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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/12/11 - Write A Comment!

Here in Southern California we used to have a guy on an FM talk station named Tom Lykis. His job was to educate guys on how to bang a chick and make her pay for the date. And how not to bang the same bitch over and over. Every guy should have a stable of bitches to bang.

In order to do this he professed that you should fall in love with pussy. all pussy. Not one pussy. Every pussy! And that is where girls like Heidi Harper come in.

Heidi isn’t a 10. She is what Tom used to call a Seattle 7. These kinds of girls are sprinkled all over Seattle and if you live there you can bang a shitload of them. But here in SoCal she would not be a seven since we have so many fucking insanely hot women.

Now, the average guy isn’t going to have a stable of SoCal 7’s. It just ain’t gonna happen. So stop worrying about it, get some Seattle 7’s like Heidi Harper and fall in love with pussy! Bang that pussy. Until it’s raw! Just don’t go doing something stupid like marrying it!

Heidi has small tits, a great body, a cute face and she loves to tease. She gets fully nude in her videos and her photo sets too. But the big draw for Heidi Harper isn’t any of the shit I have talked about thus far. Wait until you see this girls pussy!

Her pussy looks like a peach with a slit down the side and fuck me if it doesn’t have an appetite for panties! Like a fucking panty vacuum, it is!

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