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Posted By Teen Porn on 09/05/11 - Write A Comment!


There are small tits, and then there are itty-bitty-titties. I think it is safe to say that Lil Candy falls into the later category. Her perky small boobs didn’t even start growing until she was a senior in high school and they seemed to have stopped just as soon as they started!

Out of all of the models out there Lil Candy really captures what I enjoy looking at when I look for porn. Her body is petite in her first videos and a little bit chunky in her current ones. Even with the extra booty her tits can’t fill a b-cup even when put together. She has a super tight pussy and she does hardcore so you get to hear her whimper and scream!

On her site you get dozens of videos of Lil Candy playing with herself and getting that tight pussy of hers stretched. Watch one of them by clicking the link below. It is like being transported back in time to when you lost your virginity by sticking your cock into some barely legal pussy!


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