives you an idea of just how immense the archive of porn is at Teen Dreams. Some of the choices are solo girls, lesbian series, solo Asian series, boy/girl series, UK teens, Viv Thomas videos, DVD movie series, the list goes on.

To make things a hell of a lot easier for you, the blokes at also have a sweet-ass search engine. Mix and match options like clothes (schoolgirl, bra, panties, nude,etc), race, ass (small, medium or large!), location (bathroom, office, etc), pussy (shaved, trimmed, natural), action (threesome, fucking, solo, etc)… There are many more options to choose from.

This makes finding that certain set you were thinking of almost to easy. What will you do now with all of the extra time you have?

No more hunting down porn until 3am!

Find More Teen Dreams!

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Hairy Pussy Cuties

That picture above stirs up so many fantasy ideas I don’t even know where to begin. Cock blocked by my own overwhelming desires!

These two babes are from Hairy Pussy Cuties. Having the hair left on these two makes the fantasy of a friends older sister and her friend engaged in lesbian action more believable. Doesn’t it?

I don’t enjoy most hersuit beaver type of sites. Just something about natural bush girls that doesn’t interest me. But this site does. Personally, I think they ‘trim’ their pussy hair… But shhh… Don’t tell anyone!

If you like a little bush on the kush, I don’t need to convince you that those girls above are hawt… But, for everyone else, is more than just a natural vagina, it has high quality MPEG videos of finger maturbation, toy masturbation, cock sucking, dick fucking, lesbian sex and even anal sex! Hairy Pussy Cuties is the leader in finding all natural girls with an amateur appeal!

In addition to all of the naturally hairy pussies you can dream of, you get access to Vintage Cuties, the premier vintage erotica site!

Find More Hairy Pussy Cuties!

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