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Posted By Teen Porn on 02/21/06 - Write A Comment!
Jordan Capri Nipple Lick

Question – What happens when two hot chicks have a slumber party and their parents think they can be trusted with the door closed?

Answer – First it starts off with some playful touching and then a gaze and some flirting. Next one of the girls decides to make her move and seduce her girlfriend. Lips meet but it is awkward and they pull away and giggle. But their eyes meet again and it is unmistakable, they really do want more of each other.

Lips come back together and the tongues meet for their first time ever. It is exhilarating! And so wrong… But why? How can something that feels so good and feels so right be wrong? Caution is thrown into the wind and hands roam. Nipples twist and breasts are cupped.

This is what it is like to be a girl friend of Jordan Capri. Her beauty is so damn breath taking that lust becomes an unstoppable force… even for other girls!

"Is she wet too? I have to know!" Raimi brushes Jordan’s inner thigh and her senses highten. Did she feel her friend flich? Pull away? "No.. She actually moved closer and if my mind isn’t playing tricks on me, I think she actually tried to get me to rub her clit!"

Well guys… We can only DREAM of what it would be like to rub Jordan’s swollen pussy through those pink panties. If you look really close you can see the outline of her pretty slit.

Jordan Capri has made a commitment to herself this year. She wants to become the most popular solo model site on the Internet and she needs your help! Jordan knows that sometimes money is a sucky thing so she even came up with a way for you to help her and get a bonus.

If you join for $39.95 ($10 more than the orginal price) she will give you access to 10 of the other Lightspeed sites in her network! You can get any 10 of Tawnee Stone, LS-University, LS-Sorority, Taylor Little, XXX Raimi, Dana Lightspeed, Ashley Lightspeed, Britney Lightspeed, Cum Filled Panties, Reel 18, Brandy Didder, Faith Lightspeed, Erica Lightspeed, Heather Lightspeed, Mandy, Terry, the list goes on!

And get this, if you let it rebill you can pick 10 different websites next month! I realize you might not want 10 girls a month… your dick would probably burn off… so for only $5 addition dollars than the regular price you can get 5 extra sites. No matter how you cut it, I am finding you people some kick ass deals. Now go enjoy the Lightspeed network!

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