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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/22/06 - Write A Comment!

OK… Some of you are getting the picture… I moderate my comments to the blog entries and so I see each one that is made. I take from what is requested in those comments and create more posts. I also weigh heavely on the unsuccessful searches from that little box to the top right of the page. But some of you don’t put enough info in the box for me to know who you actually wanted to see.

So todays lesson is, search for the entire term of what you want.

Example: video = GREAT.. Now I know exactly what this person wanted and can post it!

Example: feet = BAD… I don’t know if you want footjobs, bare feet… a particular models feet, etc…

The more specific you are, the better I can help you get the porn you want and deserve! You work hard for your money and I work equally hard trying to provide free porn and awesome porn deals for you when I can find a network that will give you 18 HIGH QUALITY websites for the price of one.

To contact me directly, email me at admin /at/ and I will work my hardest to give you what you want.

Peace out!

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