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Posted By Teen Porn on 11/25/09 - Write A Comment!


Let me start out this post by saying, thank God for chicks!

No really. Thank you for making these beautiful creatures and thank you for giving them whacky ideas like sending naked pics to their boyfriends!

Did they really think their pics wouldn’t end up on the Internet?

And now – Thank you for giving man the ability to choose wrong from right so that we may have sites like Obsessed With Myself where guys without hot girlfriends to send them pics can still look at scantly clad girls and naked sluts.

Obsessed With Myself does more than just collect candid pics and videos from ex-boyfriends and the girls themselves, they also hack private Myspace accounts, Facebook accounts and Photobucket accounts and make the homemade videos and pics contained within them available to their members. How’s that for exclusive access?!?!

Grab your own Obsessed With Myself password for free and see how girls around the world are changing porn (for the better)!

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