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Posted By Teen Porn on 04/12/11 - Write A Comment!


If you voted for big tits in the poll to the right, you are going to love this post. If you voted for small tits, you are still going to love this post!

Looking at this picture of Felicity Fey it is hard not to think for a second that she looks like total jailbait. Well, except for her huge natural boob jutting out like it is.

Felicity Fey is one of the Fey sisters. Together they started a brand that grew to include girls like Ariel Rebel and Andi Pink. I just wrote about Kristina Fey and even included a naughty shower video of her. I also wrote about Katie Fey, her big tits sister on my Girls With Big Boobs blog.

curvy_big_boobs_teen (2)

So getting back to Like most girls growing up with huge natural juggs, Felicity Fey caught a lot of flack from smaller chested girls that were a bit jealous of her. These days it is Felicity that is getting the last laugh since every time she walks into a room it is all eyes on her voluptuous bod!

Having come through those tough teenage years Felicity is a much better person. In fact, she isn’t jealous of other girls at all. So much so that she gives you unlimited access to her sister’s sites and her friends sites too!

Grab a membership to Felicity Fey and she will kick in another 84 sites featuring solo models like Bailey Kline and Georgie Potts. Not to mention the hotties I’ve already told you about in the paragraphs above!

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